Dissecting Meghalaya Tourism’s World Cup 2023 Sports Campaign with Disney+ Hotstar

Sports Campaign


Landscapes, misty hills, and abundant cultural heritage are sure to catch every traveler’s heart when traveling on a tour of Meghalaya. It is a paradise for adrenaline junkies who can jump into caves, hiking and water sports, whereas the environment admirers have to visit its peace loving streams and living root bridges. The state’s cultural identity epitomized through the Khasi, Garo & Jaintia festivals relate to the local everyday way of living for instance. Thoughtful Meghalaya eco-tourism shows that tourists can have exciting activities and a peaceful environment that is only found in Nature which is beautiful.


The primary objective of Meghalaya Tourism’s campaign was twofold: To build brand awareness and to increase the sale from a business perspective By exploiting the huge platform Disney+Hotstar, Meghalaya Tourism sought the purpose of influencing a large number of prospective travelers with rich impressions not only through the advertisement but individualized relationship building process.

Target audience

The campaign aimed for most viewers from Odisha, Assam and the seven northeastern states as the northeastern population in Meghalaya have special appeal to these regions. The target audience selection was based on the principle that they are targeting tourists who are located from closer range to Meghalaya and are supposed to be tourists from various parts of India.

How Did  Meghalaya Tourism Aim to Boost Brand Visibility by Sponsoring World Cup 2023

Meghalaya Tourism planned to expand the brand’s visibility through the World Cup 2023 sponsorship by means of utilization of the worldwide character and consequences of the drama. Considering the fact that the World Cup, one of the most watched sporting events, is global, it has given the chance to the tourism of Meghalaya to display its brand before a substantial as well as diversified audience.

  • With its support to the World Cup, Meghalaya Tourism captured the attention of the watching world which has an estimated number of millions of viewers that watch matches on the CTV. Through this partnership, the Meghalaya brand was perceived and appreciated at the same level as the internationally recognized event strengthening its visibility and its reputation.
  • Concerning Meghalaya Tourism, one of the best ways to reach its target audience was through the World Cup broadcasters because this enabled the organization to reach an engaged wide audience. Utilizing 10 seconds scroll ads on Disney+Hotstar effectively created visibility during the competition’s critical moments, keeping an eye on the spectators.
  • The ultimate goal of sponsoring the World Cup was to build long-term brand recognition for Meghalaya Tourism. By consistently presenting the brand throughout the event, Meghalaya Tourism aimed to embed its image in the viewers’ minds, making it more likely for them to consider Meghalaya as a travel destination in the future.

What Strategies Did Meghalaya Tourism Use to Identify and Engage Their Ideal audience? 

The campaign was meticulously designed to target specific demographics within designated geographic locations – Odisha, Assam, and the seven northeastern states. This targeting was based on research and data indicating these regions’ potential interest and proximity to Meghalaya, making them ideal candidates for tourism marketing.

  • Choosing Disney+Hotstar as the advertising platform was a strategic decision. As a popular streaming service with a diverse and large viewer base, Disney+Hotstar offered the potential to reach a wide array of audiences across the targeted regions. The platform’s advanced targeting capabilities allowed Meghalaya Tourism to deliver its message to the right people at the right time.
  • The content of the ad was likely crafted to resonate with the target audience’s interests and preferences, showcasing Meghalaya’s unique attractions and experiences. By highlighting the state’s natural beauty, culture, and adventure opportunities, the campaign aimed to spark interest and curiosity among potential tourists.
  • The timing of the campaign, coinciding with the World Cup 2023, was a strategic move to leverage the increased viewership during the event. Associating Meghalaya Tourism with a major global event helped in creating a buzz and ensuring higher visibility for the campaign.
  • Meghalaya Tourism probably utilized data analytics to monitor the campaign’s performance and gather insights on audience engagement. This data would allow them to refine their strategies, optimize ad placements, and ensure that their message is reaching the intended audience effectively.

Campaign Execution

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The primary goal for this campaign was to increase brand awareness and boost sales while narrowing down our target audience to Odisha, Assam, and the northeastern region. 

The campaign had around ‘52,49,602 impressions’ which signifies the total number of times that the ad was displayed on the Disney+Hotstar platform to users. The display of the ad would result in your browser fetching it and displaying it on the user’s screen. If the ad was clicked or not, it counts as an impression. This figure no doubt signifies considerably wide circulation, testifying that the message was available to a huge number of people. High impression scores mean that the ad is well received and has reached a considerable percentage of people within the target audience.

The campaign had an impressive impact, the advertisement did more than just the high number of impressions, on the other hand it efficiently captured the viewers’ attention. However, the exact numbers of engagement receptors which aren’t provided in the study definitely refer to positive audience attitudes and behavioral attitudes, e.g, high view rates, increased brand searches, or positive sentiment in social media mentions and comments.

The impressive results certainly leave no doubt concerning organizational efficiency and effectiveness of the campaign. Indicatively the platform choice, defining the right audience and applying an attractive type of the ad campaign helped Meghalaya Tourism gain a wide access to the selected areas. Through this branding strategy the destination was not only visible to thousands of potential tourists but also it became the base for future bookings and visits to Meghalaya.

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