List of Upcoming Sports Events

Upcoming Sports Events To Advertise Your Brands

Get ready to lace up those shoes and gear up for some heart-pumping action! The time has come for the biggest sports extravaganzas of the year; trust us, you don’t want to miss it. From nail-biting finishes to jaw-dropping moments, these events are set to be a thrill ride from start to finish. So don’t forget to advertise your brand on these fun sports events, and witness history in the making!

Upcoming sports events schedule and dates provide advertisers with a clear timeline for when to launch their advertising campaigns. Advertisers can align their campaigns with the peak viewing times of the event to maximize exposure and reach their target audience. By knowing the dates and schedules, advertisers can plan their advertisements’ timing, frequency and content to coincide with key moments during the event. This can create a sense of urgency and increase the impact of their advertisements. Additionally, advertisers can use the sports events as a backdrop to showcase their products and services, thus establishing a connection with the event and its audience. Advertisers can increase brand awareness and drive sales by planning their campaigns around sports events.

Indian Sports Calendar 2024

Sports CategoriesUpcoming Sports EventsDatePlatform
CricketIndia in South Africa Test SeriesDec 26th, 2023 – Jan 7th, 2024Hotstar
BadmintonBadmintion World Federation (BWF)Jan 9th – Dec 15th, 2024JioCinema
CricketSA20Jan 10th – Feb 10thJioCinema
CricketAfghanistan tour of India T20 SeriesJan 11th – Jan 17thJioCinema
MotorsportFormula E World ChampionshipJan 13th – Jul 21stHotstar
TennisAustralian Open 2024Jan 15 – Jan 28Sony LIV
CricketThe International league T20Jan 19th – Feb 18thZee5
ChessBengaluru Open(Chess)Jan 20th – Jan 26th JioCinema
CricketEngland tour of India Test SeriesJan 25th – Mar 11thJioCinema
CricketWomen’s Premier League (WPL)February – MarchJioCinema
BadmintonPremier Badminton League – Season 6Feb-23Hotstar
Athletics World Athletics ChampionshipsMar 1st – Mar 3rdJioCinema
F1 RacingF1 RaceMar 2nd – Dec 8thF1 TV
CricketIPL 2024Mar – MayJioCinema
TennisFrench Open 2024May 26th – June 9thSony LIV
CricketT20 World Cup 2024Jun 4th – Jun 30thHotstar
TennisWimbledon 2024Jul 1st – July 14thHotstar
TennisUS Open 2024Aug 26th – Sept 8thSony LIV
CricketWomen Asia CupSeptemberHotstar
FootballIndian Super League (ISL)Sept 2024 – March 2025Hotstar
MotorsportMotoGPMar 10th – Nov 17thJioCinema

Why is Sports Events Marketing Important?

Sports event marketing is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Reach: Sports events often draw large crowds, allowing companies to reach a broad and diverse audience.
  2. Brand Awareness: By sponsoring or advertising at a sports event, companies can raise brand awareness and improve brand recognition among attendees and viewers.
  3. Engagement: Sports events often create a unique sense of community and shared experience, providing an excellent opportunity for companies to engage with their target audience.
  4. Loyalty: Sponsoring a famous sports team or event can also help build brand loyalty among fans.
  5. Sales: Sports events can drive sales by creating buzz around a product or service and providing a platform for companies to sell products and offer promotions.
  6. Reputation: By aligning themselves with a successful sports team or event, companies can enhance their reputation and be seen as a company that supports a healthy, active lifestyle.
  7. Data: By collecting data on attendees and fans, companies can gain valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences and purchasing patterns, which can be used to inform future marketing and business strategies.

Sports event marketing is a crucial aspect of any marketing strategy as it helps companies reach a broad and diverse audience, build brand awareness and engagement, drive sales, enhance their reputation, and gather valuable consumer data.

Online Advertising Opportunities during Sports Events

Online advertising during sports events gives companies a unique opportunity to reach a large, engaged audience. With the increasing popularity of sports streaming and social media, companies can advertise to a diverse audience beyond traditional television and get fans actively following the event in real-time.

Display ads are among the most common forms of online advertising during sports events. These can be seen on websites and social media platforms dedicated to sports coverage and targeted to specific demographics, such as sports fans or fans of particular teams or athletes. Companies can also take advantage of sponsored posts on social media, allowing them to reach fans who are actively engaged in discussions about the event.

Video advertisements are another popular option during sports events, providing a more immersive experience for viewers. Advertisers can create short, high-impact ads that are played during breaks in the event or before and after key moments, such as before the start of the game or during halftime. By taking advantage of real-time opportunities, companies can create relevant and timely advertisements, increasing the likelihood that they will be well-received by the audience.

Another option for online advertising during sports events is in-game sponsorships. This allows companies to have their brand featured prominently during the event, such as having their logo displayed on the court or field or being mentioned by the commentators. This type of advertising allows companies to reach a large, engaged audience while creating a lasting impression through repeated exposure.

Online advertising during sports events provides companies with a unique opportunity to reach a large, diverse, and highly engaged audience. With the rise of sports streaming and social media, advertisers can reach fans beyond traditional television, taking advantage of real-time opportunities and targeted advertising to create effective campaigns. Whether through display ads, sponsored posts, video advertisements, or in-game sponsorships, online advertising during sports events is an effective way for companies to reach and engage with their target audience.


Upcoming Sports Calendar 2024 to Advertise Brands

The schedule and dates of sporting events provide advertisers with a clear timeline for when to launch their advertising campaigns. Advertisers can time their campaigns to coincide with the event’s peak viewing times to maximize exposure and reach their target audience. Advertisers can plan their advertisements’ timing, frequency, and content to coincide with critical moments during the event by knowing the dates and schedules. Below are the upcoming sports events:

Upcoming Cricket Events in 2024 

Upcoming Cricket Events 
List Of Upcoming Sports Events 2


Afghanistan vs. India T20 Series (Jan 11th – Jan 17th): Target the burgeoning T20 audience with your brand. This high-octane series promises aggressive batting, electrifying fielding, and millions of glued-to-the-screen viewers.

England vs. India Test Series (Jan 25th – Mar 11th): Capitalize on the premium viewership of the iconic Test format. Reach a discerning audience of affluent professionals and cricket connoisseurs with your premium offerings.

Women’s Premier League (February – March): Be a part of history as the first-ever Women’s IPL unfolds. Align your brand with the rising tide of women’s cricket and tap into a young, tech-savvy audience.

IPL 2024 (Mar – May): Secure a coveted spot in the Indian cricketing crown jewel. The IPL’s unparalleled viewership and intense fan engagement offer an unmatched platform to reach a diverse, nationwide audience.


T20 World Cup 2024 (Jun 4th – Jun 30th): Partner with the ultimate global cricket spectacle. Leverage the patriotic fervor and national pride surrounding Team India’s quest for glory to reach millions of viewers across the globe.

Women’s Asia Cup (September): Champion the cause of women’s cricket and connect with a socially conscious audience. Showcase your brand’s commitment to diversity and inclusion on this prestigious regional platform.

Upcoming Football Events in 2024

Upcoming Football Events
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Indian Super League (ISL) (Sept 2024 – March 2025): Witness India’s premier football league return for another electrifying season. Witness breathtaking goals, tactical masterclasses, and the passionate roar of the fanatical desi football supporters. Tune in to Hotstar to catch all the action.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2026 Qualifiers: The road to the ultimate footballing showdown begins in 2024! Support your favorite team as they embark on their quest for a coveted spot in the 2026 World Cup.

Upcoming Tennis Tournaments

Australian Open 2024 (Jan 15th – Jan 28th): Witness the first Grand Slam of the year unfold under the scorching Australian sun. Can Novak Djokovic defend his title? Will Emma Raducanu rise to new heights? Tune in to Sony LIV to find out!

French Open 2024 (May 26th – June 9th): The clay courts of Roland Garros await! Witness Rafael Nadal reign supreme once again or cheer for a new champion to emerge on the Parisian clay. Sony LIV will be your window to this prestigious tournament.

Wimbledon 2024 (Jul 1st – July 14th): The hallowed grass courts of Wimbledon beckon! Experience the quintessential tennis experience with its unique traditions, elegant attire, and thrilling baseline battles. Hotstar will bring you every mesmerizing moment.

US Open 2024 (Aug 26th – Sept 8th): The final Grand Slam of the year promises a fitting climax to the tennis season. Witness Serena Williams aim for another title or cheer for the next generation of stars to shine under the New York lights. Sony LIV will have you covered.

Upcoming Race Events

Formula E World Championship (Jan 13th – Jul 21st): Experience the future of motorsports with the Formula E World Championship. Witness electric cars zipping through city streets around the globe. Catch all the action on Hotstar.

MotoGP (Mar 10th – Nov 17th): Feel the adrenaline rush as the world’s fastest motorcycles battle it out on iconic circuits across the globe. JioCinema will be your gateway to this high-octane spectacle.

FAQs Related to Sports Events Advertising

What are major sporting events to advertise your brand?

The major sporting events to advertise your brand are:

  • Cricket: T20 frenzy with Afghanistan series (JioCinema), premium audience with England Tests (JioCinema), history-making Women’s Premier League (JioCinema), mega reach with IPL (JioCinema), global glory at T20 World Cup (Hotstar).
  • Football: Passionate fans with Indian Super League (Hotstar).
  • Tennis: Grand Slam prestige with Australian Open (Sony LIV), clay court tradition with French Open (Sony LIV), iconic grass at Wimbledon (Hotstar), final showdown at US Open (Sony LIV).
  • Badminton: Year-long action with BWF (JioCinema & Hotstar), Indian stars at Premier Badminton League (Hotstar).
  • Motorsport: Future of racing with Formula E (JioCinema), adrenaline rush with MotoGP (JioCinema & Hotstar).

How do you advertise during sporting events?

Advertising during sporting events offers numerous opportunities for brands to increase their visibility and reach their target audience. Some of the most common methods of advertising during sports include:

Television advertising spots: Brands can air commercials during breaks in the live sporting broadcast.

In-venue branding: This can include signage, banners, and other advertising displays within the sporting venue.

Sponsorship opportunities: Brands can sponsor the sporting event, a team, or an individual athlete, providing them with increased brand exposure and promotional opportunities.

Athlete endorsements: Top athletes can endorse products and appear in branded advertisements.

Social media advertising: Brands can advertise on popular social media platforms during live sporting events to reach a broader, engaged audience.

When developing a sports-focused advertising strategy, it’s essential to consider the specific event, target audience, and marketing goals to determine the best approach for maximum brand impact.

Which platforms are best for online advertising during sporting events?

The platforms which are best for online advertising during sporting events are Hotstar, Vicom and JioCinema.

What’s the next big football event for promoting brands?

The next big football event for promoting brands is Indian Super League 2024.

How is advertising used in sports events?

Advertising is used in sports events to promote products and services through various channels, including stadium signage, television commercials, athlete endorsements, and social media campaigns. It helps companies reach a large captive audience, increase brand visibility, and create a positive image. Advertisers may also sponsor teams, leagues, or events, providing financial support in exchange for increased exposure and recognition. Additionally, they may leverage sports fans’ excitement and passion for improving their advertising efforts’ impact and effectiveness.

Why is sports event marketing important?

Sports marketing is essential as it helps build brand awareness, create a strong relationship between the brand and the audience, and drive sales. It allows companies to connect with their target audience uniquely and engagingly, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their products and services. Through sports event marketing, companies can reach a large and diverse audience, increase brand visibility, and create a lasting impression on attendees. Furthermore, it can help companies differentiate themselves from their competitors and build a strong brand image.

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