How to promote a Sports Event Online?

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Promotion of a sports event is very important both for reaching out to fans and to show visibility to the sponsors. However, it is a costly affair for most sports federations to create a mass brand awareness. Thanks to Digital, they can now reach to most of their fans online by spending 10% of what they would have spent on Traditional media.
Social media platforms are ideal to create an excitement for the event & keep the fans updated every day.  Most of the sports fans being in the age group of 15-30 years , it makes much more sense to advertise on Digital platforms as this age group constitutes the maximum audience online.

There are some things which need to be kept in minds while executing online promotions for sports events. The Media Ant has worked with many event organizers in the past & our team has penned down 3 Key Learnings which every sports federation should keep in mind:

1. Run city wise campaigns rather than one National campaign

We have realised over a period of time that City focused targeting & spends always give better ROI than  putting the entire budget in a single national campaign. We have always  prioritized the cities which we wanted to target, on the basis of the presence of the fans or the cities in which the offline event is happening. On the basis of the performance of the ads in the different cities, & the engagement level of the audience, we have revised the budget allocations in different cities. This has helped us getting a clear picture in mind as to which city responds to which type of campaign & this turn has helped us always give a satisfactory & data backed answer to everything to our clients.

2. Spend more closer to the Event

Along with making a strategy on where to spend, We think its highly important to also have a well thought plan on how will you divide your marketing spend over a period of time.
We suggest you to make a proper plan & divide the marketing spend keeping in mind the days & hours when most of your target audience is online. And slowly build a momentum for the event. We have always spent more closer to the event with a clear call to action. This has always helped our clients get more footfall & engagement because of the right timing & context of the posts for the users.

3. Run separate campaigns for Fans & Sponsors

Both the fans & sponsors are the most important stakeholders in making any sports event successful. They both affect each other as much as they affect the event. Its very important to keep both of them updated with the event proceedings. We have always had a 2 stroke approach to running campaigns for these 2 stakeholders. We have high website traffic & fan engagement from Facebook & great visibility from sponsors on LinkedIn. This way , we could give our clients great conversions with a decent budget.

If you are looking forward to promote any event online with us,  you can write to us for guidance & support at or call us at 8872904918.


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