Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising

Radio Advertising account for about 4.4% of the total ad spend in India. Dominated by private FM players, radio advertising is getting increasingly popular due to increase in in-car listening. With more and more people driving and spending higher time on road, overall listenership and time spent listening, Radio advertising is generique cialis becoming effective. From less than 3% in 2006, Radio Advertising has grown to almost 5% of the overall advertising spend today. FM Advertising is expected to continue growing or even grow faster over next years.

Radio Advertising











This article deals in radio advertising rates in India. With more than 20 FM stations across the country, the rates for FM radio advertisement varies with number of listeners, how competitive the market is and what kind of audience does the FM Radio channel cater to.

Top FM channels in India are Red FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio City, Big FM and others. The Media Ant is an online first FM Advertising agency that shares rates and reach number online for all FM Channels in India. These are the best rates for Radio Advertising. Now with a click of the button you can execute your Radio Advertising campaign.

Best Practices in FM Advertising

Following tips for FM Advertisement will help you get maximum of any radio advertising campaign.

  • What time of the ad should I play my Radio ad?   

While the answer would vary depending on whom are you trying to reach out to, but most of the brands prefer peak listening time. Also known as drive time in Radio Advertisement parlance, this is the time when people are driving to office.

  • How long should be my Radio jingle?

Any jingle length between 15 seconds to 30 seconds is good. As the cost of advertising on Radio increases in direct proportion to the jingle length, always remember that you will be able to play a smaller duration jingle more number of times in the same budget

  • Should I rely on Radio listenership data?

The answer is clear no. With small sample size and limited reach of RAM, it is getting increasingly difficult to rely on RAM radio listenership data for FM Advertising. The best method to select the right FM Radio channel is to either do a quick survey with your target audience or benchmark vs the competition.

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