JioCinema, ShareChat & Moj Forge Partnership to Bring Compact Sports Content to Wide Audience

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The arrangement grants JioCinema access to the expansive user network of ShareChat and Moj, which together account for more than 325 million users.

ShareChat and Moj, leading platforms for short-form content in India, have entered into an agreement with the prominent OTT service, JioCinema, to leverage short-form content and engage with millions of users. Known for their expansive user base which is growing exponentially, ShareChat and Moj are at the forefront of the short-form content revolution in India.

Centered on the rising demand for concise content, ShareChat and Moj have established a notable presence. Through this collaboration, JioCinema will enrich these platforms with a mix of sports highlights, interviews, and unique content, such as unheard anecdotes and dressing room dialogues, helping users keep up with their beloved teams and athletes via the user-friendly platforms of ShareChat and Moj. By expanding its reach, JioCinema can expose its platform and content to a broader audience base, potentially driving an uptick in user acquisition and engagement levels.

The partnership also underlines the importance of regional content, dovetailing neatly with the demographics catered  by ShareChat and Moj. JioCinema’s, Viacom18 streaming platform, presents a wide variety of content in numerous Indian languages, catering to the different linguistic preferences prevalent throughout India.

Fans of sports will have the opportunity to enjoy highlights from leading events, including the Women’s Premier League (WPL), the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL), the Indian Super League (ISL), and the eagerly awaited Paris Olympics 2024.

Viacom18 Sports, Head of Strategy, Acquisitions & Partnerships, Hursh Shrivastava, said, “As we continue our endeavor to make digital omnipresent for sports content consumption through JioCinema, this partnership will take our efforts far and wide across the breadth of the country. ShareChat and Moj will not only bring a newer audience but also scale to our regional presentation across multiple languages.”

Gaurav Jain, Chief Business Officer at ShareChat & Moj, said,“We’re thrilled to partner with JioCinema to bring the excitement of premium sports from around the world, including the TATA WPL, TATA IPL, Olympics, and Indian Super League to ShareChat & Moj. Short-form video has come a long way in India and this collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey to offer diverse and engaging content to our 325 Million+ users”.

ShareChat emerges as a key player in the Indian social media landscape, boasting a vast user base of over 350 million across 15 distinct Indian languages. The platform enables users to share a variety of content types, including text, photos, and videos. Conversely, Moj, a short-form video app, operates under the umbrella of ShareChat.

JioCinema boasts a rich selection of leagues and tournaments, ensuring there’s something for every sports fan. Fans of cricket can relish the thrill of the IPL and keep up with the intensity of Indian domestic cricket. Moreover, JioCinema extends its offerings to include top-notch international football coverage from esteemed leagues such as LA LIGA and Ligue 1.

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