Festive Season Advertising Part 5: Best Ad Platforms for On-Demand Home Improvement Services

Advertising Platforms For On-Demand Home Improvement Services

In the previous article under our Indian Festive Advertising Series, we discussed how there is a jump in usage of public transport and how advertisers can make the best use of the opportunity. You can read all the articles in the series here:

In this article, we will discuss the best advertising platforms for promoting home improvement and other services like house cleaning, repainting, repair and maintenance, pest control, renovation, etc. Major questions that we would answer would be:

  • Why we think the festive season is the best time for promoting home improvement services?
  • Which advertising platforms would best suit home improvement services?


Who is this article for?

There are two types of players in this field:

  1. Shops and companies that provide home improvement solutions are usually small and have strong presence in smaller pockets of the city.
  2. There are aggregators like Urban Clap, Housejoy and Just Dial too who list these smaller shops and companies.

This article is mainly focused on hyperlocal advertising. Within a city, there are certain neighborhoods that have more demand for home services as compared to others. For example, in Bangalore, areas like Sarjapur, Vartur, Whitefield are the areas where major construction is happening hence, the demand for home-related services like interior, furniture, home improvement happens here.

For smaller brands and shops with small budgets, it makes more sense to concentrate on certain areas with high demand. For national brands and aggregators, it can be a combination of national or city level brand awareness campaigns along with hyperlocal advertising in strategic areas. A good example of the same is our outdoor advertising campaign for Swiggy.


Indian Festive Season: High Demand for Home Improvement Services

The festive season is the time when people like to carry out major projects for home renovation, change the home decor and get the entire home cleaned.

Hence, the demand for services like home painting, repair, pest control at home increases as visible in the Google Trends stat below:

High Demand For Home Improvement Services During Festive Season


Home Improvement during The Festive Season: Low Hanging Fruits

In the section above, we discussed the services which see a rise in demand during the festive season. Now, we would talk about the potential audience group who would be the most interested in these services:

Audience 1: Home Owners (Apartments and Independent Houses)

Location: Metro Cities

Age: 30+ Years

Gender: Male & Female

Audience Type: Premium


Audience 2: Small Business Owners with Offices

Location: Metro Cities

Age: 30+ Years

Gender: Male

Audience Type: Premium


10 Best Platforms for Advertising Home Improvement Services

Google Advertising For On Demand Pest Control Services


(1) Online Advertising platforms that allow pin-code advertising

Pin-code targeting is one of the effective ways to target audiences in a particular neighborhood. Few online advertising platforms allow advertisers to target audiences based on their pin-code. Some of them are:

  • Google Display Advertising: Google display network consists of millions of websites that would allow display ads to appear on their pages based on the targeting options selected by the advertisers.
  • Google Search Advertising: Pin-code based Google Search Ads would let advertisers choose against which keywords they would like to appear in Google Search results when someone in their target area searches.
  • Daily Hunt: Daily Hunt app provides content in 14 Indian languages. This sets the app apart from other news/content apps.
  • Ola App: Apart from pin-code targeting, there are several other targeting options like apartment targeting that makes Ola App ideal for targeting for  On-Demand services for home improvement.
  • Taboola Ad Network: Ad networks has several websites that allow ad placement for the advertiser. Taboola is one of the most popular ad networks in India.


Newspaper Pamphlet For Pest Control Services


(2) Non Traditional Advertising Options that are prominent and have high visibility in the neighborhood

Non-traditional out of home advertising is on the rise. With newer infrastructure being built every day, there are more and more advertising options coming into existence. Here are some of the very popular non-traditional advertising options best suited to target a particular neighborhood.

  • Newspaper Inserts: This is the best option to get access to individual homes and apartments and make a statement. The newspaper inserts are inserted into newspapers at the distributor hence making hyperlocal targeting possible.
  • Apartment Activation: Apartments have many branding options like posters, kiosks, lift branding etc available for advertisers.
  • Promoters: Apart from apartment activation, promoters can be hired to distribute pamphlets in residential and commercial areas.
  • Auto Branding: Autos usually travel short distances and move within the same locality. Hence, auto branding is a good way to target a particular area.
  • Retail Store Branding: Neighbourhood stores like Easyday, Reliance Fresh, Spencers can be used to reach out to the premium audience in a neighborhood.
  • Bus Shelter Branding: Advertising on bus shelters is a popular choice for attracting commuters.

Summarizing the above-mentioned information into an easy to comprehend table:

Best Ad Platforms For Home Services


In case you would like to know more about ways to advertise your business this festive season, write to us at Help@TheMediaAnt.com


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