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The term ‘Advertorial’ is derived from two words- Advertisement and Editorial. As the term suggests, advertorials are used to promote a product, company, idea or service and at the same time, it is in long format (like editorials or articles) to explain product features, benefits or some topic relevant to the product. Online advertorials refer to paid promotions on trusted and most visited websites and blogs in terms of articles or blog posts. Unlike display advertisements, these appear on the website along with other articles and stories.



Benefits of Online Advertorials

  • Display ads tend to be loud and obtrusive. Too many display ads often disturb the audience’s experience. However, online advertorials appear in the same format as other articles thus creating a seamless experience for users.
  • Usual ads don’t provide much space or opportunity for brands to communicate their entire story to the audience. Through online advertorials, brands have enough space to share their background, their success stories etc. with the readers.
  • Unlike other display ads, online advertorials appear to be associated with the website on which it appears. Hence there’s an additional trust that the audience builds for the content.
  • Placing online advertorial on more trusted websites with higher Domain Authority score can help other websites build valuable backlinks.
  • By using the right keywords in the article, placing the online advertorial on a relevant website with high domain authority score would also help brands appear in organic ranking of related topics.


Some tips to write an effective advertorial

  • The main purpose of advertorial is to promote a product. However, using overtly promotional tone may bore the audience. Instead, advertorial must be informative, educative or entertaining. In other words, readers must gain something by reading the advertorial.
  • The tone of the advertorial must be aligned to the brand story, the products and the website on which it is appearing.
  • It’s always a good practice to pick up one aspect of the product and present it.
  • Tell a story through the article which is fun to read.
  • Use strong and attractive headlines.

Top Websites and Apps in India that accept Online Advertorial

Category: General News & Current Affairs

  1. Inshorts App
  2. Times of India Website
  3. The Hindu Website
  4. First Post Website
  5. Aaj Tak Website
  6. India Today Website

Category: Business

  1. Economic Times Website
  2. Business Today Website

Category: Startups & Entrepreneurship

  1. Your Story Website

Category: Lifestyle

  1. MensXP Website
  2. Femina Website
  3. Cosmopolitan Website

Category: Entertainment

  1. Indiatimes Website
  2. Scoop Whoop Website

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