Why Star Plus Television Advertising is the Most Effective Medium?

Star Plus Advertising

As an advertiser you are now surrounded by a plethora of ad platforms and your choices are innumerable but choosing the right advertising platform can be pretty overwhelming. 

However, one cannot deny the incomparable power that Television holds as an advertising medium since its inception. 

Talking about the options, though there has been an emergence of various new channels in the past few years, Star Plus still accounts as one of the most popular GEC channels. 

Booking Star Plus ads for your brand can give you a strong viewership and you can reach out to a wide audience.  If you have already decided to go for Star Plus TV Advertising here’s a simple way to do so;


The viewers of Star Plus ads contain audiences belonging to every demographic, age and interest group. An advertiser can use it to build their brand recognition and awareness if they are looking for nationwide targeting. 

Effectiveness of Star Plus Television Advertising

Effectiveness of Star Plus Ads

1. Brand Awareness: Star Plus is a popular mainstream GEC channel with unique and entertaining shows in Hindi. The channel has been around for a long time and has earned a respectable reputation in the country. 

Naturally, people derive connotations of authenticity and credibility from the ads they see on the channel which can be very useful in building a positive and wide brand awareness.

2. High Recall Rate: The programs on the channel are so engaging that many audiences don’t switch channels during the commercial break, and this is something that advertisers should definitely capitalize on. 

Most shows on the channel are such that invite the whole family to watch together, and the channel has one of the highest audiences among the general entertainment channels in the country. 

Since, people sit through all the Star Plus ads aired in between the shows, they have a higher recall rate than the ads aired in other channels. 

3. Target Premium Audience: Since Star Plus is a paid channel, the advertisers looking to specifically target the people who have enough disposable income to spend on entertainment, can easily have their advertising requirement met on Star Plus. 

As the viewers of the channel include everyone from the premium customers to potential customers, running your ad on Star Plus can widen the scope of the income bands you target.

4. Loyal Audience Base: The channel airs various entertaining daily soaps that keep the audience hooked season after season over the years. This is possible only due to a loyal audience base. Hence, the advertisers can be sure of regular watchers of their tv commercials on the channel. 

Star Plus television advertising is really useful for advertisers trying to run their campaign around the cultural sentiments of the country. The domestic image the channel has acquired is a huge sell for brands dealing in traditionally  women targeting products.

The majority of Star Plus shows are heavily targeted at the homemakers who are in charge of making the domestic purchase decisions. Hence, many FMCG companies like Parle and ITC heavily employ Star Plus television advertising in their marketing campaigns.

Who Should Go For Star Plus Television Advertising?

1. Big Brands: Star Plus advertising is great for all kinds of brands, big and small. The channel has seen ad campaigns of all sorts of brands from Ambuja Cement to Lakme nail polish, and Business giants like Nestle to still emerging companies like Paper Boat.

The big-time brands can use the channel to boost their popularity among the hindi speaking people living in metro cities of the country. 

2. FMCG Brands: Advertisers of products like FMCG looking to target home-makers who are in charge of the domestic purchases can also exploit the familial aura of the channel. 

FMCG brands have always been a popular sector on Star Plus advertising and continues to be so. At this point, choosing Star Plus is just a matter of conventionality for many FMCG brands.

3. Women-centric Brands: Star Plus is famous for running various women-oriented shows that target a huge number of home-makers. Advertisers dealing in women- centric brands like, personal care, jewelry, home appliances, and so on can book the prime time slots on Star Plus and be sure of top quality, relevant impressions.

Tapping into the Strong Audience Base of Star Plus Ads

Star Plus is one of the oldest GEC channels in the history of Indian television and has come up with one of the most iconic serials. However, the pandemic fueled the viewership of the Hindi GEC channel and as per BARC Star Plus garnered approx. 865 million Impressions during the pandemic. 

This viewership miracle was possible only due to the combination of the three most powerful gods Ram (Ramayan), Krishna (Mahabharat of 2013) and Shiv (Mahadev). These three shows contributed 70% of the channel’s viewership.

The channel has continued to produce unique and entertaining content in order to attract an audience. Hence Star Plus television advertising can be a great option for brands that are looking to reach out to the hindi speaking belt. 

Star Plus Advertisement Strategies

1. Choose the correct time slot: In television advertising, timing is everything. Before picking a time slot, you must consider what programs play during that time. You must also take into account the cost-effectiveness of taking  prime time slots vs others. 

This is easier said than done because often a lot of secondary factors come into play in the equation, like the unavailability of the preferred time slot, the target audience of the prime time shows being irrelevant to the brand, and so on. 

However, to make the process as simple as it sounds at first, check out The Media Ant at themediaant.com 

2. Know your brand: To advertise most effectively on Star Plus, on any GEC channel for that matter, the advertisers need to know and acknowledge strengths and weaknesses of their brand in relation to the others in the market and advertise accordingly. 

As the TV commercial aired during commercial breaks during a program is going to be hardly thirty thirty seconds long, the ad should always play on the selling points of the brand without deviating into creative indulgences. 

3. Know your audience and then craft the message: As an advertiser it is important to keep in mind who you are communicating with. With Star Plus Ads you are targeting a family audience and home-makers, hence the message of your ad must resonate with the audience.

A message crafted for an ad targeted towards millennials, for instance, is going to have subtle differences from one crafted for middle aged mothers. 

You should be mindful of the kind of programs that are run during the time slot you have booked for your ad. If, for example, the program is a reality dance show, it is safe to assume that the audience is going to be mostly teenagers, and therefore your message must keep the audience base in mind. 

Star Plus Advertisement List 

The top picks in the Star Plus advertisement  list are Aston Band and Video Ads.

1. Aston Bands:  Aston bands are the graphic banners you see displayed along the edge of the screen during the program. They are quite expensive as the viewer of the program can’t avoid them by  switching  channels during the commercial break.

2. Video Ads: The video ads are the most common and traditional types of television ads. The term tv commercials has come to become synonymous with these kinds of ads. 

These are short clips that are run during the commercial break usually between 10- 20 seconds, however, they may very well extend up to a minute. 

To get the complete details regarding the Star Plus advertisement list, please The Media Ant.

Star Plus Advertising Agency in India

Finding one of the best Star Plus advertising agencies in India is of utmost importance because a good media agency can help you in seamless execution of your Star Plus ads

The Media Ant is the one stop solution for all the qualms advertisers may have about advertising on Star Plus. As the bids on Star Plus ads tend to be really high and it can be really challenging to get the right best rates on your own. 

The Media Ant has got experienced experts who can negotiate on your behalf so that you can bag the best deal you possibly can. This is a leading Star Plus advertising agency in India  that helps you with fulfilling your advertising and brand awareness needs.

Star Plus Advertising Rates India 

The rates of advertising on Star Plus vary just as they do any other TV channel. The ad rates for Star Plus can vary depending on the media option, that is, is it a video ad or an Aston band ad. The time slot (primetime or otherwise), the ad duration or dimensions, and the frequency with which the ad is aired can also affect the Star Plus ad costs. 

To learn in more detail about Star Plus Advertising in India, visit The Media Ant where you can find the discounted rates on all ad options on Star Plus. Book your Star Plus ads now at The Media Ant.


Where to Book a Star Plus Advertisement?

Being a general entertainment channel in Hindi, with most of its viewership coming in from metro cities, it is a great choice for companies looking for a mass target audience from various backgrounds.

A Star Plus advertisement would also help the brand retain old customers as well as acquire new ones, for the viewers of Star Plus are usually  quite loyal to the daily soaps running over years. 

Wondering where to book a Star Plus Advertisement? Well, wander no more, come right over to The Media Ant, where you will get all the guidance you need to book a Star Plus advertisement. 

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