Book Matrimonial Ad In Newspaper Online

Book Matrimonial Ad In Newspaper Online

Matrimonial Advertisement

In spite of the emergence of countless matrimonial websites, the traditional medium of matrimonial advertisement, which is newspapers, still dominates the market by a large margin.

This is mostly  because of the perceived reliability of the conventional medium in the eyes of Indian parents.


A significant  section of the population in the country still doesn’t have access to the internet and a lot of  Indian parents whose children have reached the age of marriage are fairly new to using the internet if not completely alien to it.

And so, newspapers are  their primary option for putting out a Matrimonial Advertisement for the apple of their eye.

Book Matrimonial Ad In Newspaper

As we all know, the relatives of the to-be- bride/groom have usually got more than a say in the wedding, right from the point of finding a suitable match, and the relatives too are almost always unanimously in favor of newspaper Matrimonial Advertisements.

The elders, in particular, tend to be skeptical of the modern platforms of Matrimonial Advertisement and are very unwilling to go against the way things have always been done.

Newspapers have got a really wide reach in the country and many families prefer newspapers for Matrimonial Advertisement for the very reason that  they  can reach out to more people and hence speed up the search process.

While online matrimonial sites are more prevalent with youngsters, newspaper matrimonial ads reach out to seniors in the community who are looking for prospective brides and grooms for their children and relatives. 

These matrimonial advertisements are usually of two types. The family of the prospective brides usually advertise under the Wanted Grooms section where they mention what type of groom they prefer. Similarly, prospective grooms and their families advertise under the Wanted Brides section.


Some matrimonial ads are further divided into languages and profession and even religion which makes it easier for the readers to read matrimonial advertisements.

In India, newspapers have a wide reach even in the digital age of today. Newspaper ads are relatively less costly too and are particularly useful to reach the masses at a humble budget.

Moreover, newspaper matrimonial advertisement also comes with the advantage of providing much sought after flexibility to choose the right prospects on the basis of their profession, physical appearance, language, religion, caste, income, etc.

As matrimonial advertisements are released on  Sundays, they provide a good opportunity for the whole family to get together and check out prospects.

Matrimonial Ads

Matrimonial Ad In Newspaper

Even in this day and age arranged marriages are really common in India today, and so also are matrimonial ads.

The idea of ‘’arranged marriages’’ itself is an old-school one and it is no wonder that an old-school medium – newspapers – is the medium most used for putting out matrimonial ads. 

Matrimonial ads in newspapers are very useful in India to  to find eligible prospective brides and grooms on the basis of preferences and requirements of those seeking to get married and  their  families as well

Matrimonial ads in newspapers are released only on Sundays, and this gives them not only a greater number of assured impressions but also a richer audience engagement as the audience’s minds aren’t preoccupied with work when they see these ads and they are more likely to respond to them. 

Also, matrimonial Ads in Newspapers are also trusted by most people as newspapers tend to lend authenticity and credibility to the ads.


Matrimonial ads section is one of the most popular advertising categories in Indian  newspapers. 

There are more than 500 newspapers published in India in 23 different languages, which means that through newspapers, your matrimonial ad can reach a huge section of the population. 

The fact that a  great number of people still do not have access to the internet also makes newspapers a predominant medium for matrimonial ads in the country.

Marriage Advertisement in Newspaper

Marriage advertisements in newspapers tend to work better than other platforms for several reasons. Newspaper matrimony, especially in the regional newspapers, also has a deep penetration among the masses, which naturally helps in match-making. 

Out of all media in India, newspapers have the highest reach and reliability while also being  the least expensive medium to advertise in. 

Newspapers, especially among the conservative kind of public , remain the most trusted media in India, which makes marriage advertisements in newspapers the most reliable kind of matrimonial.

Most, if not all marriage advertisements in newspapers are genuinely serious cases and so, unlike other platforms, one is less likely to waste one’s time over people who are just messing around. 

Unlike online platforms, marriage advertisements in newspapers are managed and overseen by the elders of the family who are equipped with the experience and social know-how to make things like that work, rather than young men and women themselves.

Matrimonial Ads In Newspapers

As most people (or at least their parents) in the country still believe in ‘’arranged marriage’’ Matrimonial ads in newspapers are immensely popular in India.


Although countless matrimony websites designed specially for Indians have popped up over the past decade, matrimonial ads in newspapers have still got as strong a footing in the Indian matrimony market as ever. 

Newspapers have got a very high coverage and the rates of advertising in newspapers are also lower than most other media in the country. They are also the most widely trusted and respected kind of media in the country.

Moreover, unlike online matrimonial ads, matrimonial ads in newspapers hardly ever turn out to be in genuine. 

A lot of old-fashioned people who still believe in ‘’arranged marriages’’ tend to see online matrimonial platforms as compromising the sanctity of the institution of marriage. They regard the printed word with reverence and more than approve of matrimonial ads in newspapers. 

The proliferation of fake news on online media platforms further adds to their reluctance to use online matrimonial platforms. Some of them even hold conspiracy- theory – like superstitions about finding a match on these platforms. For such people, the age-old, tried and tested format of newspapers is the only acceptable medium for putting out their matrimonial ads. 

Newspaper Matrimonial Classified

If you are looking to experiment with  newspaper matrimonials, classified is  the way to go. Classifieds are the smallest kind of newspaper ads –only one newspaper column wide– and also the cheapest.

Most of them are text ads which do not include graphics and are charged for by the  word or line and are hence very short.

Display classified ads which include graphics are usually charged for in rupees per square centimeter.

The cost of publishing a newspaper matrimonial classified advertisement depends on the following general factors:- the publication selected , the length of the ad, the type of ad (text or display) and the cities where the ad is to appear.

Newspaper matrimonial classified ads usually come out only on Sundays and are found in online as well as traditional newspapers. 

Today, the process of publishing newspaper matrimonial classifieds has become a simple and seamless one with newspaper’s own online ad portals, agencies specializing in matrimonial ads, and whatnot, and the newspaper matrimonial classified ads are thriving in the Indian matrimony market as ever.

Matrimonial Advertisement Format for Bride

Looking to publish a matrimonial advertisement format for bride? 

Matrimonial ads in newspapers are usually of two types. The family of the prospective brides advertise under the ‘Wanted Grooms’ section where they describe what type of a man they are looking for, and in the same way the families of prospective grooms advertise under the ‘Wanted Brides’ section. 

A third type of matrimonial ads is where the ad mostly contains the information about the  man or woman looking for a match. 

Although there is no specific matrimonial advertisement format for bride, some formats are more popular than others. 

Matrimonial advertisement format for bride usually includes details like physical appearance (height and skin complexion, although weight is seldom mentioned), age, caste/creed/ surname, hometown, academic qualification, and professional status.

Adjectives like beautiful, slim, family oriented and homely are often thrown in as well.

It also seems to be the norm to mention the qualification and occupation of  the brothers of the bride, in addition to the profession of the father. 

Matrimonial Ad Sample

In case you are new to the awkward world of matrimonials and are looking for a matrimonial ad sample, the below examples may help you get an idea of how it is done.

Here are some matrimonial ad samples for classified ads both- text and display/image-

Matrimonial ad samples (display/image ads):


Matrimonial ad samples

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