Case Study- The Organic World- How The Brand Used Radio Advertising To Increase Awareness And Footfall Of The Stores

The Organic World


The Organic World is an online retailer that sells a variety of natural and organic products which are fresh and preservatives free. Launched in 2013, they aim to provide customers with organic shopping experience for their everyday needs, from beans to jeans and bath soaps to cushion covers. 

The Organic World was founded with the goal of ‘improving and progressing the world in which we live’. They believe in producing what is cultivated organically and locally and that benefits both people and communities.


The objective of The Organic World’s campaign was to increase brand awareness & increase the store footfall. The secondary objective was to promote different offers every month.

Target Audience

The Organic World, being an online retail store, has positioned itself as a brand that caters mostly to consumers who prefer organic food products. They serve a target audience of people who belong to low, medium and high income groups who are health enthusiasts and prefer to have a healthy lifestyle. The target audience of this campaign was hence, kept the same with some specifications- people who prefer organic food products, who fall under the bracket of low, mid and high income group.


The campaign was run in Bengaluru.


A campaign’s approach can be adopted by analyzing some specific details like:

  • The objective of the campaign
  • The campaign’s target audience 
  • Geography that needs to be covered in the campaign 

Analyzing the above information would help in underlining the brand’s requirements/need behind running the campaign, which will then propel us towards the direction of adopting the most suitable approach.

The objective of  The Organic World’s campaign was brand awareness and increasing footfall to their physical stores in Bengaluru. The target audience for such online organic product retail stores were consumers who prefer organic food products in low, mid and high income groups. 

For this particular campaign, The Organic World took the approach of creating a healthy eating and lifestyle experience for its consumers, which was reflected in their audio ads. The brand wanted to position itself as an online retail store that offers organic and healthy food options for all. Hence the target audience belonged to low, mid and high income groups.

The campaign was run in a tier 1 city like Bengaluru with the aim to increase footfall and make people aware about their offer, targeting a mass audience was a good approach to reach out to people from all income groups. 


Keeping the campaign’s approach in mind, we can conclude that radio advertising could prove to be the most effective media for this campaign.


Considering that the campaign’s target audience was spread across a variety of income groups- low, middle and high, the requirement was for a media option that could target people in all the three categories simultaneously. 

Also, the brand needed to run the campaign in Bangalore. The middle and high income group of Bangalore could be put under the category of working professionals and so an advertising medium was required which had a higher probability of being consumed by this category of audience. 

The idea behind selection of radio was that out of every other media options, working professionals had a higher probability of being exposed to radio while commuting to and back from work. Since the objective was to create brand awareness, repeatedly playing radio ads would help establish the brand in the listeners’ mind.

The campaign was run on major English, Hindi and Kannada radio stations of Bangalore to target the cosmopolitan as well as local public of the metro city. The reason behind picking English, Hindi and Kannada language radio stations was because the brand wanted to target a wide audience in Bangalore and get maximum footfall. 

Twenty seconds long ads were broadcasted on Fever FM, Radio One FM, Indigo FM, and Big FM on weekdays on prime-time that is, 8am-12pm and 5pm-10pm, with an intention to increase footfall in the stores over the weekends. The selection of these particular stations was because the majority of listeners of these stations fall under the category of young, urban, working professionals, which is quite similar to the brand’s target audience. 

What made the campaign unique and hard hitting?

The jingle ads by The Organic World were engaging and delivered the brand’s message of being a ‘healthy and organic’ option in a very clear manner, at the same time stressing on their 20% off on 20 organic groceries offer. The message delivery of the ads succeeded in reeling in the audiences’ attention and hence effectively established the campaign’s objective of brand awareness.

Campaign Execution (Jingle)

The brand made catchy radio jingle to target their relevant audience. Listen to it below-


The campaign succeeded in fulfilling the brand’s objective of increasing brand awareness and Increasing the store footfall.

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