4 Advertising Insights to take from Google Year in Search Report India 2018

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Google has recently published the report on 2018 Year in Search for India. The report is rich with statistics and trend analysis about the search behavior of India. This article is an attempt to comprehend the advertising insights behind these data points.

Following are 4 major insights from the Google Year in Search Report:

1. Non-metros driving the growth

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The baton of digital growth in the country has shifted hands from the metro cities to the non-metro cities of India. From automobiles to financial services to beauty products and tourism, the majority of searches happen in non-metros.

Advertising Opportunity: This trend tells us one thing. There is a large group of audience that can be targeted using audience interest filters and there can be no better tools for this other than Google Advertising.

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2.  Video becoming the main source of entertainment & information


Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn, the video has become the primary source of entertainment, education, and information. It has been seen that video advertising not only results in better audience engagement but also brand recall.

Advertising Opportunity: Fortunately, India is witnessing a boom in terms of OTT platforms that have millions of monthly active users and advanced targeting options for advertising. Freemium or AVOD format is the most popular format for these platforms.

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3. When in India, speak the regional languages

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Internet usage is not limited to English speaking elite anymore. Internet stalwarts like Google and Facebook have adapted to the diversity in culture and language in India. By supporting regional languages through interface and voice recognition, they have created a large set of audience using Internet through regional languages.

Advertising Opportunity: Majority of audience have shifted to news consumption digitally on the digital platforms of major publications. Advertising on these platforms would provide an opportunity to advertisers to connect to the regional language users.

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4. Tips for offline businesses to grow? Go online


Time is more precious than money now. Thanks to the popular and extensive campaigns run by Google, people save time by looking up for nearest stores, reviews, navigation etc before visiting.

Advertising Opportunity: The mantra to reach out to the maximum audience effectively is “omnichannel”- a combination of Hyperlocal offline and Hyperlocal online advertising options.

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