Unacademy Digital Case Study

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Unacademy’s Digital Campaign to target a niche audience

The Product

Unacademy is one of India’s largest e-learning platforms which provides online courses on numerous topics. Unacademy provides various specialized courses on cracking competitive examinations like UPSC, CA, etc. It provides a seamless interface to connect the finest mentors with the students so that don’t have to rely on traditional classrooms. Unacademy has its website and mobile application (android & IOS). 


  • Increase brand awareness

Target Audience

  • Students 
  • Competitive Exam Aspirants


  • Pan India 


  • Select platforms frequently visited/used by the target group (students, competition aspirants)


While selecting the advertising platforms, these were some of the factors that was considered:

  • Most competition aspirants and students fall in the age group of 15-25 years of age. A serious aspirant spends close to 8-10 hours every day studying. Hence, platforms that help them save time or do not intrude in their study time would be relevant as well as engaging.
  • A number of competitive exams require aspirants to stay updated with news across industries, countries and fields. 
  • Unacademy is a digital platform hence targeting users already present on digital medium would be more effective
  • Platforms that offer the option to target the audience based on age would help the brand filter out the relevant audience


Keeping the approach in mind, based on the experience and past campaign executions, following digital advertising platforms were suggested: 

Graph Of Un
  • Gaana– Young audience especially students have a high affinity for audio OTT platforms since music helps them focus on studies and Gaana is one of the most popular audio streaming platforms in India. Listeners spend almost 63 minutes per day on Gaana (Kantar). Owing to the high engagement rate, Gaana is one of the best platforms to reach out to the students with eye-catching banner ads. 
  1. Cricbuzz– Cricbuzz is one of the top digital destinations for cricket followers and also very popular among 17-35 years old who can easily use their mobile phones to get real-time match coverage instead of watching it. 
  1. Inshorts and Dailyhunt– Not only Inshorts and Dailyhunt are the top-visited news content platforms in India but they also have a high reach among students who are preparing for competitive exams and want to keep themselves updated about the current affairs and trends without getting into details. These platforms also allow geography and age targeting hence helping the advertiser reach out to the right kind of audience.
  1. Jio AppsJio tops the Indian market with about 31.7% revenue share. Jio is known for its affordable tariff and data plan that helps students skim through loads of content related to studies as well as entertainment. For Jio users, Jio app is the primary source of entertainment. 

Campaign Execution

Here’s are some of the eye catching and engaging content that Unacademy came up with for the chosen platforms-

Ad For Un

Campaign Outcome:

  • More than 95 lakhs total impression
  • 20-25% increase in website traffic

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