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If you are looking for a release my ad alternative, here we are The Media Ant a Bangalore based branding, creative, and media buying agency that has been nurturing and supporting businesses to achieve strategic advantages and brand growth.

The Media Ant, a release my ad alternative, is obsessed with bringing out the best in the companies we’ve been entrusted with.

The Media Ant’s work with brands starts with identifying their positioning, brand statement, brand architecture, and providing them a distinct voice and visual identity.

Using a variety of tools and the creative edge, release my ad alternative – The Media Ant, has been able to tell fascinating stories across media. The Media Ant helps our clients form meaningful connections with their brands.

The media buying process has been creating digital experiences for our brands, leveraging digital optimization and digital marketing to increase consumer engagement.


As part of the advertising agency sector, it is important to ensure that your advertising campaign gets the utmost scalability, speed and infrastructure that you need for the customers for experiencing better advertising services.

The Media Ant, a release my ad alternative, has 10 years of experience in advertising in a vast array of platforms, like print, digital, TV, radio, magazine, cinema and outdoor.

The Media Ant, an advertising agency can help you in planning and execution of your ad campaigns in your preferred media option and platform.

Most importantly, we can provide you with the best rates and complete transparency regarding your advertising campaign.

You can visit The Media Ant website or Contact Us for more details.

What is Release My Ad?

release my ad competitors

Release My Ad is one of the online marketplaces where you can buy ad spaces across all media options which include newspapers, cinema, radio, magazines, television and even digital.

The platform is quite unique and has years of experience in media buying, has engaged in ad pricing data and works with PAN India. 

It is one of those media buying platforms that delivers service to ensure guaranteed good rates for your ad requirements.

The release my ad platform website even helps the advertisers self-serve themselves and place their ads without any problem just by a few clicks through any devices they want, it can be their smartphone or computer. 

Release my ad did start from scratch and has been perceived, aspired, struggled, pursued, and continued with their business. In 2009, they became an Online Newspaper Classified Portal, and started serving small businesses and individuals.

Currently, release my ad is a comprehensive online ad platform, and is a vital medium in the media industry. They are a trusted ad agency for several brands and advertisers. 

Release my ad has used the convenience and power of the digital to help advertisers buy, plan and launch their ad campaigns.

From big brands to small businesses, they have worked with varying budgets and ensured maximum engagement and reach. 

Compare Release My Ad Vs The Media Ant

release my ad vs the media ant

As an advertiser, one would want to work with an agency that provides the best service when it comes to placing your ads.

During that process of finding the top advertising agency, it is natural to do a comparative analysis in order to pick the best one.

Therefore, there are certain comparative points that one should keep in mind if an advertiser wants to compare releaseMyAd with TMA.

These points would further help them make a well informed decision-

A comparison of ReleaseMyAd vs TMA

  1. Media Options

ReleaseMyAd: Has a total of 6 media options, namely- newspaper, radio, digital, cinema, magazine, TV.

The Media Ant: Has 10 media options – newspaper, radio, digital, cinema, magazine, TV, Influencer, airport, outdoor, non-traditional

  1. Google Partner

ReleaseMyAd: The Google Partners program is made for ad agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses.

This program is active in over 60 countries and is available in 43 languages. ReleaseMyAd is not a Google partner.

The Media Ant: Is a Google Partner and enjoys the many benefits that come with it.

  1. Agency Listing Product

ReleaseMyAd– Does not have an agency listing product features.

The Media Ant– Has a platform called agency listing product platform which contains a list of all the advertising agencies of India.

Users can search for their required agency by using the location filter. The objective of this product is to make it convenient for advertisers searching for agencies by giving them the entire list with one simple click.

  1. Availability of popular advertising verticals

ReleaseMyAd– Does not provide advertising services in media verticals like influencer and airport, which are popular during today’s digitally driven times.

The Media Ant– Provides influencer marketing and airpost advertising services which are heavily popular among small and big/premium brands respectively. 

  1. Media Planning tools

ReleaseMyAd– Does not have complimentary/additional media planning tools for the advertiser for either research or campaign planning purposes. 

The Media Ant– Has useful tools like Media Ant Self Help tool (MASH) and ROAS calculator that gives data driven, in-depth analysis regarding all the questions that an advertiser might have before they set out to plan their ad campaign.

  1. User experience

ReleaseMyAd–  The website of releaseMyAd is not so easy to navigate and a new user

might face inconvenience while going through it.

The Media Ant– Has a highly convenience-oriented interface, making it easier and simpler to navigate from one page to another. This ensures that the website user’s experience is seamless.

List Of releaseMyAd Competitors 

Looking for ReleaseMyAd competitors? Have a look on releaseMyAd competitors.

1. The Media Ant

The Media Ant is the leading ad agency and best release my ad competitors, providing advertising solutions for Radio, Cinema, airport, Outdoor Advertising, influencer, magazine, Digital and Television.

The media ant is a Bangalore-based branding, creative, and best media buying agency that has been nurturing and supporting businesses to achieve strategic advantages and brand growth.

2. Ads2Publish

Ad2publish is one of the releaseMyad competitors in the newspaper vertical that has been in the industry for almost two decades.

It’s a newspaper  advertising agency based in India that aims to simplify the traditional practice of booking ads in newspapers through an online ad booking system.

3. Bhavesh ads

It is another releaseMyad competitor in the newspaper vertical. They are an online advertising agency that specializes in booking Classified and Display ads in Local, Regional and National newspapers.

They deal mostly with newspapers publishing from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

4. Big Media Kart

Big Media Kart is one of the high-end  releasemyAd competitors  which offers an enormous online platform providing custom-tailored advertising options across all media. Their media options include Data Driven Marketing, Advanced Digital Marketing, TV, Cinema, OTT, Radio, Print media, Outdoor media, and  Transit media advertising among others.

5. Excellent Publicity

Excellent Publicity is an advertising agency that started in 2011 with placing customized  radio advertisements. By now it has  also grown into  television, cinema & outdoor marketing and is emerging as one of potential releasemyAd competitors.

6. Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal based out of Kolkata. They are among the oldest  releasemyAd competitors with a market presence of three decades.

They are best known for their Newspaper, TV, and magazine ad services though their domain of business extends into other verticals as well.


In conclusion, an advertiser looking to find an ad agency might never run short of options because of the high availability of advertising agencies in almost every city of India.

The real struggle comes when one has to pick the best among thousands of available options.

With The Media Ant, your brand is put in the best hands as we strive everyday to provide top notch service to our clients.

We make your advertising journey seamless from inception to the end. 

Whether it’s campaign planning or monitoring the campaign, our team will take care of you at every step of the way so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

With more than 10 media options to advertise on and thousands of categories to choose from, you will never run out of options with The Media Ant.

Not only this, we make sure you get the best updates rates no matter which vertical you want to advertise on.

Connect with us at and begin your advertising journey the right way!

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