Newspaper Advertising: A Guide to Newspaper Display Ad Sizes

Newspaper Advertising A Guide To Newspaper Display Ad Sizes

Newspaper advertising is one of the most popular advertising media having a mass reach and great impact. Reading a newspaper is a popular morning habit for Indian households irrespective of age and gender.

Promoting a brand through newspaper advertising ensures your message reaches across households and offices with an impact.

With digital advertising growing at an unprecedented rate, the future of newspaper advertising might look bleak but there’s more to what meets the eye. A recent study by Google and Kantar reveals that a newspaper display ad is 4X popular than online display ads.


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What is a newspaper display ad?

Newspaper advertisements usually fall into two categories- newspaper classified ads and newspaper display advertisements. Newspaper classified ads are limited by size, placement, and features.

They are mostly text-heavy and information-rich and are restricted to the classified section of the newspaper. In terms of pricing, newspaper classified advertisements are cheaper.

Being restricted to a designated space, classified ads are read by people who are actively looking for them.

<strong>Classified Text Ad<br></strong>
Classified Display 2 1
<strong>Classified Display Ad</strong>

Newspaper display ads, in the truest form, are exactly that- ‘display’ advertisements.

Not restricted by space and placement limitations, they have the opportunity to express through vibrant pictures (can be color/BW) or prominent placements (as newspaper jacket) or innovation through quirky content.

Newspaper display ads merge with news content seamlessly, attracting the attention of the newsreaders.

Newspaper Display Ads

How is the newspaper ad size measured?

Newspaper ad sizes are usually measured in centimeters. Few newspaper publishers still measure newspaper width in terms of columns. One column is about 1.6 inches or 4 cm long.

Usually, a newspaper has about 7-8 columns which means it is 28-32 cm wide and about 50 cm in length.

In this article, we would measure all the ad sizes in centimeter.

Indian Newspaper Sizes Impacting Ad Layouts

The size of a newspaper can significantly impact advertising layouts and ad sizes. Different newspapers’ page sizes and formats can influence how advertisements are designed, displayed, and perceived by readers.

Broadsheet newspapers, for example, which are larger in size and typically folded in half, may have more space for full-page advertisements that can be used for branding, promotions, or editorial content. Broadsheet newspapers also give advertisers more creative freedom in ad layouts because they can include more images, text, or design elements without sacrificing legibility or clarity.

Main Newspaper Sizes

Broadsheets and tabloids are the most common newspaper sizes in India. Broadsheet newspapers are larger, measuring approximately 22.75 x 15 inches (578 x 381 mm), and are the preferred format for traditional newspapers such as The Times of India and The Hindu. Tabloid newspapers are smaller, ranging in size from 11.5 x 15 inches (292 x 381 mm) to 14.5 x 20 inches (368 x 508 mm). Popular newspapers such as the Mumbai Mirror and The Economic Times frequently use tabloid newspapers. Each size has advantages and disadvantages regarding readability, layout, design, and advertising potential.

Supplement Newspaper Sizes

Supplement Newspaper Sizes

Supplement newspaper sizes in India are smaller and come in various sizes, including compact and tabloid. Compact supplements are typically 9.3 x 12.2 inches (23.5 x 31 cm) in size, whereas tabloid supplements are similar in size to traditional tabloids. Supplement newspapers are used to provide readers with additional information or features, and they can be an effective platform for advertisers to reach specific target audiences.

Broadsheet Posters Page Size

Broadsheet Posters Page Size

Broadsheet posters in India are typically designed to be the same size as broadsheet newspapers. In India, the most common size for a broadsheet poster is 22.75 x 15 inches (578 x 381 mm), which is the same size as a standard broadsheet newspaper. This size allows for full-page or double-page spreads and can be used for advertising, promotions, or informational displays. Broadsheet posters’ large size allows for more creative freedom in design and messaging, which can help brands stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Standard Newspaper Page Size

Standard Newspaper Page Size

The standard newspaper page size in India varies according to the newspaper type. The most common size for broadsheet newspapers is approximately 22.75 x 15 inches or 578 x 381 mm. In contrast, tabloid newspapers are typically smaller, with sizes ranging from about 11.5 x 15 inches or 292 x 381 mm to 14.5 x 20 inches or 368 x 508 mm. Some newspapers, however, may have slightly different sizes due to their specific printing and publishing requirements. Advertisers and designers must consider the newspaper page size and layout when creating ads or editorial content to ensure optimal readability, visual impact, and effectiveness.

Tabloid Newspapers Page Size

Tabloid Newspapers Page Size

In India, the page size for tabloid newspapers can vary depending on the specific publication. Generally, tabloid newspapers in India have a size that ranges from around 11.5 x 15 inches or 292 x 381 mm to 14.5 x 20 inches or 368 x 508 mm. Some tabloid newspapers in India have a page size of 11 x 17 inches or 279 x 432 mm, similar to the tabloid size commonly used in the United States. Advertisers and designers need to consider the specific page size of the newspaper when creating ads or editorial content to ensure that they fit appropriately and have the desired visual impact.

Mini-tab Page Size

Mini-Tab Page Size

In India, mini-tabloid newspapers typically have smaller page sizes than traditional tabloid newspapers. A mini-tab newspaper’s page size is typically 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280 mm). This is smaller than the standard tabloid size, which is approximately 11 x 17 inches (279 x 432 mm). Mini-tab newspapers are intended to be more compact and portable, making them ideal for readers on the go. The smaller page size can also impact the design and layout of advertisements and editorial content. Advertisers and designers must consider element placement and sizing carefully to ensure maximum impact and readability.

What are the various newspaper ad sizes popular in India?

Newspaper Ad Sizes

Newspaper display ads can come in different sizes. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular ones. Overall, newspaper display advertisement sizes can be classified in two-

  • Fixed-size newspaper advertisement
  • Custom/variable size newspaper advertisement

1. Fixed-size Newspaper Advertisements

Following are the fixed sizes for newspaper display ads that are popular among newspaper advertisers:

a. Quarter Page Newspaper Advertisement (16 cm X 25 cm)

As the name suggests, a quarter-page newspaper advertisement would cover an area equivalent to a quarter or 1/4 of a newspaper page. If translated in terms of width and breadth, it would be about 16 cm wide and 25 cm long.

A quarter-page newspaper advertisement can be placed in any of the four quadrants of the newspaper. However, most advertisers prefer it to be placed on the right side of the newspaper page, in the lower quadrant preferably (as shown in the diagram).

Quarter Page Ad 1

b. Half Page Newspaper Advertisement

As can be understood by the name, a half-page newspaper advertisement cover half the area of a newspaper page. This can be done in the following two ways:

Vertical Half Page Newspaper Advertisement (16 cm X 46 cm): Vertical half-page newspaper ads divide the newspaper area into two halves vertically. In terms of dimensions, the ad would measure 16 cm wide and 46 cm long and would cover an area of 736 sq cm.

Just like a quarter size newspaper advertisement, the popular choice of placement for vertical half-page newspaper ads is the right-hand side.

Vertical Half Page Newspaper Display Ad

Horizontal Half Page Newspaper Advertisement (~32.9 cm X 25 cm): Horizontal half-page newspaper ads divide the newspaper area into two halves horizontally. In terms of dimensions, the ad would measure ~32.9 cm wide and 25 cm long and would cover an area of 825 sq cm.

Just like quarter size newspaper advertisement, the popular choice of placement for horizontal half-page newspaper ads is the bottom half of the page.

Horizontal Half Page

c. Full Page Newspaper Advertisement (~32.9 cm X 52 cm)

Considered to be the most impactful of all, a full-page newspaper ad covers an entire newspaper page. It is about ~32.9 cm wide and 52 cm long. This size may differ slightly based on the placement of the ad.

Full Page Newspaper Display Ad

d. Skybus Newspaper Advertisement (~32.9 cm X 5 cm)

Skybus newspaper advertisements are narrow horizontal ads that cover the entire width of the newspaper and is present just under the newspaper title (masthead). In most cases, Skybus ads appear on the front page of the newspaper. A Skybus roughly covers an area of 165 sq cm.

Skybus Newspaper Display Ad

e. Pointer Newspaper Advertisement (4 cm X 5 cm)

 Pointer newspaper advertisements are small ads of 20 sq cm that appear on the front page of the newspaper.

Pointer Newspaper Ads

f. Jacket Newspaper Advertisement

Jackets are extra pages meant to carry advertisements and are placed before the front page. Following are the sizes for the jacket:

Jacket Front Side: ~32.9 cm width X 48 cm height

Jacket Back Side: ~32.9 cm width X 52.5 cm height

Front Full Jacket Newspaper Ad
Back Of Full Jacket Newspaper Ad

2. Variable-size Newspaper Advertisements

Apart from the popular fixed-sized newspaper ads, there can be a number of options for variable-sized advertisements. They are quite similar to fixed-sized display ads in all other aspects although, there is a lesser control over the placement of variable ads. The prices for these ads are determined in units of square cm. The popular categories of variable size newspaper ads are:

a. Custom-sized newspaper advertisement

The minimum accepted size for a custom-sized display ad for the newspaper is 20 sq cm except that in the case of the front page where the minimum required size is 240 sq cm.

Custom-Sized Newspaper Ads
Newspaper Advertising: A Guide To Newspaper Display Ad Sizes 26

Following are a few ad dimensions that are high in demand (refer to the pics that follow)

  • 4 cm (wide) * 5 cm (long)
  • 8 cm (wide) * 8 cm (long)
  • 8 cm (wide) * 12 cm (long)
  • 12 cm (wide) * 20 cm (long)
  • 16 cm (wide) * 20 cm (long)
20 Sq Cm Custom Sized Newspaper Ad
120 Sq Cm Custom Sized Newspaper Ad
240 Sq Cm Custom Sized Newspaper Ad

b. Advertorial newspaper advertisement

Advertorials are newspaper ads written in the format of articles/editorials. In terms of language and style, they look like a news/article but are demarcated by the tag “advertorial”.


A relatively new option, currently offered by Times of India only, MediaNet newspaper ads are very similar to advertorial but are more authentic, trustworthy and effective. The content for MediaNet advertorial is designed and approved by the editorial team. There is no “advertorial” tag with the ad. However, the final decision for the publication of such ads lies with the editorial team only.

Medianet Newspaper Ad

Innovation Ads in the Newspaper

Apart from the regular newspaper ads, newspaper publishers like Times of India also offer innovative formats for ad placements to create an amplified and long-lasting impact. There are many innovative newspaper ads possible (as shown in images below).

Write to us at to know more about innovation ads.

As we all know, Newspaper Advertisement is one of the most traditional and common methods for marketing. In this post, we will only talk about Newspaper Advertisements.

So we have added Newspaper Advertisement Examples for B2B Sales, Marketers and C-Level Executives. The newspaper advertisement provides a lot of benefits to the business owners in terms of cost effectiveness and simplicity to execute it.

A newspaper advertisement is a form of advertising, usually in the classified or display sections. It may be either a paid or unpaid advertisement with advertisers typically providing space for free and paying only for the printing costs.

Newspaper advertisements are also called classified ads or display ads. The primary purpose of this type of advertisement is to attract customers to a business, service, product or event that they would not otherwise know about.

Newspaper Advertisement Examples are important for B2B Sales, Marketers and C-Level Executives.

Following are some newspaper advertisement examples

(a) Front Page Gate Fold

Front Page Gate Fold Innovative Image Ad In Newspaper

(b) Product Sampling

Product Sampling Ad In Newspaper

(c) Vertical Flap

Vertical Flap Innovation Ads On Newspaper
Newspaper Advertising: A Guide To Newspaper Display Ad Sizes 27
Vertical Flap Innovation Ads On Newspaper

(d) Envelope

Envelope Ad

(e) Letter Hijack

Letter Hijack Innovation Ad On Newspaper
Newspaper Advertising: A Guide To Newspaper Display Ad Sizes 28

Newspaper Advertising Rates

Newspaper advertising rates are primarily based on two factors- newspaper ad size and ad placement. It is usually higher for certain positions like the front page, back page, jacket, etc.

As can be guessed by the names, fixed-size newspaper ads have pre-determined pricing whereas, for variable ad sizes, prices can be determined by multiplying the unit price with the desired sizes.

Special advertising types like advertorial and MediaNet have premium pricing.

Newspaper is a form of printed media which gives us news of what is happening in the world. The news should be clean and transparent and should not have misleading facts otherwise people will misled away by false news.

The news should not write on their own which would hurt any particular community or individual. The newspaper should not write or publish any news which is controversial in nature. The news that are being published should be always based on true facts.

The news should provide correct information which will serve the masses. The news should not be biased or and should not point to any particular party.

The news should be simple in language so that people can understand easily. There should be no personal view on a particular topic which will be misleading facts for the people.

The newspaper advertisement should convey the desire message clearly  to the concerned people. The newspaper ads should be consistency in nature so that the readers can recalls the ads.

While posting an advertisements focus first on what to say in your headline where readers will be interested in reading the ads. There should be particular theme and tone for the newspaper advertisement which will attract more audience.

The tone of the ad should be based on the theme of your advertisement. Colours have a huge impact on the mind of the readers and also help set the tone and theme of the ad.

The choice of fonts sets the tone and conveys the theme of the ad.  The positioning of the advertisement are the most important factors which will catch the interest of the readers.

The ad space must be utilised properly.  Try not to cram it with too much content or too many images as it makes the reader lose their focus and finally the message of your ad is lost.

What is the standard size of a newspaper?

The standard size of a newspaper in India varies depending on whether it is a broadsheet or tabloid newspaper. However, the most common newspaper sizes in India are:

Broadsheet: 578 x 381 mm (22.75 x 15 inches)
Tabloid: 381 x 292 mm (15 x 11.5 inches)
Broadsheet newspapers are larger and more traditional, while tabloid newspapers are smaller and more sensational. Some of the most popular broadsheet newspapers in India include The Times of India, The Hindu, and The Indian Express. Some of the most popular tabloid newspapers in India include Mumbai Mirror, The Economic Times, and Deccan Chronicle.

It is important to note that there is no official Indian standard for newspaper sizes. The sizes listed above are simply the most common sizes used by Indian newspapers.

Best Newspaper Advertising Rates

You can check out our newspaper advertising section on The Media Ant website for detailed information on newspaper sizes and newspaper advertising rates for more than 4900 newspaper editions, by clicking on the page Newspaper.


Please note that the sizes mentioned in the article and newspaper ad rates mentioned on the sites are indicative and would vary from time to time based on a number of factors- the category of advertisers, heavy demand, ad sizes, newspaper publishers, etc.

To know the accurate newspaper ad rates and sizes, write to us at

How To Plan A Newspaper Advertising Campaign?

In every advertisement  planning following are the most important  things to consider before start spending:

i) Research on target and existing client – This will help an advertiser to know from which area most of its buyers can come. It will also helps an advertiser to know the buying pattern of their existing clients so accordingly best product or offer can be introduced.

ii) Decide on budget – What amount of fund will be used for advertising.

iii) Choose the right media which will best reach the target audience – Depending upon budget a good media either newspaper, radio, TV etc need to select through which target audience can be reached.

The above 3 things are also common for newspaper advertising and adding to these following are couple of more things which needs to be consider before deciding on Newspaper media advertising:

i) Whether selected newspaper has a good number of circulation and which area it will cover – Circulation means the number of copies being distributed in a particular area and this number helps in giving the number of people will be able to  see the ad.

ii) Category of the newspaper – If the category of the newspaper is right to advertise to reach out to the the target client.e.g. if product is agriculture based and advertiser wants to reach out to farmers in Karnataka than it is better to advertise in Prajavani supplement Krishi Agricart which contain all news related to agriculture.

Same if anyone wants to give a job ad than it is better to book ad space in Times ascent supplement rather than Times of India main paper.

This  helps in budget since in most cases rate for advertising in a supplement of a newspaper is less than the main paper and also such specific category newspaper is being read by only those people who has any specific requirement for the same.

Advertiser also get the same number of circulation which any other advertiser gets by advertising in the main newspaper.

iii) What type of ad-In newspaper different types of ad generally comes e.g display ad, classified display ad and text display ad.

Display ads are basically  very useful for  product branding purpose or for any big sale season is coming or even any big exhibition going to happen in the city.

Chances of missing such ads by target client is very less considering advertiser can take any premium pages like front, back and page 3 and with a maximum size of full page or any innovative ad like jackets.

Whereas classified display  can be very useful for advertiser with less budget and short message like any coming events or recruitment. It comes in a specific page with all other similar type of newspaper ads.

Restriction on maximum size of the ad is also very less so chances of missing out on the target audience is higher comparatively to display ad.

Last one is Text classified being used by advertiser with very less budget and very short text message. Such message can recruitment a notice of a death of loved one etc.

The most important things for a newspaper advertising or any other media  advertising is Consistency regardless of the product or service any advertiser sell. And consistency in a newspaper advertising is must if the object is brand building.


People Also Asked On Newspaper Ads

How to Advertise in Newspaper

Newspaper advertising is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies you can use.

Not only does it reach a large audience, but newspaper ads also tend to be highly effective because they are placed in a high-traffic area. 

If you’re looking to reach a large audience and improve your brand awareness, newspaper advertising is the perfect solution for you.

How to place an ad in a newspaper?

There’s nothing like a good advertising campaign, is there? And ad placement in newspapers is no exception.

To get the most out of your newspaper advertising budget, start by finding the right publication. 

Next, write an attention-grabbing advertisement that tells viewers what your business does. Remember to include contact information so readers can learn more about your company or product. 

Place your ad in the classified section, and make sure to include photos and other pertinent information. It’s that simple!

How to Give an Advertisement in a Newspaper?

When advertising in a newspaper, make sure that your ad is eye-catching and speaks to the interests of the target audience. Additionally, make sure to follow all local regulations when advertising in a newspaper.

Finally, make sure to track the response to your ad to ensure that it is reaching the target audience.

Is Newspaper advertisement important?

For businesses of all sizes, advertising in newspapers can be a cost-effective way to reach a wide audience.

Newspapers are affordable to print and run, and there’s no need for expensive design or marketing efforts. Simply place your ad in the classifieds section, where readers are most likely to find it.

Make sure your ad is catchy and targeted to catch people’s attention, as newspaper advertising is still an important way for businesses to reach potential customers.

Advantages of publishing your newspaper advertisement through an ad agency:

Publishing your newspaper advertisement through an ad agency like The Media Ant is a great way to maximize your reach and improve the overall look and feel of your advertisement.

Not only will you save time and money, but you’ll also get the benefits of a larger budget and more exposure.

Your paper advertisement will look professional and stylish, thanks to the ad agency’s experience and resources.

Plus, the media ant, has the ability to get your advertisement seen by the right people, which will ensure that your advertisement is effective.

If you’re ready to take your newspaper advertisement to the next level, consider advertising through an ad agency.

Choosing the Best Advertising Agency to publish your next Newspaper Advertisement

Advertising in a newspaper can be a great way to reach a large audience. However, it’s important to choose the right ad agency for your project.

Make sure they have experience publishing newspaper ads and have evaluated their rates and timeline so you’re confident in their work. 

Additionally, choose an ad campaign that will draw attention to your product or service, and stick with it! Finally, make sure to choose the right advertising agency for your specific needs.

What types of ads can be placed in a newspaper?

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned newspaper ad to get your business noticed.

So, what types of ads can be placed in a newspaper?

Classified ads are the most common, and can be for products and services. Display ads are also common, and are designed to attract customers to a business or website.

All advertisements must meet local newspaper standards before they’re published.

Additionally, classified ads should include the price, location, and contact information of the item being sold.

So, if you’re looking to get your ad in the newspaper, make sure to check the guidelines first!

How much does it cost per ad in a newspaper?

When it comes to advertising in a newspaper, there are different fees that vary depending on the size of the ad and how many times it can be run. Contact your local paper to find out the specific details about their advertising program.

In the meantime, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind: – Always read all guidelines before placing an ad.

– There is a fee for each ad that’s placed in a newspaper.

– Costs for advertising vary depending on the size of the ad and the number of times it can be run.

– Before placing an ad, be sure to read all the guidelines so you don’t violate any publishing rules!

Which newspapers are the best for advertising?

There are a few things to keep in mind when advertising in newspapers.

1. Ads should be placed in the classifieds or entertainment sections. This is because these sections are read by a wide audience that may be interested in your product or service. 

2. Newspapers also offer discounts to advertisers who place ads in bulk or for extended periods of time. This means that you’ll save money on ad space and not have to pay per ad placement.

3. Newspaper advertising is an effective way to reach a wide audience and generate leads and sales. By targeting a broad audience with your ad, you’re likely to get results faster than if you advertise only to those who are specifically interested in your product or service.

4. The best newspapers for advertising are those with a large circulation. This means that your ad will be seen by many people and will have a greater impact on generating leads and sales.

What are some of the benefits of advertising in a local newspaper?

There are many benefits of advertising in a local newspaper. Local papers are read by many people, which means your ad will reach a large audience. 

Local newspapers also have high editorial standards, so your ad will be well-received. Lastly, local newspapers often offer free or discounted rates to advertisers who agree to run long ads (ie., beyond the standard three or six month minimum). 

Overall, local newspapers ads are effective ways to reach a target audience and get your message out there. They’re affordable, too!

What is the best time to advertise in the newspaper?

When advertising in the newspaper, the best time to do so is during the weekends. 

This is because readers have more time to see your advertisement and possibly take action.

Additionally, make sure that your ad is easy to read and geared towards the demographic you are targeting.

Finally, plan your advertising campaign at least two months in advance to give yourself plenty of time to turn your idea into a reality.

What is the size of a full-page newspaper ad?

A full-page newspaper ad is typically 33 cm wide and 52 cm long. This is based on the size of a standard broadsheet newspaper. However, the exact size may vary depending on the newspaper.

How big is a 2×2 newspaper ad?

A 2×2 newspaper ad is typically 18 cm wide and 18 cm long. This is the size of a square ad that takes up two columns and two rows of text.

What is the size of a newspaper ad in India?

The size of a newspaper ad in India also varies depending on the newspaper. However, the most common sizes are:
Full page: 33 cm x 52 cm
Half page: 16.5 cm x 52 cm
Quarter page: 8.25 cm x 52 cm
2×2: 18 cm x 18 cm

What size is a 1/2 page newspaper ad?

A 1/2 page newspaper ad is typically 16.5 cm wide and 52 cm long. This is half the size of a full-page ad.


Publishing your newspaper advertisement through an ad agency i.e. the media ant can be a cost-effective way to reach a large audience. 

Not only will you be able to target your audience more accurately, but you will also enjoy the benefits of better circulation and exposure. 

Make sure to choose the best advertising agency to publish your ad and enjoy the benefits of increased circulation and exposure!

What is the size of a newspaper portrait?

A newspaper portrait is a vertical photograph that is printed in a newspaper. The size of a newspaper portrait will vary depending on the size of the newspaper and the layout of the page. However, a typical newspaper portrait size is approximately 100 x 150 mm (4 x 6 inches).

What newspaper has a large page size?

The Times of India and The Hindu are two of the most popular broadsheet newspapers in India, and they both have large page sizes. The Times of India page size is approximately 578 x 381 mm (22.75 x 15 inches), while The Hindu page size is approximately 585 x 381 mm (23 x 15 inches).

What is the size of a newspaper in India?

The size of a newspaper in India will vary depending on whether it is a broadsheet or tabloid newspaper. However, the most common newspaper sizes in India are:
Broadsheet: 578 x 381 mm (22.75 x 15 inches)
Tabloid: 381 x 292 mm (15 x 11.5 inches)

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