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The most popular kind of transit advertising in the country, Auto Rickshaw Advertising is when ads are pasted on the body of auto rickshaws to be displayed in different locations.

It is a highly cost effective way of advertising as  you get a high number of impressions with each unit of the ad when the vehicle roams about different places in a single day.

Generally, advertisements  are carried out either in the form of advertising on the complete auto hood or stickers on the back panel of the auto.

Unlike other modes of transit advertising, Auto Rickshaw Advertising is mostly limited to the branding on the outer body of the vehicle as there isn’t a lot of space to put up advertising on the inside. 

Another distinct quality of Auto Rickshaw Advertising is that usually only the back side of the body of the vehicle has got enough space to take an advertisement, though vertically long ads on the sides of auto rickshaws is not an uncommon sight.

Outdoor Advertising In India A Complete Guide

Auto rickshaw advertising is especially popular among small and medium sized businesses as it is relatively less costly. Auto rickshaws can be found in all sorts of locations from highways to obscure, dirt road alleys. 

Unlike buses or trains, they don’t have a fixed route and roam about several places in a single day  and cover residential areas as well  which makes Auto Rickshaw Advertising particularly good for growing brand awareness among a broader demographic.

Auto rickshaws essentially work as mobile billboards that can take your ad to every nook and corner of the country. 

Auto Backside Advertising

Auto backside advertising is when an  advertisement is pasted on the back-panel of an auto rickshaw. Such ads  have a  high visibility as people waiting behind the auto rickshaws  or passing by can read them properly. 

Auto backside advertising is less costly than auto hood advertising and is often used by small scale businesses to advertise their products and services.

Out of all kinds of transit advertising, auto backside advertising is the least costly one.

Auto Advertising Cost

Auto advertising costs can range anywhere from Rs 200 to Rs 900, depending upon the city and the type of ad for auto hood advertisement  the rate is usually INR 500-700 per vehicle per month, while for auto rickshaw full wrap the cost is around INR 2500 per vehicle per month. 

The material used to print the ad on also determines the Auto Advertising Cost. Flex and vinyl, which are the most commonly used materials for the stickers cost about Rs 150-300 per vehicle a month.

Backlit boards come with  the highest Auto Advertising  Cost – about Rs 12,000 per vehicle per year. Hyderabad, where rates for advertising start at INR 650, is among the cities with the highest auto Advertising Costs.

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Costs depend mostly on factors like city, the material of the advertisement, the type of advertisement ( hood or back side), and the individual discretion of the owner of the vehicle. 

In Delhi, the rates start from Rs 480 while in Delhi the rates start at a humble Rs 200 — less than half of the former.

In Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, the rates start at Rs.550, Rs.230, and Rs 650 respectively. Such is the diversity found  in Auto Rickshaw Advertising Costs in India.

Auto Advertising

Auto Branding
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In Auto Advertising, a brand’s flex posters are pasted on the body of an auto rickshaw on the outside to promote the brand’s product or services.

Out of all forms of transit advertising, Auto Advertising is the most preferred mode among small and medium scale businesses as it is the least expensive mode of transit advertising. 

Auto rickshaws provide roaming visibility to your advertisements across all kinds of locations and help you target individuals from all strata of the society and all walks of life. 

 Auto advertising is mostly done on the back panel or the hood of the auto. Hood advertising, in which the ad covers the entire top-portion of the vehicle, is the more expensive kind. 

Auto advertising is really useful to advertise across  a diverse set of locations like from back-alleys to highways and gain visibility among a wider range of demographics. 

With Auto Advertising the audience can view and read the communication message easily as it is placed at the eye-level and this allows for a better viewer engagement. Prime locations such as airports, railways stations, metro stations, central market areas and malls have costly ad space.

But with Auto-Advertising, you can advertise your brand at these locations at affordable rates as people often take auto-rickshaws to these places. 

Auto advertising can be  used for a variety of purposes like growing  brand awareness, building a core audience, upscaling the product or service or spreading awareness about a particular issue or cause among the public.

Auto Advertising in India 

Due to  their efficiency in navigating through the twisted networks of our lanes and by-lanes, auto rickshaws are the most  popular mode of transportation in India and so, auto rickshaw advertising is the most sought after mode of advertising out of all the modes of transit advertising in the country. But, that is by no means the only reason for the success of Auto Advertising in India

Auto advertising helps you target a wide range of audience spread over a large geographical area. Your ads can reach people in all kinds of locations from busy markets to the back alleys of residential areas.

Auto advertising in India also carries the advantage  of the positive mental  association the general public has with the convenient and reliable mode of transportation.

Just like any other mode of advertising, Auto Advertising in India is seeing a lot of  innovation like advertisements and banners being  backed with led lights to make them stand out.

Auto Branding

Auto branding refers to the practice of pasting a brand’s flex posters the advertisement of a brand on the body of an auto rickshaw to promote the brand’s products or services.

Usually, the ad is pasted on the back-panel or the entire hood of the auto rickshaw, though sometimes ads are also pasted on the side of the vehicle. 

Hood- branding is the more expensive kind of Auto Branding while back-panel branding is the more popular kind. 

Auto branding is the least expensive of all modes of transit advertising and is mostly used by small and medium scale businesses to capture local or regional markets.

Auto rickshaws roam about several locations in a day. These locations may include all kinds of places like highways, busy markets, residential areas and so on.

This means auto branding can take your advertisement to a diverse range of locations and hit varied groups of people.

Hence, auto branding is really effective in growing brand awareness among all kinds of people in all kinds of places. 

Auto branding can also take your ad  to the places where your budget wouldn’t allow you to place your ad, for instance, airports.

When someone takes the branded  auto rickshaw  to go to the airport, your ad gets impressions in the airport and along the way to the airport as well. So, in essence, Auto Branding essentially gives you a mobile billboard that can reach virtually any location.

Auto Advertisement

Auto Advertisement is the most popular kind of transit advertising in the country, especially among the small and medium scale businesses.

It involves pasting the advertisement of a brand on the outside of an auto rickshaw to promote the brand in different locations with a single creative. 

An Auto advertisement can be very useful if your goal is to get maximum impressions in varied  locations as auto rickshaws roam about everywhere without a fixed route.

An  Auto advertisement is also relatively low in cost and is ideal to target the local or regional markets in a cost-effective manner.  

Auto Rickshaw Advertising Agency

Auto Branding
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