Top 3 Quora Questions On Hotstar Advertising

Quora questions on Hotstar Advertising

Quora is the best platform for asking questions to fellow netizens. The strict policies of Quora ensure that the information shared on Quora is useful and unbiased. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to find the relevant questions on the platform. Hence, here are we with our series of best Quora questions on various advertising topics. The first part of our series covers Hotstar Advertising.

The following are the top 3 Quora questions on Hotstar Advertising that we have tried to answer. You can also visit the links to access the entire question.

Q1. How do I give ads on Hotstar?

How to advertise on Hotstar


If you are a first time advertiser, this is the best time to advertise on Hotstar. Hotstar has just come up with the best offers for new advertisers:

  • For CPM Ads: For a spend of INR 10,000 and above, Hotstar offers a matching amount worth of impressions (upper cap for value addition: INR 50,000).
  • For CPC Ads: Offer Cost Per Click is INR 5 against the current best rate of INR 12.

How to avail of this offer?

  • There are only two conditions to avail of this offer:
    • You should be new to the Hotstar advertising platform or haven’t advertised on Hotstar for the past 12 months.
    • You should spend a minimum amount of INR 10000.

I am interested in advertising on Hotstar. What should be my next steps?

The first step towards advertising on Hotstar is to check the advertising rates and advertising options. You can do it by visiting this link: or you can drop an mail to to get the best rates and a clear understanding of which media options would be the best suited for your business.

Click Here to read all the answers.

Hotstar advertising example

Q2. How can I advertise my product on Hotstar? What is the minimal amount charged by Hotstar per day? Do we have the option to pay per day?

Hotstar advertising rates

Minimum Advertising Budget on Hotstar

There is no minimum advertising budget for Hotstar. There are several pricing models available for Hotstar advertising- one can select from the following based on their requirements.

  • CPM (Cost Per Mille): Applicable for banner ads, cost per mille refers to price advertisers pay for a thousand ad impressions.
  • CPV (Cost Per View): Similar to CPM, CPV is mostly applicable to video ads. It’s the cost advertisers pay each time the video ad is watched.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click): Applicable to banner ads, CPC is cost advertisers pay every time a banner ad is clicked.
  • CPI (Cost Per Install): This is applicable only to app install campaigns. As the name suggests, it’s the price advertisers pay for a single install.
  • CPD (Cost Per Day): This is applicable only to masthead advertising on Hotstar.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead): This is applicable only to lead generation campaigns. CPL is the cost advertisers pay for each lead.

If you would like to check out the prices for each of these Hotstar advertising options, visit the link

How to advertise on Hotstar?

There are two ways to advertise your product on Hotstar:

Why opt for a media agency for Hotstar advertising?

Media agencies like The Media Ant are a one-stop destination for all your advertising requirements.

  • Wide range of advertising options on a single platform: From traditional advertising options like newspaper advertising to highly targeted in-app advertising, has 2 lakh+ media options to compare and select from.
  • Best advertising rates: Years of association with media owners and high volumes of the transaction enables The Media Ant to negotiate the best advertising rates for the clients.
  • Support throughout the campaign execution: Apart from buying ad spaces, The Media Ant also helps in planning the entire campaign and carrying out the execution on the ground and share proof of execution and post-campaign evaluation report.

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Hotstar Advertising example

Q3. To advertise on Hotstar, do we need to add a target customer also?

hotstar advertising targeting options

Hotstar has close to 300 million monthly active users (MAU) across the country. In case you run an ad campaign without targeting, you would need a very big advertising budget and there are chances you might end up advertising to the wrong set of people leading to wastage of ad impressions. Hotstar is one of the most popular video advertising platforms in India and offers several targeting options to the advertisers.

Some of the popular targeting options offered by Hotstar are:

  • Gender & Age Targeting: The audience can be targeted based on gender and age group.
  • Location Targeting: Geography targeting until the city level is possible on the Hotstar advertising platform.
  • Interest-Based Targeting: Hotstar audience can be segregated based on interest and affinity like parents, online shoppers, auto enthusiasts, travel and fashion enthusiasts, mobile banking users, etc.
  • Income Group Targeting: The audience can be segregated into low, middle and high-income brackets.
  • Program Genre Targeting: The audience can be targeted based on the content genre and language.
  • Device/Telecom Provider Targeting: The operating system and telecom service providers can also be used as targeting filters.

How does Hotstar advertising differ from YouTube advertising in terms of target customers?

Here is the link to an article that covers major differences between Hotstar advertising and YouTube advertising: You might find it useful.

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