Dissecting Capdeal’s World Cup 2023 Campaign With Disney+ Hotstar

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Capdeal is a reputable real estate company known for its diverse range of properties and services catering to both residential and commercial clients. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Capdeal has established itself as a trusted name in the real estate industry, offering a wide array of properties, from apartments and villas to commercial spaces and land plots.


The primary objective of Capdeal’s campaign was to increase brand visibility, awareness, and consideration among consumers in Odisha interested in real estate. The campaign aimed to position Capdeal as a leading real estate provider, fostering trust, credibility, and engagement within the target market during the World Cup 2023 matches on Hotstar.

Target Audience

Capdeal’s campaign targeted individuals and businesses interested in real estate investment, property purchase, and leasing within the geographic region of Odisha. The audience included potential homebuyers, investors, and entrepreneurs seeking commercial spaces, aligning with Capdeal’s target market segment in the region.


The geography of Capdeal’s brand awareness campaign was focused specifically on the region of Odisha. 

What Strategies Did Capdeal Use to Identify & Engage Their Target Audience?

Capdeal implemented its brand awareness campaign in Odisha through strategic ad placements, content curation, and geo-targeting:

Strategic Ad Placements: Non-skippable midroll ads were strategically placed within high-engagement video content to ensure maximum exposure to Capdeal’s brand message.

Content Curation: Short, impactful videos were selected to play between ads, maintaining viewers’ interest and aligning with Capdeal’s brand identity.

Geo-Targeting: The campaign’s messaging and content were tailored to resonate with the preferences and culture of consumers in Odisha, enhancing brand relevance.

Ad options identified by Capdeal to engage with their ideal audience

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Midroll ads were chosen for Capdeal’s Odisha brand awareness campaign due to their strategic advantages in capturing audience attention and maximizing engagement. These ads are strategically placed during breaks or pauses in video content, such as during online streaming or video-on-demand platforms, where viewers are highly engaged and less likely to skip or ignore ads. By leveraging midroll ads, Capdeal ensured that its brand message was delivered at crucial moments when viewers were actively consuming content, increasing the likelihood of brand recall and recognition. Additionally, midroll ads offer a balance between visibility and viewer experience, as they are integrated into the content flow without interrupting the viewing experience excessively. This strategic placement allowed Capdeal to effectively reach and engage its target audience in Odisha, contributing to the success of the brand awareness campaign within the region.

What Capdeal Achieved with the Campaign?

Capdeal’s Odisha brand awareness campaign yielded significant achievements that aligned with its marketing objectives within the geographic scope of Odisha. The campaign generated 7.57 M impressions, expanding brand visibility among consumers in Odisha and contributing to increased brand recognition and recall within the local market. The impactful messaging conveyed through the curated content effectively communicated Capdeal’s brand values and offerings, fostering stronger brand loyalty and association among the target audience in Odisha. Moreover, the campaign successfully met its objective of building brand awareness in Odisha, establishing a robust presence in the local market and setting the stage for future growth and engagement opportunities within the specific geography.

Overall, these results demonstrate the effectiveness of Capdeal’s strategies in delivering higher impressions, creating an impactful campaign, aligning with marketing objectives, and standing out from the competition, ultimately contributing to strengthened brand presence and engagement within the Odisha market.

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