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Newspaper Recruitment Advertisement In India

What is Recruitment Advertisement? 

A recruitment advertisement refers to any public business communication used to attract applicants for a particular job. in simpler terms,  it is a description of a vacant role inviting qualified candidates to apply. Most newspapers offer a variety of different sizes and placement options for recruitment advertisements

You can either use plain classified ads or display ads depending on your budget. The lowest costing ad you can get in a newspaper is a twenty words long text classified ad.

Recruitment Ads
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A recruitment advertisement  usually determines the first impression a company makes on potential employees and  hence it is not only important as a professional outreach but as a tool of maintaining a good brand image as well. 

So, in addition to the specific job details, it should  also provide corporate background information, and a word about the positive aspects of the company that set it apart from other companies.

A typical recruitment advertisement contains the following elements : 

Job title and location

An explanatory paragraph describing the company, including the employer branding, a job description, entry qualifications, the remuneration, and information about how to apply for the job.

A good recruitment advertisement clearly lays out the vision and values of the company, portrays a positive and welcoming image and generates interest in the advertised jobs and in the company as a whole as well.

An effective recruitment advertisement  leaves readers understanding the function of a company, the benefits of being employed by that company, and the means for contacting the company in order to apply

Why do you place Hiring Advertisements in Newspaper?

Even though the trends in  traditional hiring advertisement have undergone massive change in the past few years due to the  emergence of  online platforms for looking for candidates, they have by no means become less relevant.

An interesting development in talent acquisition over the past decade is that the focus of hiring advertisements has been shifting from finding ‘candidates’, towards being ‘found’. 

And rightly so, for such is the competition in the talent acquiring industry that it is no longer enough to look for the ‘’right guy’’, you need to entice him to join your company. 

This shift of perception has triggered a radical change in the way that recruiters go about designing hiring advertisements which reflects very clearly on the way the average  hiring advertisement today looks — an opportunity to learn and grow and enjoy the numerous perks of being a family member of the company, rather than just an opportunity to make a living.

For job seekers, employment trends and emerging technology have fundamentally changed the way they find, and think about, work. 

In the technology- driven world of today, candidates can find job postings on platforms they use in their daily lives like Facebook and Google. 

While it makes things a lot more convenient for the candidate’s point of view, for the company’s HR/ talent acquisition team it often ends up making their job more demanding by attracting know-it-all kinds of candidates. 

So, in today’s technology intensive times, hiring advertisements are a great help in reducing the complexity of the  process of quality talent acquisition by narrowing down the pool of applicants to the really serious ones as online platforms often get many sub-serious applications. 

Job Vacancy Advertisement in Newspaper

A job vacancy advertisement in the newspaper is very economical while being highly effective at the same time. Newspapers have got widespread publicity and a significant readership. 

Giving a job vacancy advertisement in the newspaper enables the advertiser to target a specific geographic location such as a town or county. 

An advertiser looking to reach the best local talent should consider advertising jobs in local newspapers. Why? Because of the simple fact that in many smaller towns and communities, people still like to read local newspapers. 

These local newspapers enjoy a high viewership because they contain news that are relevant to the local public and inform them about the people they know.

Job vacancy advertisement  in newspapers and other print media is still very useful if you are looking for heavy industry, mechanical or manual labor workers. 

Giving Job vacancy advertisements in newspapers  puts you in a better position to hire more experienced and local candidates. 

The older generations generally find it difficult to engage with many digital job seeking platforms. If you’re looking for older workers with extensive experience, putting out a job vacancy advertisement in the newspaper is your best option.

An honest, detailed (sufficiently, not overly) description in a job vacancy advertisement in the newspaper can attract people with the right skills and experience to fulfill the duties of the role.

Often, two or more job roles have the same job title and this must be kept in mind while formulating the ad. 

Having  accurate job titles in the ad makes it easier for candidates to find the role during their job search.

Recruitment Advertising in Newspaper

Giving a recruitment advertisement in the newspaper is the least expensive of all modes of recruitment advertising and is one of the most cost- effective ways of talent acquisition. 

Benefits of recruitment advertisement in the newspaper-

  • Allows you to reach a wide variety of candidates within a very short period of time. 
  • Saves time in recruitment by filtering out all the non-serious candidates in the very first step of recruitment as this kind of candidate doesn’t usually respond to recruitment advertisements in the newspaper.  
  • Helps to target a more specific geographic location and audience. By advertising in regional newspapers you can narrow down your target audience if you only want candidates from a specific location. 

This is a really useful benefit of recruitment advertising in newspapers, especially for sales profiles like that of a door- to-door salesman that require the employee to go from place to place as  being a local and being familiar with the routes is a plus point for a candidate

Job Advertisement in Newspaper in India

For several reasons,job advertisements in newspapers in India work really well, from small companies to multi national ones, across all industries. 

Wondering how giving job advertisements in newspapers in India can benefit an advertiser?

  • Newspapers have a wide and deep circulation in the country. It is the one medium that reaches urban and rural areas alike regardless of the infrastructural development of the area. 
  • Unlike other media, you don’t have to have electricity or an internet connection to get a newspaper.
  • Unless you live up on a mountain or in a corner in the depths of a valley, job advertisements in newspapers in India are going to reach you.
  • Newspapers have, even in this age of technology, the greatest reach of all mainstream media in the country. 
  • Their audience is also the most diverse in all aspects from ethnicity to financial status, except in that they are inaccessible to illiterate people. 

Job advertisements in newspapers in India are really effective also because newspapers are by far the most respected media form across the country.

  • The printed word is taken more seriously than the spoken word and in the eyes of many of us, the age-old respected format of newspapers lends a kind of authenticity to the job advertisement. 
  • Job advertisements in newspapers in India come with the reassurance of a presumed guarantee that it is not an ingenuine advertisement – online platforms are reserved for those. 
  • Newspapers still enjoy an authoritative image in the eyes of many people in the country which is one of the main reasons why job advertisements in newspapers in India are doing so well, in spite of the emergence of highly successful online competitors like linkedin and Internshala, and Angelist, to name only a few.

Advantages of job advertisement in the newspaper

Job advertisements in newspapers offer several advantages for employers looking to fill job vacancies. Here are some key advantages of advertising jobs in newspapers:

Wide Reach: Newspapers have a broad readership, which means your job advertisement can reach a large and diverse audience. Newspapers often have both print and online versions, increasing the potential reach even further. This wide exposure increases the chances of attracting a larger pool of qualified candidates.

Local Targeting: Newspapers often have specific editions or sections that cater to particular regions or communities. This allows employers to target job seekers in specific geographic areas, which is beneficial for roles that require local candidates or for businesses operating in specific locations.

Established Readership: Newspapers have a loyal readership that relies on them for news, information, and job opportunities. Many job seekers still prefer to browse through newspaper classifieds to find suitable employment. By advertising in newspapers, you can reach this audience who may not actively search for jobs online.

Accessibility: Newspapers are accessible to a wide range of individuals, including those who may not have internet access or who are not frequent users of online job portals. This ensures that your job advertisement is visible to a diverse group of potential candidates, including those who may not be actively engaged in online job searches.

Credibility and Trust: Newspapers have a long-standing reputation for delivering reliable information. By advertising job openings in reputable newspapers, employers can benefit from the credibility and trust associated with these publications. This can enhance the perception of your company and the job opportunity, making it more attractive to potential candidates.

Longer Shelf Life: Unlike online job postings that may get buried quickly, newspaper advertisements often have a longer shelf life. Job seekers can refer back to the newspaper over a span of days or weeks, giving your advertisement more exposure and increasing the likelihood of it being seen by qualified candidates.

Supplementary Branding: Advertising job openings in newspapers can serve as a supplementary branding opportunity for your organization. It allows you to showcase your company’s name, logo, and key details to a wider audience, helping to build brand recognition and awareness among job seekers.

While online job portals and digital platforms have gained popularity, newspapers continue to offer unique advantages for job advertisements. It is important for employers to consider a multi-channel approach that combines online and newspaper advertising to maximize their reach and attract a diverse pool of candidates.

Vacancy Ad

A vacancy ad is an advertisement that informs people that a certain job position in a certain company  is available. It can usually be found under the ‘Wanted’ section in the newspapers. 

A vacancy ad is designed to inform potential job candidates about a new opening and attract them to apply. 

A well – crafted vacancy ad targets and draws in the ideal candidates to the job application and at the same time keeps away candidates not eligible or suitable for the role, which in turn helps you save time and money. 

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Job Opening Advertisement

A job opening advertisement helps those who are hiring get in touch with those who are looking to get hired in those particular positions. 

In contrast with regular ads, they are not designed to sell you anything but instead offer you an opportunity. 

A job opening advertisement is typically designed by the human resource department of the firm looking for workers, however, they are a crucial part of the firm’s marketing as well. 

An occasion for putting out a job opening advertisement generally arises when there is a high employee attrition expected in the near future or when the company is increasing their bandwidth in view of aimed-at or achieved growth.

How To Write a Job Advertisement in Newspaper

After reading all that stuff about how great recruitment ads are, you are probably wondering how to write job advertisements in newspapers, right?

While there is not much art to it and takes nothing more than basic common sense, it is indeed very easy to write a bad job ad. 

There are major websites on the internet all but cluttered with  poorly written job advertisements.

Perhaps, the most practicable advice on how to write a job advertisement in the newspaper is to try to put yourself in the shoes of those who the ad is supposed to be directed at. 

Once you are done writing the ad, ask yourself how would you feel if you were reading it as someone looking for a job. 

Therefore, make sure that your job advertisement in the newspaper includes all important details about : 

  • The nature of the job required qualifications 
  • Location of work
  • Basic remuneration structure
  • How to go ahead and apply and the last day to apply
  • Brief objective and description of the company

If you cover all the above points, congrats, you now know how to write a job advertisement in a newspaper!

Vacancy Advertisement Sample in Newspaper

You can virtually get as creative as you like with your recruitment advertisement in the newspaper as long as it doesn’t get in the way of  conveying important information about the role. 

Going through a couple of vacancy advertisement samples in newspapers before trying to come up with your own might be helpful by  giving you a starting point to let lose your creativity from. 

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