Case Study: How Onsitego increased brand awareness through radio campaign

Onsite Go

About the brand/service/company

Founded in 2010, Onsitego is India’s premium customer service company for personal devices, gadgets, small and large home appliances.

They partner with retailers and service centers with the objective of improving the service that customers get post sale, like repairs, maintenance, extended warranty, etc for all sorts of electronic devices and gadgets. They are a One Stop solution for all electronic devices.

The initial idea behind the formation of the company was to be a pick and drop service for repairing mobile devices and laptops.

Over time, the company has graduated to offer protection plans for the devices, in addition to making the repair process a worry-free experience for the customers- all these services are absolutely cashless. The company’s mantra is ‘Simplicity for customers’​, which is reflected in the work that they do. 

Objective of the campaign

The objective of the campaign was to create brand awareness by informing the customers about Onsitego AC services. This was done by highlighting the importance of having a good quality AC in order to cope with the  Indian summer. 

Target Audience

The target audience was as follows-

  1. Between the age group of 25 to 44 years.
  2. Income Class – Middle & Upper Middle class group.


The campaign of Onsitego was run in the following Indian cities-

Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune


To adopt a successful approach for a campaign, the first thing to keep in mind is the objective of the campaign. In this case, the objective was brand awareness. Second, one needs to look into the target audience and geography

  1. The geography selected for running the campaign was tier 1 cities like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune. 
  2. The targeted audience was between 25-45 years and of high income group. 
  3. With the above information, we can conclude the following- the audience exhibiting these traits generally come under the category of ‘working professional’. Hence, our final approach was to target ‘working professionals’ living in tier 1 cities that come under 25-45 years of age.


To ensure that the campaign reaches the right set of audience, picking the most effective platform is crucial. To figure out which platform will cater best to the campaign’s needs, we need to look back to our approach (mentioned above). Since we have to target working professionals, the medium needs to be one that is being used by this particular group of people that we are aiming to target. 

A typical day in the life of a working professional involves working from at least 9am to 5pm. Hence, instead of targeting them during the day when they would be mostly occupied or busy, we would want to target them after they are done for the day. 

The medium perfectly suited to target this group is, therefore, radio. This is because radio is generally used by these working professionals while commuting to and back from work in the morning and evening-whether they are traveling in a public transport or driving home themselves.

After figuring out the right medium, we need to pick out the right radio station, time slots and frequency of running the ads. Since it is a brand awareness campaign, picking up the most popular radio stations would serve the brand’s interest best, as more people would tune in to that particular station.

The time slots that would best target the working professionals would be the time when they commute to and back from work, i.e, from morning 8am to 11 am, and evening 5pm to 9pm, respectively.

Hence, below mentioned stations were the ones selected for running the campaign-

Creatives – 

The brand came up with compelling jingles, which are as follows-


Since the objective was brand awareness, the campaign resulted in providing the brand a good exposure and a number of bookings. The radio ad of the brand was 25 sec long and was run at the frequency of 24 ads per day (more number of ads, more the  brand recall).

Hence, the campaign successfully achieved its required objective.

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