Top 8 Creative Indian Real Estate Ads

Top 8 Creative Indian Real Estate Ads

Imagine. You are running late for work. You are grumpy, irritated and stuck in a traffic jam.

Dejectedly you look out and this is what you see on one side.

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As beautiful as the ad may appear, you are not really impressed as real estate ads like these only remind you of the things you don’t or cannot have, rubbing in the reality all the more rudely. But if you look the other way and see something like this,

Real Estate Ads

it immediately soothes your eyes and most importantly gives you a sense of security and comfort, making you want to know more about these homes.

This is the impact of creative marketing and it is definitely a hard nut to crack in real estate where choices are many and confusing and developing a distinctive edge in the competition is imperative.

We have filtered out some of the very interesting real estate ads for you from the exhaustive bunch which have generated leads and not yawns.

1) The real estate funny and very interesting ad campaign promoting buying, selling and renting.

Media- television, radio, YouTube, social media and outdoors.

Real Estate Business Ads On Transit Vehicles
Real Estate Outdoor Advertising

2)The Lodhi Palava city of opportunity, heartfelt ads with Amitabh Bachchan selling a lifestyle instead of just a house.

Media- Social media, YouTube, outdoors and print.


3)The Unitech tactical ads that focus on giving the complete deal to the prospects.

Media-Social media, digital, You Tube, outdoors and print


4) The quirky and interesting real estate ad campaign that captivates prospects using the reverse approach.

Media- Radio, television, Social media, mobile and print.


5) The real estate ads highlighting the emotional attachment to certain features of a home.

Media-You Tube, print, Social media, mobile, television and radio.


6) India Bulls real estate ‘’Sky’’ ad campaign stressing on personal space and privacy.

Media-print, outdoors, You Tube, Social media.


7) The Nestaway homes ad campaign selling ‘homes that don’t discriminate’.

Media-Social media, hoardings, print, You Tube, television and radio.

One particular Nestaway ad on Facebook says ‘All you need to move in is your clothes. We provide the rest’.

Rent Bachelor Friendly Homes With Nestaway

8) And last but not least we couldn’t help but notice the interesting real estate ad campaign by Xrbia Hinjewadi that shows their homes as a country where people from all over the world are welcome.

Media- print

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As Louis Glickman rightly puts It, ‘’ the best investment on earth is earth’’. These interesting ads help you do just that and very well.

Author-Alefiyah Kapasi

Disclaimer- Images have been taken from for illustrative purposes only.


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