Case Study: How Havmor leveraged Digital Medium to increase its brand awareness

Havmor Case Study

The Product 

Established in the year 1945, Havmor is one of the largest ice-cream brands in India. 

Havmor is especially known for its various unique ice-cream flavors, ranging from homegrown Paan, Laddu (etc) to international flavors such as Mocha and Hazelnut Chiffon (etc).

Besides ice-creams, Havmor has various products in its basket such as candies, roll cuts, cakes, etc. 

Havmor has 60,000+ retail outlets, 200+ flagship stores across 20 states of India. 


  • Increase awareness and sale in the target locations through digital channels

Target Audience 

  • Digital audience 


  • Bangalore and Delhi 


  • Store footfalls had decreased significantly during and after the lockdown. The challenge was to increase awareness and purchase through digital sales channels. 


  • Due to the Pandemic, people were forced to stay at home which increased the dependency on digital platforms. Since every activity was happening from home, like working, entertainment, studying, shopping, etc, the time spent on digital platforms increased considerably.  

Hence, we chose the popular digital platforms which have a high reach and were being commonly used by almost every set of audience. 


  1. Hotstar– Hotstar is one of the top OTT streaming platforms in India with over 300 million monthly active users, and the most popular source of entertainment platform during the lockdown. Hotstar offers advanced targeting options like age, location, and interest targeting, hence, it helped the brand generating awareness among the relevant group. 
  1. Inshorts & Dailyhunt– Inshorts and Dailyhunt are the top-visited news content platforms in India. They have high-popularity among the people who want to keep themselves updated with the current affairs and trends. These platforms also allow geography targeting hence helping the advertiser reach out to the right kind of audience. 
  1. Jio Saavn and Gaana– Jio Saavn and Gaana are one of the most popular audio OTT platforms in India on which the average time that listeners spend is almost 60 mins per day. Owing to the high engagement rate, Gaana and Jio Saavn are one of the best platforms to reach out to the digital audience with eye-catching banner ads. 
  1. Voot– Voot is one of the top OTT streaming platforms in India with almost 100 million monthly active users, with an average time-spent of 50 mins on the platform per day. It’s also considered as one of the most engaging OTT platforms because of the interactive content it gives the users other than the usual episodes… The platform also provides various targeting options which helped the brand in generating awareness among the right set of audiences. 
  1. Ludo King– Ludo King is one of the most popular video gaming apps in India with a whopping 48.3 + million downloads. The app has been ranked number 1 in the mobile gaming apps category during the lockdown. Hence, advertising on such a platform that has high and unmatched reach helped the brand in leveling up their brand awareness game. 

Campaign Execution 

The brand came up with interesting and compelling ads in a form of banners and a video. 


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Case Study: How Havmor Leveraged Digital Medium To Increase Its Brand Awareness 4


In Bangalore, the landing page of all the ads was redirecting the viewers to Dunzo, which encourage people to order their favorite ice creams directly from Dunzo. 

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Case Study: How Havmor Leveraged Digital Medium To Increase Its Brand Awareness 5

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