How Chumbak increased brand awareness with a successful Radio and Cinema campaign


About Chumbak

Chumbak is a Bangalore-based lifestyle brand that creates vibrant and lively products inspired by culture and art forms from around the world with a modern and quirky twist. They offer products in categories across home décor, fashion, accessories, and personal care, all designed to brighten up their customers’ living space, office, and wardrobe. 

Their designs blend culture with a fun, colorful, and modern aesthetic that is joyful and uplifting. They have forty-four physical stores across the country in addition to a very strong online presence on platforms like Flipkart and Amazon, including a brand store on Amazon.

Objective of the campaign

The brand’s objective was to increase their store footfall by promoting a 50% Sale of their products (in specific cities). 

Target audience

Chumbak, as a brand, has positioned itself in the market as ‘modern, fun, quirky and energetic’. Their target audience, therefore, would fall under the category of young, modern, majorly English speaking individuals. Hence, the target audience of this campaign would also remain the same.


Radio– The radio campaign was run in Bangalore, India.

Cinema– The cinema campaign was run in the cities of Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Dehradun and Bhubaneswar.


The strategy for running a campaign may be chosen by looking at specific details like-

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The target audience of the brand
  • The geography

Analyzing the above information will help us clearly underline the requirements of the brand and their need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach. 

Objective: The objective was to promote Chumbak’s 50% off sale in order to increase the store footfall. A brand awareness campaign would hence, serve this particular purpose as it would bring more people to the store.

Geography: The cities selected for running the campaign were Bangalore, Lucknow, Mumbai, Pune, Dehradun and Bhubaneswar. These are all tier 1 and 2 cities where most people work in high earning jobs and hence enjoy a considerably more disposable income than those living in tier 3 cities.

Target Audience: Young, modern, English speaking individuals who like aesthetically pleasing products.


Keeping in mind the approach, read below to know why we considered these mediums to be the perfect fit for Chumbak’s brand awareness campaign. 

Radio Campaign

Working professionals generally listen to the radio while commuting to and back from work. That is the reason why the ads were run from 9am to 11am and 6pm to 9pm. At this time, people would pay better attention to the ad which will thereby increase brand retention in their mind.

Ten seconds long ads were broadcasted on Fever FM, Radio One FM, Indigo FM, and Red FM on Fridays and Saturdays on prime-time for five weeks with a view to gain footfall in the stores over the weekends. The selection of these particular stations was due to the simple fact that the majority of the listeners of these stations fall under the category of ‘young, urban, working professionals,’ which is similar to the brand’s target audience. 

The campaign was run on two major English, and two major Hindi radio stations of Bangalore to target the cosmopolitan public of the metro city. The reason behind picking English speaking and channels instead of the regional language (Kannada) was because the brand Chumbak has positioned itself as a national brand with a target audience that is also majorly english speaking.

The days chosen for broadcasting the ads were Friday and Saturday because a sales promotion ad would attract the attention of working professionals more on a weekend as compared to weekdays, thereby considerably raising their chances of actually visiting the stores. This is because instead of going to work the next day, people would be free and might end up going to the sale. 

Also, broadcasting the ads throughout the week would be a waste of resources as the target audience was working professionals who would be more likely to visit the stores on weekends. Hence, the campaign was customized to be cost effective and was expected to generate at least a satisfactory return on investment. 

Cinema Campaign

The decision to pick cinema advertising was done in order to better target the brand’s audience, which was young and modern people with disposable income. These people constitute the majority of the moviegoer audience. 

Keeping the primary objective of branding in view, the advertisements were run for a whole week on a total of 58 screens in seven multiplexes in the above mentioned cities. The screens included PVRs, INOX and Cinepolis.

The movie selected for placing the advertisements was the expected-to-be blockbuster RRR, which, fortunately, turned out to be a major hit. In addition to the interval time, the ads were also shown before the movie started, on the strategic assumption that the audience’s attention tends to be most focused in the beginning of the movie.

The advertising was supposed to be targeted at an audience who could be the potential customers of a considerably high-end brand. 

This requirement drove the selection of the media like PVR’s, INOX and Cinepolis in tier 1 cities of Mumbai and Pune. The selection of the movie was also strictly in line with the target audience. With the tickets of  the movie priced at an average of  500 INR, RRR was the ideal movie to target a budget-specific audience.


Since the objective was brand awareness and increasing footfall in the stores, the campaign resulted in providing the Chumbak the required exposure and number of sales.

The brand’s radio ad ran on Fridays and Saturdays to get footfall during the weekends, as the target audience were mostly working professionals. The  cinema ads helped in spreading awareness regarding the brand and their 50% off sale. Hence, the campaign successfully achieved its required objective.

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