IPL Advertising Strategy to Maximize Reach & Impact

Ipl Advertising Strategy To Maximize Reach &Amp; Impact

Before getting into what can be a possible IPL advertising strategy, let’s discuss why Ipl advertising strategy is even needed. Well, strategizing is never a bad idea right? It helps you build a pillar to move forward to a goal. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why a strategy is important for IPL advertising and the key elements that should be included in a successful strategy.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest cricket leagues in the world and attracts a large, diverse audience. As a result, it’s a highly competitive market for advertising. Companies competing for the attention of viewers during IPL matches need to have a solid advertising strategy in place to make the most of their investment. 

A well-thought-out IPL advertising strategy can help companies reach their target audience effectively, stand out in a crowded market, and maximize their return on investment. It can also help build and maintain brand image, as well as measure and track the success of their advertising efforts. 

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IPL Advertising Strategy to Maximize Reach & Impact 13

Now, let’s look at some of the major key elements that one needs to know before planning out an IPL advertising strategy in order to maximize exposure and engagement.

Target Audience

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IPL has a diverse and extensive target audience, ranging from children to adults, and from rural to urban areas. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the target audience and their preferences, as this will inform the IPL advertising strategy

Advertisers must be able to identify and target the right audience segments to ensure their message is well received and has maximum impact.

We are all aware that IPL has been timed to be conducted in April and May during the peak summer in India. Ever wondered why?

Because a major chunk of Ipl’s target market is children as well and mostly it’s the time when families and friends sit together to enjoy “India ka tyohar”

Here is Statista data which gives you an overview of the Ipl viewership in terms of age group.

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Image source: Statista

Ads that have stayed with people because they identified their right set of the target market.

Vivo: Game Banayega Name

Dream 11: #yemaikarletahun

CRED: Play it different

Analyze Competition

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Competition in the IPL is intense, not just on the field but also in the advertising space. Advertisers must conduct a thorough analysis of their competition to understand the market and identify opportunities to stand out from the crowd. This could include analyzing the advertising strategies of similar brands and identifying areas where the competition is lacking. The best way to analyze competition is to look at the following factor-

Identify the direct competition

  • Examine search engine results pages (SERPs) for related product searches.
  • Examine market share statistics from Statista or a relevant source.
  • Make a list of the brands that your prospective consumers use or mention the most during interviews.

Do a competitor SWOT analysis

Once you have analyzed your direct competitors, it’s time to identify your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Ask the following questions to acquire answers for each section:

  • What areas does this brand excel in?
  • Can you think of any intangible assets (for example, memorable branding) that they have that offer them an advantage?
  • Which procedures or experiences require improvement (for example, the online buying experience)?
  • What areas do they overlook  (for example, do they invest enough in search engine optimization to attract organic traffic)?
  • Based on your resources, what can your organization do better (for example, can you come up with a better message or new forms of content for your website)?
  • Can you be replaced by this competitor? Can they threaten you in a different way (for example, by providing speedier shipping)?

Examine the price and current offerings of your competitor

  • 43% of all consumers are willing to pay more for better services.
  • 71% are willing to pay a premium for brands that offer complete product transparency.

Competitor analysis not only tells you about your competitors but also identifies areas where your brand may shine. You have a collection of intangible assets that serve as the foundation for your differentiators. Personal expertise, market knowledge, topic expertise, marketing, and branding abilities are all valuable! When comparing yourself to the competition, remember the points listed above.


Advertising Platforms

With the ever-growing popularity of IPL, advertising is also getting louder and fancier, garnering the attention of millions of Indians. With so many brands looking to advertise during IPL, advertising options are also increasing. It can be a little overwhelming to decide which platform to go with, but don’t worry we are here to make your life easier, below listed are some major advertising platforms that brands can go with during Ipl-

Star Sports Advertising

As per BARC, India’s current TV penetration is 900 Mn with 100 Mn viewers from NCCS AB. When it comes to sports, TV is an undisputed champion with 9/10 Indian homes watching cricket on TV.

Star Sports recorded 505 million viewers according to the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India last year. The total watch time for viewership reached an impressive 427.1 billion minutes. Additionally, IPL 2023 advertising on TV experienced a 32 percent increase in television ratings compared to the 2022 edition of the IPL.

Jiocinema App

In a surprising turn of events in 2023, JioCinema secured the digital media rights for TATA IPL. This marked the first time in IPL history that digital media rights surpassed TV rights. Following the triumph of the FIFA World Cup 2023, JioCinema made IPL viewing free for all users in 2023. Looking ahead to 2024, they anticipate a viewership of 600 million with commentary available in 12 languages.

Apart from this, here are a few factors that are most probably going to attract more viewers which is a good opportunity for the advertisers-

Hype Mode: Hype mode is a kind of feature that allows viewers to view the game from various camera perspectives, get key information about the two competing teams, and even have a 10-second skip and rewind option. This was already a hit in FIFA world cup 2023, hence it is a win-win situation for advertisers as well.

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Image source:moneycontyrol

Pre & Post Match: It will give insightful perspectives from popular cricketers, like Chris Gayle and Suresh Raina. And as cricket fans always love to watch the players talk, which for sure makes it the biggest coming hit.


It won’t come out as a surprise if we say Connected TV is the next big thing. In fact, as of 2022 a tenth of Indian TV households, or 20-22 Mn homes, in India have internet-enabled connected TVs (CTVs). While CTV is becoming a trend amongst audiences, brands are estimated to grow their CTV ad spends from $86 Mn in 2023 to $395 Mn by 2027, as per a GroupM- Kantar report released at the ‘Addressable TV and Beyond’ summit hosted by GroupM’s Finecast in Mumbai. 

While traditional TV includes cable and DTH, CTV is connected to the internet either by streaming devices such as smart TVs, Firestick, set-top boxes, or OTT apps. This is a new category that is opening up ad avenues for advertisers and brands, as they can effectively reach their target audience through a combination of both traditional TV and CTV. 


Sponsorship is an excellent way to increase brand exposure and build relationships with the IPL’s large and loyal following. This could include sponsoring a team, a player, a platform, a program, or a tournament. Advertisers can also use this opportunity to create unique and engaging experiences for fans and leverage the popularity of the league and its players.

Often sponsorship and advertising are used interchangeably. Of course, they have elements that overlap but they are different in some ways. Here are a few differences:

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Tournament Sponsorships- Series/Teams/Stadium:

IPL currently has 10 teams that represent various regions hence making team sponsorship a lucrative opportunity for strong regional brands. Apart from this, there are other sponsorship opportunities like stadium branding, jersey branding, merchandise branding, etc.


  • Apt for a brand having mass appeal. For example, A budget smartphone brand like Vivo is better suited for IPL sponsorship than a brand like Apple which has a niche audience.
  • Brands having a high advertising budget. Even though the tournament sponsorship doesn’t cost a lot, the best practice is to magnify the association and its benefits through more advertising. For this, brands should be able to set aside some more money.
  • Strong regional brands can find it very useful to invest in sponsoring a team. Since each team in IPL represents a region, these teams have a strong regional fan base. This can work in favor of regional brands.

Sponsorship of IPL-based News Programs:

IPL is one of the biggest planned events in India and like all big events, IPL brings a jump in viewership for sports news. During the IPL season, most news channels run special programs based on IPL, where they invite cricketers and experts to analyze the match. These programs receive a lot of viewership from cricket fans and IPL watchers. By sponsoring these programs, brands would get a strong association with the news channels and programs. To know more details and advertising rates, click here.


  • Apt for brands having a predominantly male audience like fintech, building material, machinery, etc.
  • Brands who want to ride the increase in TV viewership but don’t have enough budget to advertise on Sports channels.

Sponsorship of special IPL content on sports blogs like Sportskeeda and Cricbuzz:

Sports websites like Sportskeeda and Cricbuzz are the think tanks for every sports fan. Whether there is a live sport or not, these websites always receive traffic to consume their high-quality opinion-based content around cricket and other sports. The viewership is expected to go very high during the live matches. Since it’s a content-based platform, sponsorship involves both media properties like banner ads, high impact ads like interstitials as well as content properties like articles, social media posts, videos, etc. 

Know more about the sponsorship packages and advertising rates, click here.


  • Brands who are looking for an additional touchpoint for IPL advertising on digital platforms
  • Brands with an online-first presence

Sponsorship of Red FM IPL Campaign through brand integration:

Red FM plans an entire campaign around IPL which includes a number of programs both on-air and on the digital platforms. The Red FM IPL 2021 campaign ‘Saara India Sara Ra Ra’ was a massive success.

It included match highlights, score updates, and #omgmoments. However, the best part of the campaign was the commentary by Sunil Jogi who made the cricket moments query and sarcastic. 

There are three types of sponsorship offered up for grabs: Presenting Partnership, Co-powered by Partnership, and Associate Partnership for the campaign.

The sponsorship packages include on-air promos and mentions, social media post tagging as well as PR, newspaper ads, outdoor ads, etc. To know more details and advertising rates, click here.


  • Brands with a majority of audience based in metro cities.

Sponsorship of IPL scorecard on Gaana Platform:

While active watchers of IPL can be targeted on other platforms, gaana can help you target an audience who don’t have access to live matches due to work or studies and also those who do not follow cricket and IPL religiously.

The sponsorship comes with a very high-impact advertising option like a live scorecard on the home page, interstitial ads, and audio score updates with brand mention. To know more about the sponsorship package and rates, click here.


  • Brands having students and young working professionals as the audience
  • Brands who have a digital presence

Sponsorships in IPL (Indian Premier League) can be highly beneficial for brands as it provides them with an opportunity to reach a large and diverse audience through various mediums such as TV, digital, and in-stadia advertisements. Additionally, IPL has a strong reputation and brand image which can positively influence the brand’s perception. Sponsorships also provide brands with opportunities for engagement with their target audience through various activations, further building brand loyalty. 

Furthermore, it helps brands create a memorable experience for consumers and leave a lasting impression. In conclusion, IPL sponsorships provide brands with a unique platform to reach a large audience, improve brand image, engage with their target audience, and create a lasting impact.


Collaborating with other brands, teams, or players can help increase the reach and impact of the advertising campaign. This could include co-branded initiatives, cross-promotions, or partnerships with key players or teams. Collaborating with other brands can leverage the popularity of the IPL and increase the exposure of the advertising message. Below listed are collaborations of Ipl 2023 for your reference.

Collaborations Of Ipl 2023
Image source:timesofsports

To know more about the same Schedule a call 

Influencer Marketing with Players

The players of the IPL are some of the most recognizable and well-loved figures in Indian cricket. By partnering with these players, advertisers can reach a massive and engaged audience, both on and off the field. This could include player-endorsed products, social media campaigns, or other initiatives that tap into the player’s popularity and fan base.

Below mentioned are few examples of how brands tapped into player’s Social Media engagement during the IPL season.

Promotion & Engagement

Finally, advertisers must ensure their advertising efforts are well-promoted and engaging. This could include running contests, offering exclusive experiences, or creating content that resonates with the target audience. The goal is to connect with the IPL’s massive and passionate fan base, encouraging them to engage with the brand and remember its message long after the tournament.

In conclusion, the IPL provides a massive opportunity for advertisers to reach their target audience and maximize their exposure. By using the right combination of advertising platforms, sponsorships, collaborations, influencer marketing, and engagement, advertisers can create a successful and impactful advertising campaign that resonates with fans and drives business results.

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