Case Study: How This Herbal Medicine Used Digital Medium to Target a Niche Audience

Digital Advertising Campaign For Sleeprite

The Product

Sleeprite Shotz Advertisement








Sleeprite Shotz is a herbal product that helps people sleep naturally

Campaign Objective

Brand Awareness

Target Audience

  • 20-60 Years Age Group
  • People who are unable to sleep/ are suffering from anxiety, insomnia


Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chandigarh


To filter out the relevant audience, i.e. people who are facing problems with their sleeping pattern


To target people who are at higher risk of facing sleeplessness. Some of them are:

  • Working professionals
  • New parents
  • People suffering from anxiety, depression and other ailments
  • Late-night binge-watchers


The challenge was to select digital platforms that were popular, have mass reach but would also help advertisers to reach out to the right type of audience. Based on our experience and past campaign performance, following advertising platforms were suggested:

1. News Platforms like Times Of India, Daily Hunt, Inshorts: Not only are these the most visited news/content platforms in India but also have a high percentage of working professionals. These platforms also allow geography and age targeting hence helping the advertiser reach out to the right kind of audience.

2. Video Platforms like YouTube and Hotstar: Hotstar and YouTube are undoubtedly the biggest platforms for watching short and long format videos in India. By targeting the late-night time band along with age and location filter, late-night binge-watchers can be targeted.

3. Keywords Based Targeting on Google Search & Display, Facebook, Instagram and Amazon: These platforms let advertisers target audiences based on their interests and search history. Keywords and products related to parenting, anxiety, insomnia can be used to filter the relevant audience out.

Following advertising platforms were suggested for campaign execution:

Best Digital Advertising Platforms


Campaign Execution

The brand came up with interesting and engaging content in the form of banner ads and video ads:


Following are some screen grabs from the campaign execution:

Digital Advertising Campaign For Sleeprite


Campaign Outcome

  • More than 58 million impressions
  • 2 Lakh website visits
  • ~15% Conversion Rate (ratio between clicks and actual buy)

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