Media Trivia: Popular Diwali Ads 2019

Diwali Ads 2019

Diwali is not just a festival. It means many things to people- lights, celebrations, meeting family and friends, good food, buying expensive items like gold and car, new clothes, helping others, sharing joy, caring for the environment and more.

Every year brands too take one of these routes to their audience’s heart. Diwali advertisements are no more about Diwali only. Brands have been trying hard to convey a meaningful message through their ads balancing it with the aesthetics of Diwali and brand relevance.

This year, some of the common themes around Diwali Ads were:

  • Inclusiveness- Thanking those who make our lives better every day through their services
  • Modern India- How traditional values and modern beliefs walk hand in hand
  • Economic Slowdown- Following tradition (purchasing gold, gifts, car) despite a slump
  • Family- Diwali is all about being together with family

Here is a trivia based on the recent Diwali ads. Let’s see if you can identify the brands based on their hashtags and visuals?

Media Trivia: Popular Diwali Ads 2019

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