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Paytm, short for “Pay Through Mobile,” is a popular Indian digital payment and financial technology (FinTech) company that was founded in 2010  by Vijay Shekhar Sharma under One97 Communications. It has emerged as one of the leading players in the Indian digital payment and financial services industry. 

Paytm offers a variety of payment services, including mobile wallet, UPI payments, online recharges, online shopping, and financial services like loans and insurance.

Advertisers can reach this large and engaged audience through various ad formats, including banner ads, video ads, roadblocks, Scratch cards, and sponsored listings. This access to a large and actively involved audience makes Paytm an attractive platform for businesses seeking to reach and engage with potential customers in the dynamic Indian market.

Top 3 Facts About Paytm Advertising 

  • The average monthly downloads of the Paytm App in India is 18.2 M (Data of Aug 2023)
  • The Monthly Active Users of the Paytm app in India are 84.98 Million and the average session duration is 2 minutes 68 seconds. The Daily active users of the app are 24.18 Million. (Data from Aug 2022 to July 2023)
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  • The user demographics (India) of the app are 13.3% Female and 86.7% Male, with the highest age group being 25-34 year old (44%) followed by 18-24 year old (32%). (Data from Aug 2022 to July 2023)
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Top Reasons to Advertise on Paytm

Advertising on Paytm can be a strategic move for businesses looking to reach a large and engaged audience in India’s digital landscape. Here are some top reasons why advertising on Paytm can be beneficial:

Massive User Base: Paytm boasts a vast user base of millions of active users across India. This extensive reach allows businesses to expose their products or services to a diverse and substantial audience.

High Engagement: Paytm users are actively engaged with the platform for various financial transactions, shopping, bill payments, and more. This high engagement level increases the chances of your ads being noticed and acted upon.

Targeted Advertising: Paytm provides robust data analytics and targeting options, allowing businesses to tailor their advertisements to specific demographics, interests, and user behaviors. This precision targeting can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Diverse Ad Formats: Paytm offers a variety of ad formats, including banner ads, video ads, roadblocks, scratch cards, and sponsored listings. This flexibility in ad formats allows businesses to choose the one that best suits their advertising goals and creative content.

Financial Services Integration: Paytm’s financial services, including payments, loans, and insurance, attract users seeking financial solutions. Advertisers in these sectors can effectively target a relevant and engaged audience.

E-commerce Integration: For businesses in the e-commerce sector, Paytm’s online marketplace provides an opportunity to showcase products and promotions directly to potential buyers.

Trust and Credibility: Paytm has built a reputation for trust and security in the digital payment space. Associating your brand with Paytm can enhance your credibility and reassure customers about the safety of their transactions.

Cashback and Offers: Paytm frequently runs cashback and discount promotions, which can incentivize users to engage with your ads and make purchases, driving immediate results.

Mobile-First Approach: With the proliferation of smartphones in India, Paytm’s mobile-centric approach aligns well with the preferences of the country’s tech-savvy population.

Comprehensive Reporting: Paytm offers detailed analytics and reporting tools, allowing advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns in real-time. This data-driven approach enables quick adjustments to optimize ad spend and results.

Localized Advertising: India is a diverse country with various languages and regions. Paytm allows for localized advertising, ensuring that your messages resonate with specific regional audiences.

Market Leader: Paytm is one of the market leaders in India’s digital payment and financial technology sector. Partnering with a well-established and widely recognized platform can provide your brand with a competitive advantage.

It’s important for businesses to carefully strategize and tailor their advertising campaigns to align with their specific goals and target audience on Paytm. When executed effectively, advertising on Paytm can yield excellent results and help businesses tap into India’s thriving digital economy.

Types of Advertising Formats/Options Available in Paytm

Banner Ads

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Paytm offers banner ads as part of its advertising solutions, allowing businesses to visually promote their products or services within the Paytm app or website. These graphical ads are strategically placed in high-visibility areas, including the home screen and category pages, to maximize their reach. Advertisers can customize the content and design of banner ads, target specific audience segments, and track their performance through real-time analytics and A/B testing. With Paytm banner ads, businesses have the flexibility to align their advertising campaigns with their specific goals and budgets, making them an effective way to engage with Paytm’s extensive user base and tap into India’s digital market.

Video Ads

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Paytm’s video ads are a powerful advertising format that enables businesses to engage Paytm’s vast user base through dynamic visual content. These video advertisements are strategically placed across the Paytm platform, including high-visibility areas such as the home screen, category pages, and transaction screens, ensuring maximum exposure. 

What sets Paytm apart is its robust targeting capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor their video ads to specific demographics, interests, and user behaviors, thereby increasing relevance and engagement. This format is ideal for storytelling, product demonstrations, and creating visually captivating marketing messages. 

Advertisers can also access real-time analytics to track the performance of their video ads and make data-driven optimizations. Overall, video ads on Paytm offer a compelling way to connect with the platform’s extensive user base and effectively promote products or services in the Indian market.


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Roadblock ads on Paytm are a high-impact advertising format designed to capture the attention of users in a prominent and visually compelling manner. These ads effectively “roadblock” a user’s screen, providing exclusive visibility for the advertised content. 

When a user accesses Paytm’s platform, a roadblock ad appears, covering the entire screen or a significant portion of it. This ensures that the user’s focus is directed toward the ad, making it an ideal choice for campaigns that require maximum exposure and immediate engagement. 

Roadblock ads often feature rich multimedia elements, such as videos, animations, or interactive content, enhancing their appeal. Advertisers can leverage this format to create memorable brand experiences and drive user interactions. Additionally, Paytm’s targeting and reporting capabilities enable advertisers to optimize their roadblock ad campaigns for the best results, making this format a valuable tool for businesses looking to make a significant impact on Paytm’s large and active user base.

Scratch Card

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Scratch cards ads on Paytm offer an engaging and gamified advertising experience. These interactive ads allow users to participate in virtual scratch-and-win activities, where they can “scratch” the card on their mobile screens to reveal potential rewards, discounts, or special offers from advertisers. 

This format not only captures users’ attention but also encourages active engagement, making it an effective tool for driving user interactions and brand awareness. Scratch cards ads on Paytm are often used for promotional campaigns and can be customized with appealing visuals and incentives to entice users. 

Advertisers benefit from the element of surprise and the potential for immediate gratification, as users reveal their rewards by scratching the digital cards. This format aligns well with Paytm’s mobile-first approach and adds an element of excitement to the user experience while providing a unique way for advertisers to connect with Paytm’s extensive user base.

Types of Ad Targeting Available on Paytm

Age Targeting: Advertisers could target users based on their age, allowing them to show their ads to specific age groups that align with their target audience. Paytm has a 90+ Million user base for the age group of 18-24, 135+ Million for 25-34, 60+ million for 35-44, and 15+ Million for 45+ years.

Gender Targeting: Advertisers could target users based on their gender, tailoring their ad content to specific genders as needed. Paytm has a male-dominated user base with almost 240 million+ male users with 60+ Million users being female.

Language Targeting: Paytm provides ad targeting options in almost 11+ languages, allowing advertisers to display their ads in users’ preferred languages, which is particularly useful for reaching diverse audiences in multilingual regions.

These basic demographic and language targeting options are essential for advertisers to refine their ad campaigns and reach specific segments of Paytm’s user base. However, it’s important to note that Paytm’s advertising platform may have evolved and introduced more advanced targeting options since then. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about the available targeting options on Paytm, visit their official advertising platform or contact their advertising support team.

Top Brand Categories that Should Advertise on Paytm



Quick commerce

Top 3 Cities of India that Prefer Paytm Advertising




Average CTR of Paytm ad


Paytm Advertising Cost

The cost of Paytm advertisement is determined by the numerous media ad alternatives selected by the advertisers. Our pricing methods for Paytm advertisement rates are based on the ad choice selected which can be customized as well.

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