Case Study: How Practo used Digital Medium to generate brand awareness and increased website traffic

Practo, Healthcare Case Study

Practo is one of the largest online healthcare service platforms that aggregate top-notch doctors to deliver on-demand healthcare consultations to its users.  Practo allows consumers to search for doctors and diagnostic labs, book appointments, consult doctors online, and order medicines. 

Campaign objective

  • Create awareness about the Practo
  • Drive website traffic 
  • Build trust among the consumers through word of mouth publicity

Target Audience 


  • Teri-1 Cities in India


  • To filter out the relevant audience:
  • People who are open to check, book, and purchase online healthcare services like doctor consultation and appointment booking, medicine purchase, and book diagnostic lab tests. 
  • Reaching out to the relevant audience while ensuring minimum wastage. 


 While selecting the advertising platforms and keeping the objectives in mind, the following were some of the factors that were considered: 

  • The majority of the tech-savvy services/solutions are often adopted by the working professionals, majorly the people who fall under the age group of 23- 40. They prefer promising brands and tech-driven solutions than local services. Hence, targeting working professionals on popular platforms would give the brand more consideration. 
  • Practo is a digital platform hence targeting users who are already present on the digital mediums would be more effective and helpful. 
  • Platforms that offer the option of targeting users on the basis of age, interest, or profession would give the brand more leverage to reach out to their relevant audience. 


Keeping the approach and objectives in mind, and based on the past campaign execution experience, the following were the digital platforms that were suggested: 

  1. Google Display–  Google display advertising is considered as the cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy, you can reach out to your targeted audience on your niche websites, apps, games or wherever your ad can appear through AdWords. It also offers numerous targeting options like age, geo, profession, etc. Hence, Google display ads helped the brand in reaching out to the relevant set of audiences and helped in driving the awareness as well as the website traffic to Practo. 
  1. Google Search– With the help of Google search ads, the brand drove the website traffic directly from the people who are searching for online healthcare services like, online health consultation, book appointments, or purchase their preferred medicines online. 
  1. Hotstar– Hotstar is one of the top OTT streaming platforms in India with over 300 million monthly active users, and the most popular source of entertainment platform among working professionals. Hotstar offers advanced targeting options like age, gender, and category interest like healthcare, hence, it helped the brand generating awareness among the relevant group. 
  1. Youtube– YouTube, owned by Google, is the most preferred platform for reaching out to the masses. It is not only an entertainment platform but also a great platform to search for reviews, tutorials and guides.
  1. Inshorts– Inshorts is one of the top-visited news content platforms in India, also it has a high reach among working professionals as it produces an easy-to-grasp content based on categories which helps the users follow the categories they like, and brands to target relevant set of audience. Hence, Inshorts helped in driving awareness and well as traffic to the platform. 
  1. Influencer marketingInfluencer marketing is, nowadays, considered as one of the most reliable forms of advertising. It works like the traditional word of mouth marketing wherein the people you follow encourages you to use the product/service that could benefit you. Hence, it helped the brand in enhancing customer acquisition.

Campaign Execution

Here’s are some of the eye-catching and engaging content that Practo came up with and some of the execution images:

Practo Image
Practo Combo

Campaign Outcome:

  • 40% Increase in website traffic

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