Dissecting Spencer’s Performance marketing & World Cup Campaigns with Disney+Hotstar

Case Study 2


Spencer’s, a renowned retail brand, is widely recognized for its diverse range of quality products across grocery, fresh produce, and household essentials. 

Campaign Objective

Spencer’s needed to execute two campaigns, each with two different objectives –

  • Campaign 1- A Hotstar World Cup (2023) campaign for building brand awareness & product trial
  • Campaign 2- A performance marketing for driving app installs

Target Audience and Geography

The campaign’s target audience was-

  • Gender- Male & Female
  • Age- 18 to 55 years 
  • Income bracket- middle to high income

Campaign Approach and execution

Campaign 1- Hotstar World Cup 2023 campaign for brand awareness

To build brand awareness and increase brand visibility, the approach taken was to advertise in digital in the World Cup matches on Hotstar. The idea was to leverage the massive viewership of the cricket event to showcase the brand’s offerings and attract a wide audience, particularly in the targeted region of Kolkata. 

To achieve its objectives, Spencer’s Retail strategically aligned its campaign with the World Cup 2023 matches on Hotstar. The brand utilized 10-second mid-roll ads during key match moments, ensuring that the message is delivered when viewers are most engaged. The campaign focused on promoting Spencer’s diverse range of products, emphasizing convenience and quality. 

The use of 10-second mid-roll ads during key match moments reflects a strategic execution that aligned with the viewing patterns of the cricket audience. The emphasis on convenience and quality, combined with the local relevance in Kolkata, ensures that Spencer’s key value propositions are communicated effectively within a short timeframe. This strategic approach makes the campaign memorable and impactful.

How Did Spencer’s boost brand visibility with the World Cup 2023 campaign on Hotstar? 

The 10-second mid-roll ads during cricket matches allowed the brand to tap into the high viewership and engagement levels and  ensured that the brand’s message reached viewers during key moments of the game, maximizing engagement. 

The campaign’s focus was on showcasing a diverse range of products aimed to create a lasting impression on viewers, associating Spencer’s with convenience and quality. The brand amplified its visibility by contacting their target group (i.e. 42%) with an average frequency of 8 through digital channels like YouTube and OTT platforms. During the whole World Cup on Hotstar campaign, a reach of 20% of the target audience with a frequency of 4 was done

Campaign 2- Performance marketing campaign for driving app installs

The performance marketing Campaign by Spencer was expertly created in a way that would attain the business goal of a sharp increase in the sales with the stimulation of app installs. The strategy centered on driving the app installs, signups and first purchases through Universal App Campaigns (UAC) and the Facebook/Instagram App Ads and were also complemented by Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) channels to reduce leaking in the funnel and a referral option for ongoing engagement.

The campaign’s success was marked by significant achievements: a 100% rise in the number of installs to 40,000 from 20,000 on a monthly basis, a remarkable improvement in ROAS from 0.7 to 5.1 between August and November 2023, and a proportional growth in turnover in the same period from ₹2.5 lakhs to ₹1.5 crores.

How Did Spencer’s boost app install their performance marketing campaign?

The campaign was using different platforms and different kinds of advertising for the maximum outreach and engagement rate. YouTube, prominent national news outlets, and niche channels on sports , as well as major region websites ensured wide and efficient coverage. The video ads and rich media banner placement to display catchy visual content which was memorable with the intended audience.

Relating to the efficiency of the campaign , youtube captured the first with a reach of 0.8 Million, followed by national news, sports and top regional sites with 0.62 million and 0.63 million respectively, thus highlighting the campaign’s widespread reach and effectiveness across different media outlet. 

Campaign Execution

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Campaign 1 (World Cup digital campaign for brand awareness)

  • Planned Impressions: Achieved a planned impression of 8.93M, exceeding the initial target and showcasing the campaign’s effective reach.
  • Total Impressions: Surpassed expectations with a total impression of 10.06M, indicating a high level of engagement during the World Cup matches on Hotstar.
  • Average CTR: Exceeded market standards with a 0.07% higher average click-through rate, highlighting the campaign’s success in capturing viewer attention and interest.

The campaign’s planned impressions of 8.93M and a total impression of 10.06M indicate a substantial reach among the targeted audience. The average click-through rate (CTR) being 0.07% higher than the market standard suggests that the campaign effectively captured viewer attention. With a strategic alignment with a popular sporting event and a focus on showcasing its product range, Spencer’s was well-positioned to convert heightened interest into actual customer engagement and purchases.

Campaign 2 (Performance marketing campaign for app installs)

There was a tremendous rise in the number of app installations, with the average number of installs jumping from 20,000 a month to almost 40,000 a month. It proves that the strategy employed by the campaign resulted in a greater audience downloading the Spencer’s Retail app, thus, consumer engagement and interest in the brand went up.

  • The ROAS, which measures the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising, improved significantly from 0.7 to 5.1. Initially, a ROAS of 0.7 indicates that for every dollar spent on advertising, Spencer’s Retail was making 70 cents back, which is less than the investment. However, the figure rose to 5.1, meaning that for every dollar spent, the company earned $5.10 in return. This substantial increase in ROAS reflects a highly efficient and effective marketing strategy that provided a significant return on investment.
  • There was an exponential increase in revenue, from 2.5 lakh per month in August 2023 to 1.5 crore per month by November 2023. This translates to a 60-fold increase in revenue, showcasing the campaign’s effectiveness in not only attracting customers but also in significantly boosting sales.
  • The performance marketing campaign helped in driving approx 15K purchases in Jan’24 to around 20K in Mar’23
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