How Jigsaw used Digital and Hyperlocal advertising to to boost their analytics course registrations

Jigsaw Analytics Case Study


Jigsaw Academy is an online academy for learning analytics and data based courses. Jigsaw provides various certifications in big data and data science and other data related courses which are highly preferred for the professionals of the same domain. It’s also considered as the number one data science institute in India. 


  • Increase the number of registrations for their analytics course

Target Audience 

  • Young working professionals 


  • Bangalore


  • To identify advertising platforms that are most effective for targeting young working professionals. 


  • Both online and offline media was selected. To reach the target audience online, platforms popular among youth. To finetune the targeting, filters like age, gender and interests were used. To target the audience offline, places most frequented by the working professionals were identified. For example, Tech Parks, Airports etc. 


The challenge of the campaign was to reach out to the target audience i.e working professionals who are interested in data analytics and are open to do online courses and certifications. Thus the approach required a niche targeting. Based on our  experience and past campaign performance, the following platforms were suggested:

  1. Hotstar: Hotstar is one of the top OTT streaming platforms in India with over 300 million monthly active users, and the most popular source of entertainment platform among working professionals. Hotstar offers advanced targeting options like age, gender, and category interest like data analytics, hence, it helped the brand generating awareness and website traffic for the course among the relevant group. 
  1. Jio Saavn: Working professionals have a high affinity towards audio streaming platforms because music helps people stay focused and calm amidst their workload and Savaan is one of the top audio streaming platforms in India. It also provides targeting options like Geography and Age which help the brand reach out to its audience more effectively. 
  1. Radio: Radio is one of the best media platforms for city-wide targeting and to target the working professionals because a majority of the working population listen to the radio while commuting to their workplaces. Hence, radio was used for increasing brand awareness. 
  1. Tech Park Advertising:  IT parks are the best place to communicate the benefits and best deals on the data science and analytics course to the working professionals.  
  1. Newspaper stickers at the Airport:  Working professionals come under a premium audience and airport is one of the best ways to target a premium audience. Hence, advertising in airport newspapers as stickers helped the brand reach out to its audience directly, also with a high engagement rate. 

Campaign Execution

Here’s are some of the informative and engaging images that Jigsaw came up with for the campaign execution:

Picture1 2
How Jigsaw Used Digital And Hyperlocal Advertising To To Boost Their Analytics Course Registrations 5
Picture2 2
How Jigsaw Used Digital And Hyperlocal Advertising To To Boost Their Analytics Course Registrations 6

Campaign Outcome:

  • More than 80 registrations for the course in a single week.

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