Top 7 Best Performing Google Display Ad Sizes Guide in 2024

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When suggested to opt for digital advertising, our clients often have the following common questions:

  • What would be the size of my ad?
  • How would my ad look?
  • Where would my ad appear?
  • Which ad dimensions would work the best for me?

To help address these questions, we have curated a list of top advertising sizes and placements which will help get a clear picture.

Ad Dimension TypeDimensionsDevice TypeAdvertising GoalsOur Recommendation
Medium Rectangle Banner Ad300 X 250Across Desktop and MobilePerformanceUse interactive content such as CTA Buttons
Large Rectangle Banner Ad336 X 280DesktopPerformanceCan be used for Rich Media Content
Leader board Banner Ad728 X 90DesktopBrandingIs an excellent tool for Brand Recall
Half Page Ads300 X 600DesktopPerformanceDue to large size, Best for Ads that are content heavy
Large Mobile Banner Ads300 X 100MobilePerformanceUse interactive content such as CTA Buttons
Interstitial Banner Ads Mobile320 X 480/480 X 320MobileBrandingUse Frequency Capping to avoid negative effects of this ad size
Large Leader board Banner970 X 90DesktopPerformanceContent should be eye catching and engaging

1. Medium Rectangle Ads Banner

Medium Rectangle Banner Display Ad Size

  • Popularly Known as MRec
  • Ad Size – 300×250
  • Compatible with Desktop as well as Mobiles
  • Performance Tool
  • Usually placed on the right-hand side of the webpage. However, when placed at the end of engaging content, The Mrec drives high CTR.
  • Combine with interactive content such as a Call to Action Button

2. Large Rectangle Ads Banner

Large Rectangle Banner Display Ad Size

  • Similar to MRec in terms of Placement and Performance
  • Popularly Known as LRec
  • Ad Size – 336X280
  • Compatible with Desktop websites only
  • Performance Tool
  • Tends to perform the best when placed at the end of the content and on the right-hand side of the content
  • Use with rich media options to drive engagementLeader board BannerAds

3. Leader board Ads Banner

Leader Board Banner Display Ad Size

  • Ad Size – 728×90 pxs
  • Compatible with Desktop Only
  • Branding Tool
  • First thing that viewers see on the webpage
  • Excellent tool to drive Brand Recall

4. Half Page Display Ads

Half Page Display Ads

  • Ad Size – 300x600px
  • Compatible with Desktop Websites
  • Performance Tool
  • Picking up pace as Publishers are realizing potential
  • Best for smooth communication of Brand’s message
  • High Performance in terms of User Engagement

5. Large Mobile Banner Ads

Large Mobile Banner Display Ad Size

  • Ad Size – 300x100px
  • Compatible with Mobile Webpages only
  • Performance Tool
  • User Engagement is High
  • Usage of interactive Content is recommended

6. Interstitial Banner Ads on Mobile

Mobile Interstitial Banner Ad Size

  • Covers entire screen for a few seconds
  • Ad Size – 320×480 And 480×320 ( to incorporate Landscape and Portrait modes)
  • Compatible with Mobile, Usually Applications
  • Branding Tool
  • Usage of Frequency Cap is recommended to ensure that negative brand association is not created

7. Large Leader board Banner Ads

Large Leaderboard Ad Size

  • Top of the Page property
  • Ad Size – 970X90
  • Performance Tool
  • Compatible with Desktop Page only
  • Usage of High Definition and engaging content is recommended

Apart from the above-mentioned display ad sizes, There are plenty more display ad sizes available in the market. In a lot of the cases, Digital Advertising Platforms tend to create customized ad sizes to fit their brands and content. Here are the customized sizes for a few of the popular platforms –

  1. Google Display Advertising– Since Google has a vast network of websites that it can advertise on, Google accepts all the above-mentioned sizes. However, if you are targeting a particular website through Google, Be sure to check the ad spaces and dimensions available on the said website as well.
  2. Facebook Advertising and Instagram Advertising – The recommended Ad Size for Facebook is 1200×628 for Banner ads and 1080x1080px for Carousel ads. While Facebook does accept other ad sizes, These are the most popular ones.
  3. LinkedIn Advertising– The recommended ad size for LinkedIn is 1200×627. LinkedIn accepts a Medium Rectangle Ad for Display Ads as well. However, The most popular remains 1200×627.
  4. TwitterAdvertising – The most popular ad sizes on Twitter are 800x800px and 800x418px.
  5. Times NetworkAdvertising – Also known as Colombia, Times network accepts 1280x960px ad size. These are native ads placed on all of the Times Network.
  6. Taboola Network Advertising– The recommended size for Taboola Network is a minimum of 1000×800 with minimal text on the image.
  7. Advertising on Adgebra– 1000×600 and 1920×1080 are the most popular ad sizes on this native ads platform.
  8. InshortsAdvertising – This most popular property on this app is the Interstitial Banner with an ad size of 624×1280 px. However, Inshorts also supports native ads of the size 930×180 px.
  9. HotstarAdvertising – 1008x528px is ad size as accepted by this OTT Platform.

It is important to keep in mind that choosing a particular ad size alone will not be sufficient in achieving marketing goals. Advertisers must create an optimized mix of various elements that make a campaign successful.

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FAQs :

What are the sizes for Google display ads? 

Google display ads come in many sizes, but some of the most common are:
300×250 (medium rectangle): This is a popular size for text ads and image ads.
728×90 (leaderboard): This is a large size that is often used for branding ads.
250×250 (square): This is a versatile size that can be used for a variety of ad formats.
120×600 (skyscraper): This is a tall size that is often used for ads that promote long-form content.
320×100 (large mobile banner): This is a popular size for mobile ads.

What size are Google Display Ads 2024? 

336×280 (large rectangle): This size is becoming increasingly popular due to its large size and high visibility.
250×250 (square): This size is still a popular choice for a variety of ad formats.
300×600 (half-page): This size is a good option for ads that need to be more prominent.
970×250 (canvas): This size is a new format that allows for more creative and interactive ads.
300×1000 (half-page wide): This size is a good option for ads that need to be wider than 300 pixels.

What is the pixel size for Google display ads? 

The pixel size for Google display ads is 72 dpi. This means that each pixel in the ad is 72 pixels wide and 72 pixels tall.

What is the standard canvas size for Google display ads?

The standard canvas size for Google display ads is 970×250. This size is large enough to accommodate a variety of ad formats, including images, videos, and text.

What size are smart display ads?

Smart display ads can be any size, but they are typically 300×250 or 728×90. 
These sizes are the most common because they are compatible with a wide range of devices and ad placements.

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