Healthcare Ad on Radio and Its Advantages

The Benefits Of Radio For Healthcare Advertising

As per UNESCO, one such medium that continues to hold its position as one of the most trusted and used mediums in the world.

The unprecedented global pandemic has not only changed our lifestyle but also eroded the trust of people in the media.

This phenomenon was mostly fuelled by the spread of misinformation especially on social media.

However, a study by UNESCO has shown that audiences still have greater trust on information and advertisements that come on radio compared to any other media. 

This makes it quite evident that the powerful medium can be uniquely used by healthcare brands to reach out to the widest audience possible. 

The trust that people have on radio can boost the awareness and reach of your healthcare business. The low cost and simplicity of radio ads attracts a substantial audience, because of easy access. 

Radio as an advertising medium is perfect for brands who seek to target regional or local audiences. In rural areas where electricity or connectivity is still not available, radio remains their mode of entertainment and news.


In this article we will be particularly talking about the benefits of radio for healthcare advertising.

The healthcare sector has gained momentum in the past two years, according to NITI Aayog report it’s estimated that India’s healthcare sector will grow to $372 Bn in 2022. 

Therefore, radio advertising can be effectively used by healthcare brands to leverage their business.

Advantages Of Advertising On Radio For Healthcare Business

  1. Wide Reach

Reaching out to a wide audience is crucial for every business, and when it comes to the healthcare industry reaching out to the maximum number of people becomes even more essential. 

Using radio as an advertising medium can be beneficial for any profitable healthcare business as it reaches out to a nationwide audience. Not only that, but when you own a healthcare brand, gaining the trust of your audience is also important and radio fulfills that requirement perfectly. 

Because even after the emergence of myriad ad mediums, people still have greeted trust on traditional ad mediums like radio. 

  1. High Recall Rate

People who listen to radio are loyal and regular listeners who carefully pay attention to their favourite show or radio jockey.

Hence what the listeners listen during that particular show, especially any ad they tend to remember and retain it more than others.

Especially when the radio jockey mentions a brand, product or service the listeners are likely to have more confidence in the brand and even make purchases.

  1. Reach out to Rural India

Digital advertising mediums might have been experiencing steady growth in metro and urban areas, but when it comes to rural areas radio is still an effective mode of communication.

As a healthcare brand your target audience is not just urban consumers but even rural and semi-rural consumers and the only way to reach out to rural audiences is through radio ads.

So make sure your radio advertising message is simple and easy to understand.

  1. Targeting specific demographic

By using radio advertising for your healthcare business you might be aiming to target a larger audience but the best part of radio ads is the ability to reach specific demographics. 

Hence, if your pharmacy is located in a specific area and you are looking to target consumers only in that area, radio advertising can be the perfect option for you. You can even do city level targeting on radio by advertising in radio stations located in the particular city.

  1. Better involvement

Radio is a medium that has a personal touch to it, radio listeners share a personal bond with the radio channels especially with the radio jockeys.

Hence, a recommendation or suggestion related to any brand, product or service coming for them is considered highly by the audiences.

Radio creates a sense of involvement with the audience as the shows that come on radio are all conversational. 

Radio Advertising For Profitable Healthcare Business

Radio Advertising For Profitable Health Care Business
Healthcare Ad On Radio And Its Advantages 2

Here are some basic tips to use radio advertising for profitable healthcare business:

  1. Knowing your Target Audience: While you might choose to advertise on radio it is of utmost importance to know your target audience, and you may choose a radio channel of your choice accordingly. Not just that, you may even select the radio programme where you want to advertise based on your target audience. 
  1. Writing a Great Script: Radio advertising for a profitable healthcare business may seem like an exciting and beneficial option but keep in mind that radio is all about words. The audience has no visuals to see and so make sure you write a great script that makes the audience visualize your message. 
  1. Use the Correct Radio Channel: Your choice of radio channel plays an important role to determine the results of your ad campaign. In case you are aiming to target an urban audience you must put your ads on radio channels like Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Fever FM etc. At the same time, if you are looking to advertise on regional radio channels you can try Suryan FM or Radio Mirchi Kolkata, etc.
  1. Find Affordable Rates: As an advertiser your primary objective is to create brand awareness and boost sales but that does not mean you overlook the importance of affordable rates. Creating a good ad budget is also your responsibility, so invest enough time to get the best rates. You can get the best radio advertising rates on The Media Ant website, all you need to do is visit the website and check the radio vertical. 
  1. Choose the Timing of your Ad: Who do you want to reach? Homemakers, students, working professionals? Your target audience must determine the timing of your ads. If you want to target working people, airing your ads during the weekends or in the evening when most professionals are returning from their offices can work wonders for your healthcare business. 

Book Your Healthcare Ad on Radio

With The Media Ant you can book your healthcare ad on radio with some easy and simple steps.


Here is a list of some of the popular radio channels to advertise your healthcare business:

(This is the list of Top 3 Radio channels along with the average weekly total spent listening in the top metro cities, as per RAM)

RADIO CHANNELSAvg. weekly Total Spent Listening(in seconds)
Red FM301173321164
Radio Mirchi335202300301
Big FM341187314
Source: RAM

Why Would You Use Radio Advertising For Healthcare Industry?

As per the data released by AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, the radio ad volumes during the period of Jan – Mar 2022 recorded a 20% growth, in comparison to the same duration last year.

Do you need any more reasons to advertise on radio?

We don’t think so. 

However, you might be thinking that radio advertising is only suitable for pharmacies or hospitals, but it may even work great for the digital healthcare services.

The digital healthcare market in India was valued at INR 252.92 Bn in FY 2021. It is expected to reach INR 882.79 Bn by FY 2027. (Source: Research and Markets)

Therefore, as a growing industry you must not ignore one of the widest used advertising mediums, that is radio. 

Here are a few Radio advertising options that you may incorporate into your healthcare business ad campaign:

  • Jingle
  • Break Bumper
  • RJ Mention
  • Contest
  • Show Sponsor
  • Special Property

Healthcare Advertising Cost on Radio

As part of the advertising agency sector, it is important to ensure that your healthcare advertising campaign gets the utmost scalability, speed and infrastructure that you need for the customers for experiencing better advertising services.

Most importantly, through healthcare radio ads agency The Media Ant, we can provide you with the best healthcare advertising cost on radio and complete transparency regarding your advertising campaign.


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