Best Ad Campaigns for Women’s Sports

Women Sports Campaigns

“Women” so many misconceptions around the word, but nobody actually asks women themselves who they really are. Honestly, speaking we don’t know that ourselves and we don’t care that we don’t know, strong or scarred, don’t know, masculine or feminine, don’t know, responsible or carefree, don’t know, beautiful or broken, don’t know. Maybe we are the sum of all these things and baked into a beautiful pie.

It’s a shame that we had to fight to make our presence everywhere in the world, and we still are, that’s how feminism came into play, to people who use the word ‘feminist’ as slang, but thanks to the present-day that there are brands who are vocal about us and are working towards change.

When talking about change, sports has played a very important role in the same.

In this article, we will discuss a few best ad campaigns for women’s sports that made us feel like a woman once again.

Top Women’s Sports Campaigns

Women’s sport is a sector that’s on the up: it’s on track to be worth over a billion dollars according to a Deloitte report, women sports campaigns are a wise choice for the brands at the moment. So, let’s look at some of the best ad campaigns for women’s sports.

Nike – Dream Crazier (2019)

The Dream Crazier commercial offers 90 seconds of women empowerment. It debunks every stereotype about female athletes as told by Serena Williams: when a woman stands up for something, she becomes insane. When a woman becomes furious, she becomes unreasonable. She’s insane when she boxes. Nike speaks out against the unjust portrayal of female athletes in the media.

Germany’s Women’s World Cup Ad(2019)

This advertisement is not directly an ad campaign run by a brand but sponsored by one, i.e, Commerzbank in partnership with the national team. In this ad, the players quote “We play for a nation that doesn’t even know our names”, this one is one of the best examples of how women’s sports are less recognized and need more recognition and support. Although this is not a direct ad promoting a product but brands can get inspiration from the same.

20×20 – If She Can’t See It, She Can’t Be It (2018)

The ad by the Federation of Irish Sport is an eye-opening ad where the young girls are being asked who they look up to as an ideal and they name famous male football players as there is no inspiration for them to whom they can directly look up to as an idol. It challenges the authorities and the mainstream media who only put male sporting events in the limelight keeping women sporting events in the dark.

Bumble – Serena (2019)

The dating app Bumble worked with tennis icon Serena Williams on a year-long project to encourage women to tap into their inner strength in sports for a Super Bowl ad. Bumble is a dating app where women make the first move. The campaign asks them to step up and grab life by the horns.  Although the brand isn’t related to sports in any way still it came out as one good campaign encouraging women to take things in their own hand and proudly own their decisions.


FAQs Related to Women’s Sports Ad Campaigns

What is a women’s sports campaign?

A women’s Sports Marketing campaign can be defined as a marketing strategy that is aimed at promoting sporting events, equipment, or products and services using a women athlete or a team. Using an athlete or a team has one clear motive. An athlete or a team acts as an influencer which has a direct impact on the audience.

How do you book women‘s sports campaigns?

You can visit the official website of The Media Ant. We ensure to provide you with the best possible rates for your sports campaigns.

Which platforms are best for running women’s sports marketing campaigns?

Top social media platforms that are best for running women’s sports marketing campaigns in terms of monthly active users.

  • Facebook- 2.9 billion 
  • Youtube- 2.56 billion 
  • Whatsapp- 2 billion
  • Instagram- 1.47 billion

     (Source: Semrush)

 How much does it cost for women’s sports campaigns?

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