ICC World Cup 2023 – Schedule, Teams & Venue

Icc World Cup 2023 Schedule

The 13th edition of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is all set to take place from October 2023 to 26 November 2023 and is ready to make history as this would be the first World Cup to be hosted solely by India. Originally planned for February 2023, the tournament’s dates were shifted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

India’s solo hosting position is a noteworthy milestone, as the country has previously only co-hosted the event in 1987 with Pakistan, in 1996 with Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and in 2011 with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. So mark the calendar and get ready for an unforgettable experience filled with world-class cricketing action!

ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule

Icc World Cup 2023 Schedule

The top eight teams, including host India, will qualify automatically, and the remaining two teams will be selected for the 2022–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League matches.

The schedule for the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023, hosted in India, has just been unveiled, along with the ten exciting venues set to serve as the event’s stages. This spectacular cricket extravaganza, spanning an incredible 46 days, is set to unfold later this year.

ICC Men’s CWC 2023 Schedule 5th October – 19th November 2023 : 

DateFixtures Venue
Thursday, 5 Oct England Vs New Zealand Ahmedabad 
Friday, 6 OctPakistan Vs Qualifier 1Hyderabad
Saturday, 7 OctBangladesh Vs Afghanistan Dharamsala
Saturday, 7 OctSouth Africa Vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 
Sunday, 8 OctIndia  Vs Australia Chennai 
Monday, 9 Oct New Zealand vs Qualifier 1  Hyderabad
Tuesday, 10 OctEngland Vs Bangladesh Dharamsala 
Wednesday, 11 OctIndia Vs Afghanistan Delhi
Thursday, 12 OctPakistan Vs Qualifier 2 Hyderabad 
Friday, 13 OctAustralia Vs South Africa Lucknow 
Saturday, 14 Oct England Vs Afghanistan Delhi 
Saturday, 14 Oct New Zealand Vs Bangladesh Chennai 
Sunday, 15 Oct India Vs Pakistan Ahmedabad 
Monday, 16 OctAustralia Vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow
Tuesday, 17 OctSouth Africa Vs Qualifier 1 Dharamsala 
Wednesday, 18 OctNew Zealand Vs Afghanistan Chennai 
Thursday, 19 OctIndia Vs Bangladesh Pune
Friday, 20 OctAustralia Vs PakistanBengaluru 
Saturday, 21 OctEngland Vs South AfricaMumbai 
Saturday, 21 OctQualifier 1 Vs Qualifier 2 Lucknow 
Sunday, 22 OctIndia Vs New Zealand Dharamsala
Monday, 23 OctPakistan Vs AfghanistanChennai 
Tuesday, 24 OctSouth Africa Vs Bangladesh Mumbai 
Wednesday, 25 OctAustralia Vs Qualifier 1 Delhi 
Thursday, 26 OctEngland Vs Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 
Friday, 27 OctPakistan Vs South Africa Chennai 
Saturday, 28 OctQualifier 1 Vs Bangladesh Kolkata
Saturday, 28 OctAustralia Vs New Zealand Dharamsala
Sunday, 29 OctIndia Vs England Lucknow
Monday, 30 OctAfghanistan Vs Qualifier 2Pune
Tuesday, 31 OctPakistan vs Bangladesh Kolkata
Wednesday, 1 NovNew Zealand Vs South Africa Pune
Thursday, 2 NovIndia Vs Qualifier 2 Mumbai 
Friday, 3 NovQualifier 1 Vs Afghanistan Lucknow
Saturday, 4 NovEngland Vs Australia Ahmedabad
Saturday, 4 NovNew Zealand Vs Pakistan Bengaluru 
Sunday, 5 NovIndia Vs South Africa Kolkata
Monday, 6 NovBangladesh Vs Qualifier 2 Delhi 
Tuesday, 7 NovAustralia Vs Afghanistan Mumbai 
Wednesday, 8 NovEngland Vs Qualifier 1 Pune
Thursday, 9 NovNew Zealand VS Qualifier 2 Bengaluru 
Friday, 10 NovSouth Africa Vs Afghanistan Ahmedabad
Saturday, 11 NovIndia Vs Qualifier 1 Bengaluru 
Sunday, 12 NovEngland Vs Pakistan Kolkata
Sunday, 12 NovAustralia Vs Bangladesh Pune 
Wednesday, 15 NovSemi Final 1Mumbai 
Thursday, 16 NovSemi Final 2 Kolkata
Sunday, 19 NovFINAL Ahmedabad 


ICC World Cup 2023 Schedule Overview

MatchICC Men’s World Cup 2023
Countries8 teams including India have qualified and the rest 2 teams are yet to be confirmed.
DateOctober 2023
Cricket FormatODI
Total Matches48
Final Match19 November 2023

ICC World Cup 2023 Teams

Icc World Cup 2023 Teams

ICC World Cup 2023 will be played amongst 10 teams where India, Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, Pakistan,  West Indies, and New Zealand are qualified whereas Sri Lanka, Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and the Netherlands will participate in World Cup Qualifier from which two teams will press to the 2023 World cup. Below listed is the list of the teams along with their ranking according to the ICC cricket schedule.

RankTeamMatches WeightPointsRating
1New Zealand232670116
6South Africa242392100
8Sri Lanka31280090
10West Indies41290271

The International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup is one of the largest and most watched sporting events in the world, attracting millions of fans and generating significant exposure for its sponsors. As an advertiser, the opportunity to align your brand with this premier event can provide a wealth of benefits and drive a substantial return on investment.

According to data from the ICC and various market research firms, the sponsorship of teams in the World Cup can help increase brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and boost sales. The tournament reaches a global audience, with viewers tuning in from across the world to watch the top teams compete for the coveted trophy.

For advertisers, sponsoring a team in the World Cup offers a range of opportunities to showcase your brand and engage with fans. This can include branding on team uniforms and equipment, signage at the games, and product placement in broadcasts and other media. Sponsors may also have the opportunity to host events and experiences for fans, such as meet-and-greets with players or interactive brand activations.

In addition, the World Cup provides a unique platform for advertisers to reach a diverse and passionate audience. With fans of all ages and backgrounds tuning in to support their favorite teams, the tournament offers a diverse audience that is engaged and invested in the competition. This creates a powerful opportunity for advertisers to build relationships with fans and drive meaningful impact for their brand.

One example of a major sponsor of the ICC World Cup is Nike, which provides the official match ball and uniforms for many of the participating teams. Another example is Coca-Cola, which has a long history of sponsoring international sporting events, including the World Cup. Other notable sponsors of the tournament in recent years have included Emirates, Toyota, and LG.

Overall, the data shows that team sponsorships in the ICC World Cup are a valuable investment for advertisers looking to reach a large, engaged, and diverse audience. Whether you are a multinational corporation, sports apparel and equipment company, or a local business, sponsoring a team in this premier event provides a powerful platform to build your brand and connect with fans.

ICC Men’s World Cup 2023 Venue Details

S. No.Stadium NameCity
2Eden GardensKolkata
3M ChinnaswamiBangalore
4Feroz Shah KotlaDelhi
5MA ChidambaramChennai
6Sardar Patel StadiumAhmedabad
7PCA StadiumMohali
8VCA StadiumNagpur
9Rajiv Gandhi International StadiumHyderabad
10MCA StadiumPune
11SCA StadiumRajkot
12Green Park StadiumKanpur
13Gandhi StadiumGuwahati (Assam)

The ICC World Cup, one of the biggest cricket events in the world, presents a fantastic opportunity for brands to reach a large and engaged audience through stadium advertising. With millions of fans tuning in to watch their favorite teams and players, this is the perfect platform for companies to promote their products and services.

There are several ways that brands can advertise in stadiums during the World Cup, including signage, branding on player uniforms, and in-stadium promotional activations. Additionally, companies can sponsor specific areas within the stadium, such as the field, stands, or scoreboards, to increase their visibility and connect with fans in a memorable way.

Here are some of the benefits of stadium advertising in the ICC World Cup:

Reach a massive audience

With millions of fans tuning in to watch the World Cup, brands have the opportunity to reach a massive and diverse audience from all over the world.

Targeted advertising

The ICC World Cup attracts a highly engaged and passionate fan base, making it the ideal platform for companies to target specific demographics and reach their desired audience.

Boost brand awareness

Stadium advertising allows companies to create a buzz around their brand and increase brand awareness by leveraging the excitement and energy of the World Cup.

Increased engagement

By incorporating social media and other digital channels into their advertising campaigns, companies can increase engagement with fans and create a lasting impact.

Memorable experiences

With the right strategy, companies can create memorable experiences for fans through innovative and engaging advertising campaigns.

ICC World Cup Schedule 2023 Streaming Platforms

The 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup will be broadcasted live on Star Sports in India and its subcontinent Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Bhutan. The game will also be available to stream live on the Disney+ Hotstar platform for subscribers in India and the subcontinent. Additionally, for the next five years, Star Sports will be the broadcaster for all major International Cricket Council events in India.

Star Sports

Icc World Cup 2023 On Star Sports

Star Sports will provide commentary in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, and regional Indian languages, across their various channels. To watch the 2023 ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup, viewers can tune in to Star Sports 1, Star Sports 2, Star Sports 3, and Star Sports 1 in Hindi for Hindi commentary. 

All India matches, the semi-final, and the final of the tournament will be broadcasted on DD Sports. The network’s channels, including Star Sports 1, Star Sports 1 HD, and Star Sports 1 HD (Hindi), will offer commentary in English. For those who prefer regional languages, there are also channels available in Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu.

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Disney + Hotstar

Icc World Cup 2023 On Disney+Hotstar

Apart from Star Sports, ICC World Cup will also be streaming on Disney+Hotstar. The platform comes with several benefits listed below-

High-quality streaming

Disney+ Hotstar offers high-quality streaming that is smooth, seamless, and uninterrupted, ensuring that fans have an enjoyable viewing experience.

Multiple languages

With support for multiple languages, fans can watch the World Cup in their preferred language, making the experience more enjoyable and accessible.

Interactive features

Disney+ Hotstar also offers interactive features, such as the ability to chat with other fans, share reactions, etc, making the experience even more engaging.

Access to other content

In addition to the World Cup, fans can also access a wide range of other content on Disney+ Hotstar, including movies, TV shows, and more, giving them more value for their money.

ICC World Cup Advertising Agency

The ICC World Cup 2023 is set to be one of the biggest sporting events of the year, and for brands looking to advertise during the tournament, finding the right agency is crucial. One such agency that stands out from the rest is The Media Ant.

The Media Ant is a leading advertising agency that has a proven track record of delivering effective and impactful campaigns for clients across a range of industries. With their deep understanding of the sports industry, they are perfectly positioned to help brands maximize their reach and impact during the ICC World Cup 2023.

With their expertise in sports advertising, proven results, creative solutions, strategic planning, and data-driven approach, brands can be confident that they are in good hands with this agency. Whether you are looking to reach a large and diverse audience or connect with fans in a memorable way, The Media Ant has the expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.


FAQs on ICC World Cup 2023 

When will the 2023 World Cup start?

The 13th edition of the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup is all set to take place from October 2023 to 26 November 2023.

What is the schedule of the 2023 World Cup?

The top eight teams, including the host, India, will qualify automatically, and the remaining two teams will be selected for the 2022–2023 ICC Cricket World Cup Super League matches. The ICC World Cup will be starting in October 2023, and the last date will be 26 November 2022. 

Where is the 2023 World Cup scheduled to happen?

The 2023 World Cup is scheduled to happen in India.

Which country will host the 2023 cricket World Cup?

This would be the first World Cup to be hosted solely by India. The country has previously only co-hosted the event in 1987 with Pakistan, in 1996 with Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and in 2011 with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

How many matches will be played in 2023 CWC?

In the ICC World Cup 2023 schedule, a total of ten teams will participate and the total number of matches to be played is 48.

How much does it cost to advertise during ICC World Cup 2023?

The Media Ant is here to give you the most cost-effective campaigns for ICC World Cup 2023. Check out our website for best rates today!

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