IPL 17 Advertising Boom: TAM Report Reveals 59% Category Growth & 38% Surge in Advertisers

Ipl 17 Advertising Boom: Tam Report Reveals 59% Category Growth &Amp; 38% Surge In Advertisers

In the most recent season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which consisted of 31 matches, the advertising landscape experienced significant growth and development compared to the previous seasons. According to a report by TAM Sports, the number of advertising categories increased by 59%, from over 35 in IPL 16 to more than 55 in IPL 17. Additionally, the count of advertisers saw a notable increase of 38%, rising from over 45 in IPL 16 to more than 65 in IPL 17.

Ecom-Gaming emerged as the top advertising category in IPL 17, contributing 18% of the ad volumes. The Food & Beverage (F&B) sector was also well represented, with two out of the top five categories belonging to this industry. Ecom-Gaming and Pan Masala were consistent categories present in both IPL 17 and IPL 16, demonstrating continuity in advertising trends across seasons.

In terms of top advertisers, Parle Products secured the leading position in IPL 17 with an 11% share of ad volumes, followed closely by Sporta Technologies (Dream11.com) at 10%. Together, the top 5 advertisers in IPL 17 covered 37% of the ad volumes, showcasing the concentrated advertising efforts of these prominent brands.

IPL 17 also saw the introduction of 37 new advertising categories and the emergence of 94 new brands across the 31 matches compared to IPL 16. Two of the top five new categories in IPL 17 belonged to the E-Commerce sector. Parle Food Products and Groww were highlighted as the top two new brands introduced during IPL 17, indicating the influx of fresh advertising players into the IPL ecosystem.

This data highlights the dynamic nature of IPL advertising, with an increasing diversity in categories and the introduction of new brands. It reflects the strategic approach taken by advertisers to utilize this high-profile sporting platform for maximum impact and reach.

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