This Festive Season, Renovate Your Advertising Strategy with Google Ads


The season of good times is here. In a country like India where festivals and occasions are much more than celebrations and merry-making, there are opportunities for brands having varied products to reach out to their target customers. While it is well-known to us that there is a significant increase in demand during the festive season and the footfalls in the stores increase manifold, it’s difficult to gauge the actual percentage jump in case of offline business.

However, in the case of online search and traffic, below are some useful insights:





How to reach out to your online potential customers using Google Ads?

For a majority of consumers, online journey starts with a Google Product- Search, Email, Map, App Download, Browsing, etc. Thus, any online advertising campaign is incomplete without Google Ads.

We know that almost 90% of the Indians on Internet use Google. Google Ads can be targeted towards people based on their geography as well as demography (Age, Gender, Parental Status, etc.). But what we might not know is that we can further sharpen this targeting by applying some of the following strategies in Google Ads:

1.      Interest

People’s interests and affinities can be determined by their online behavior. Businesses can use a variety of signals to identify the interested potential customers like keyword phrases related to particular interests, websites browsed (to know the website content), types of places audience is interested in and, apps installed (the category of the app).

Following is an example to understand it better.            

ABC is a running shoe brand and instead of targeting all the people interested in sports, it wants to target avid marathon runners.

How can it define its audience? 

  • By Entering interests in Marathon and related activities like long distance running, next marathon event in India, etc.
  • By browsing URLs that have content about running, nutrition, marathon training, etc.
  • Entering places like gyms, sport equipment stores etc.
  • Using apps related to running like Google Fit or Runtastic etc.

2.      Purchase Intent

Google can also help you reach out to people who are “in-market”. This means they are actively searching and comparing services or products similar to yours and are steps away from closing the purchase.

Following is an example to understand it better.

XYZ is an automobile website which wants to reach out to customers showing strong intent to purchase vehicles. They could choose to target an audience called “In-Market Buyers- Motor Vehicles”. These could typically be users who might have visited websites of product reviews, price comparison, etc.

3.      Engagement

Google can also help you reach out to your past customers, leads and people who have previously visited your website/app or engaged with your videos. You can also target audience similar to your existing or past audiences. You can create any of the following remarketing lists:

  • Website visitors
  • YouTube users
  • App users
  • Your First Party Customer Data

How can I advertise through Google Ads?

You can contact us for a free consultation. We are a Premier Google Partner and hold expertise in Google Ads. Setting up a Google Ads Account is very simple. However, to maximize the return on your ad spends, it is important to implement the right strategy. Our Google Experts are here to help you with understanding the goals, select the appropriate ad type and take care of end-to-end execution. To know more, mail us at Help@TheMediaAnt.Com or call us at +91 9742367747.

(Disclaimer: Views and opinions expressed in the article solely belong to The Media Ant)





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