Pitch Perfect: How IPL, Mobile Innovations, and Advertising Are Changing the Game

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The Indian Premier League isn’t merely a typical cricket competition; it’s a celebration. Since its inception in 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has blossomed into a time of celebration, solidarity, and unmatched enthusiasm that grips the nation annually. It goes beyond being merely a cricketing event; it’s a cultural marvel that unites millions across India and beyond, boasting an eye-catching valuation of US$11.2 billion as of last year.

Indeed, the 2023 edition, marking its 16th year, not only mesmerized the nation but also brought into focus the transforming realm of mobile marketing, mobile OEM advertising, and digital viewership patterns, creating a new standard for forthcoming sporting competitions.

The 2023 IPL season concluded with an exhilarating final, where the Chennai Super Kings clinched victory, transcending the typical cricketing spectacle. Featuring an astounding 1.47 billion video views during its opening weekend and amassing over 16 billion views until the second qualifier, the IPL highlighted the escalating preference for mobile app sports streaming and observed substantial year-over-year growth in digital consumption. Noteworthy is the remarkable live viewership of 32 million for the final match on the JioCinema app. Additionally, smartphones emerged as the primary medium for IPL consumption, accounting for 61% of the total viewership. Moreover, digital advertising revenue surged by 33% compared to the previous year, peaking at Rs 20 billion, equivalent to over US$241 million in 2023.

Mobile apps have emerged as the preferred choice for consuming sports content in India, thanks to their convenience and accessibility. During IPL 2023, there was a noticeable uptick in session lengths, indicating a more profound engagement with the content. This transformation is facilitated by the widespread availability of content on mobile OEM platforms like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei, which have significantly fueled the expansion of digital viewership and consumption.

The Emergence of Mobile-First Sports Consumption

A Valuable Opportunity for Mobile App Marketers! The upcoming IPL 2024 season and Euro 2024 present mobile app marketers with the chance to utilize mobile OEM advertising and connect with an untapped audience of more than 1.5 billion daily active users.

During IPL 2023, approximately 70% of viewers were immersed in smartphone activities, including checking match updates, engaging in online discussions concerning the IPL, ordering food online, participating in fantasy cricket, and exploring related promotions. This robust engagement underscores the seamless integration between sports enthusiasts and mobile apps, presenting an ideal environment for targeted advertising campaigns.

The rise in app downloads, especially in categories like food delivery and eCommerce, registering growth rates of 63% and 54% respectively during the event, further emphasizes the influence of major sports occurrences on consumer actions. Mobile OEM advertising, characterized by its cost-efficient model and safeguard against fraudulent activities, offers a practical avenue for marketers to elevate app downloads and enrich user involvement. With the escalated emphasis on interactive elements in both sports and advertising, mobile OEMs are on track to become the next progressive phase in this era of prioritizing mobile-centric sports consumption.

Mobile OEMs: Pioneering Approaches to Boost Engagement

Given the abundance of choices offered by mobile OEMs, advertisers have the opportunity to utilize diverse strategies to optimize their reach and impact.

  1. Display ads, full-screen videos, splash ads and graphics marketing pave the way for campaigns that are both more engaging and tailored to individual preferences.
  2. By harnessing Dynamic Preloads, which make use of Mobile OEMs’ opportunity to propose apps at setup, developers can achieve remarkable user acquisition results in the competitive app ecosystem.
  3. Exploiting Private Marketplace (PMP) opportunities, through which advertisers can bid on specially timed ad inventories, in conjunction with Dynamic Preloads during major sports events, provides fresh avenues for user engagement and acquisition. This approach benefits from the amplified visibility and influx of viewers these events ensure, circumventing the extravagant expenditures typically associated with their fervor and public interest.

JioCinema as a platform is free for IPL this season also which leverages users to use the App at any given time while the match is getting broadcasted. Contrary to Hotstar’s earlier IPL offerings, which came with a price tag of up to Rs 1499 or US$18, JioCinema has seen a remarkable increase in its app’s penetration by adopting a different strategy. This has not only enhanced the app’s usage but also presented advertisers with a substantial target audience. With mobile OEM advertising being both affordable and straightforward, exploiting the synergy between mobile OEMs and the IPL has never been more advantageous.

The Convergence of Athletics, Mobile Tech, and Ad Strategies: Crafting the Future of Sports Advertising

As we anticipate the upcoming 17th IPL edition, the approaches adopted during the 2023 season serve as a valuable guide for making the most of mobile OEM advertising and application marketing to attract sports followers. By focusing on inventive, interactive, and targeted advertising campaigns and harnessing the power of mobile technology, businesses can see a significant increase in user numbers, engagement levels, and loyalty to their brand.

Brands that embrace these trends and adjust to consumer digital preferences can stay ahead in the competitive landscape, building strong connections with their audience and changing the way sports are experienced and celebrated in the digital world.

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