Headlines: Top Media and Ad News In India For The Week (11th July – 17th July, 2022)

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As per BARC, the reach of All India TV has dropped from the peak of 94% in 2018 to 82% in 2021. The overall viewership, excluding sports and news, has also seen a dip of 12-14% in urban areas for 30+ TG. 

Reportedly Netflix has appointed Microsoft as its ad tech partner, because the online streaming giant is getting ready to roll out its first ad-supported subscription offering.

Google is planning to split their advertising business between them and their parent company Alphabet, which is an attempt to avoid antitrust actions against them.

Advertisers and gaming brands are unblocking cloud and blockchain. Industry experts are noting that such advancements in technology will help brands to access and influence users in real-time arena directly. (Source:E4M)

Aaj Tak introduced a user-driven campaign ‘Ask Sudhir’, which garnered over 3 lakhs WhatsApp responses, over 75,000 tweets and 1.2 lakh+ listens on Twitter spaces. The objective of the campaign was to ask for ideas for Chaudhary’s new show on Aaj Tak and gain more users on the platform. 

Meta (formerly Facebook) has recently announced that it will launch new tools, which will include exclusive posts, subscriber chats, and much more for creators to connect with their subscribers in the photo-sharing platform Instagram. This will help the platform to increase their user-base. 

As per industry experts, big brands like HUL, BYJU’s, Flipkart, ITC, etc are roping in influencers who create content in regional language to reach out to small towns and non-metro cities. It will be beneficial for brands to engage with creators on Moj, MX Taka Tak as they are popular in tier 2 & 3 cities. (Source: Brand Equity)

RAM Ratings for Week 20’22-23’22: Radio Mirchi dominates Mumbai, Fever FM rules in Delhi. Big FM tops charts in Bangalore and Radio Mirchi leads in Kolkata.

BARC’s top 5 advertisers of week 27 (2nd July – 8th July 2022) are – Hindustan Lever Ltd, Reckitt Benckiser (India) Ltd,GODREJ, Cadburys, Procter & Gamble.

According to BARC weekly data, the following were the top 5 paid TV channels in week 27(2nd July – 8th July 2022) – Paid–  Sun TV, Star Maa, Star Plus, Goldmines, Dangal.


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