Advertising in Cricbuzz Website

Advertising in Cricbuzz Website

Advertising in Cricbuzz Website


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Cricbuzz, Website - Banner Advertising


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₹ 0.088 / Per Unit

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Rectangular Image ad (Banner) which will appear on all the pages.
Cricbuzz, Website - RoadBlock Advertising Option 1


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₹ 11,50,000 / Per Day

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Roadblock Banner is booking all possible advertising spaces on the webpage.
Cricbuzz, Website - Video Advertising


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₹ 0.231 / Per Impression

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A Video Ad placed on all the sections of the Cricbuzz website which is automatically played to the user as soon as the page is loaded.

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Cricbuzz Advertising

Cricbuzz Advertising is displayed on the website and app of the cricket news website, Cricbuzz. With over 120 million monthly active users, Cricbuzz Advertising caters to a large-scale audience through various media advertising options like banner ads, roadblock ads, and video ads. 

Cricbuzz Advertising will help the companies target the right audience who shares an interest in the specific site. With a range of expert hosts, Cricbuzz has become a hotspot for all valid information on cricket, making it an accurate source of information that the viewers trust. 

Advertisers can use Cricbuzz Ad to improve their brand image and work on brand recognition. Cricbuzz Advertising will help advertisers build good customer relationships. Cricbuzz content is available in various languages like English, Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, and Telugu.

Cricbuzz Ad Rates

Cricbuzz Advertising Rates may vary depending on the various ad options chosen by the brands. Our pricing models for Cricbuzz Advertising Rates are per ad option chosen and the number of days for the ads.

Cricbuzz Advertising Rates will depend on the ad option the client chooses. Each advertising ad option will include various options for Advertising in Cricbuzz like promotional videos, social media posts, and branding tags. 

Our “Top Choice” section on “Advertising on Cricbuzz” will include all the digital advertising ad options the companies can choose from according to their requirements. Various ad options like roadblock ads, video ads, banner ads, and more are available at discounted rates, from which brands and companies can select according to their requirements.

You can check out discountedCricbuzz Advertising Rates on the official website of The Media Ant. Companies can pick the ad option most relevant to their needs.

Cricbuzz Ad Agency

For advertising on Cricbuzz Digital, The Media Ant is one of India’s leading digital advertising agencies that helps you with advertising and brand awareness needs. With a presence across top Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi, The Media Ant is a one-stop solution for all your advertising needs. 

We help you plan, buy, execute and monitor all your digital advertising campaigns across the country. Our in-house team ensures to provide you with the best advertising plans in India and monitors them to ensure flawless execution and the best performance of your Cricbuzz Ad Campaigns. 

Our best rates for advertising on the digital platform in India are available online on our website. The Media Ant also measures the campaign engagement and provides you with the best rates possible in digital advertising. Get the best rates to place your ad on any digital platform on The Media Ant.

Advertisers can monitor their digital ad campaigns through our online monitoring dashboard on their mobile phones. Check the best rates to advertise your brand on various digital platforms in The Media Ant's digital advertising planning tools. Go check out our ROAS Calculator to find your return on ad spend. 

You can contact us through Whatsapp, Phone, or Email. The Media Ant contact details are available in the Contact Us section of our website.

Who Should Advertise On Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz Ad is done by companies looking to increase their brand recognition and improve their image. Through Cricbuzz Advertising, clients can focus on building their consumer base and customer retention. Some sectors that have done Cricbuzz Ad in the past include:

  • E-Commerce: With over 203 million downloads, Cricbuzz Ad is the perfect space for e-commerce sites like Amazon, Myntra, and others to target their customers. Using unique ad formats, the companies can pull in customers by showcasing their deals and offers.
  • Telecom: Companies like Airtel and more, have used Cricbuzz Advertisements showcasing their products and services to their customers, garnering and building brand awareness. 
  • Wellness Brands: Wellness brands like PharmEasy, and more have done Cricbuzz Ad as a way to amplify their brand recognition to the audience who test their cricket knowledge by visiting the website and trying out the quizzes that are provided.
  • Consumer Discretionary Platforms: OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more use Cricbuzz Ad in App to promote new shows to users based on the users’ preferences and interests. 

Some past advertisers for Cricbuzz Advertising are Airtel, Swiggy, Amazon, PharmEasy, TicTac, AirAsia, and more. 

Why Do Cricbuzz Ad?

Cricbuzz Advertising can help advertisers increase the traffic to their business. With a decent amount of average monthly traffic across platforms, i.e. 250 - 330 Million users on Cricbuzz Desktop Website, 6 - 10 Billion users on Cricbuzz Mobile Website, and 28 - 34 Billion users on Cricbuzz App. 

Cricbuzz Advertising will entertain the fans with the required news and relevant ads based on the audience's interest. Cricbuzz Advertising promotes to audiences of a high socioeconomic class. 

Generating a large amount of traffic, Cricbuzz Ad on all its digital platforms will help advertisers in targeting the right audience that will generate more leads and a potential customer base. Cricbuzz site ranks 21st in India with a total of over 198.5 million traffic in its pockets. 

What is Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz is a cricket news platform that provides all the latest and past information on the sport. Cricbuzz will feature various news, articles, and live coverage of cricket matches which also includes videos, text commentary, player stats, and team rankings.

Cricbuzz is offered as a desktop website, mobile website, and mobile application as well. Cricbuzz was created by Pankaj Chhaparwal; Piyush Agrawal; and Pravin Hegde on November 1, 2004.

FAQs on Cricbuzz Advertising

How To Advertise On Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz Advertising can be done by visiting the official website of The Media Ant. We ensure to provide you with the best possible rates for your digital advertising needs. 

How do I advertise on Cricbuzz?

Cricbuzz Advertising is done by companies looking to advertise to a mass audience and can be done by contacting The Media Ant. We offer you the best market rates for your Cricbuzz Advertising.

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