Shared Vision, Impeccable Timing, Exclusivity- What Made MyBillBook’s Collaboration With Koo A Massive Hit?

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About MyBillBook 

myBillBook is a GST billing & accounting solution designed exclusively for SMB owners. The software aims to help small and medium-sized businesses digitize their invoicing, streamline business accounting and automate workflows of their enterprises. 

With over a million monthly active users, myBillBook records over $1.5 billion worth of transactions from SMBs every month. 

Available in multiple languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil and English, the software aims to fuel the growth of these SMBs which in turn would fuel the growth of India’s economy. 

There are numerous benefits offered by myBillBook to SMBs in order to streamline their practices online without any hassle. Some of which are as follows- 

●  Creating professional invoices & sharing it via WhatsApp 

●  Tracking & managing inventory on the go 

●  Analyzing performance with 25 important business reports 

●  Sending reminders & collecting payments on time 

●  Collecting payments online and tracking account receivables 

●  Building relationships with customisable business cards & greetings 

Objective of the Campaign 

The objective of myBillBook’s digital campaign on KOO was to create brand awareness  

Content & Communication Theme 

myBillBook built further on the theme of its MSME Anthem ‘Tum Kamaal Ho’. They created Independence Day greeting video content wishing everyone for Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav and celebrating MSMEs’ contribution to the mission of Atmanirbhar Bharat.  

Target Audience 

myBillBook’s has positioned itself as a brand that’s ‘made for and in India’ and serves a target audience of SMEs and business owners. The target audience of this campaign was hence kept the same. 


The campaign was run PAN India. 


A campaign’s approach can be decided by analyzing the following major details:

●  The end objective of the campaign- The objective of myBillBook’s campaign was to create brand awareness. 

●  The target audience of the brand- myBillBook is a billing and accounting software that was built for small to medium businesses and business owners so that they could digitize their business processes. 

●  The geography where the campaign will run- The campaign was run PAN India. 

The above mentioned points can give us an understanding about myBillBook’s brand positioning in the market. With the tagline ‘India’s No. 1 GST Billing and Accounting software’ and the target audience that they serve, it’s clear that the brand is all about India and India’s small to medium-sized business owners. Hence, a campaign like this would benefit the most by running on a platform that supports the same vision and target audience. Since the campaign had to run PAN India, digital was most optimum medium.


Keeping in mind the brand’s requirements, the digital platform KOO was selected for the campaign execution. KOO is a microblogging platform, similar to Twitter but for local language speakers in India.

The idea behind KOO’s origin was to create an Indian alternative to Twitter. Its vision, therefore, draws parallel to Modi’s vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ or a self-sufficient India, which the platform aims to extend to the internet and social media. 

Why was KOO the most suitable choice for myBillBook’s campaign?
The brand positioning of KOO and myBillBook share a similarity- a made in India platform, exclusively for the Indian audience, with a vision of making India atmanirbhar or self-sufficient.

In the campaign, myBillBook thanked every Indian business owner who contributed towards making India ‘atmanirbhar’. With both the platforms sharing a similar target audience- starting from the local, small community on the grassroot level, it only made sense to run the campaign on Koo rather than any other digital platform.

The wide consumer base of KOO reflects and appreciates the swadeshi vision of both the brands and were therefore considered the perfect target audience for this campaign. 

Due to this strong sense of nationalistic element in their vision, the campaign was well timed to go live on the 75th Indian Independence Day (2022) to align it with the strong emotion of patriotism and nationalism of the Independence day. 

The campaign on KOO consisted of a 30 sec video ad in two languages- English and Hindi.A crucial point to note is that myBillBook’s Independence day campaign of 2022 was KOO’s first ever ad campaign with which they ventured into the advertising market. Never before did KOO run any ad campaign, making this one a partnership worth remembering for both the brands. 


To see the campaign creatives click on the link below;


The campaign results were as follows- 

●  The people who viewed or engaged with the promoted post consisted of Hindi and English language users of Koo app. 

●  The video open rate was 21.51% which is higher than the industry standards for similar properties. 

●  The video ad on KOO received a total of 4000+ likes. 

●  To conclude, the campaign delivered more than 1.5X of the budgeted impressions. 


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