Funny Ads: Why Brands Take the Quirky Route?

Funny Ads Creative

Funny Ads: Does it make a difference?

Connecting with a brand is no different than building a relationship and we all know any relationship builds only if it’s engaging, light-hearted and filled with fun and laughter. Brand personality can work on the same lines of humour to make an impact on the audience. 

Think about the characters Ramesh and Suresh, did the series of 5 Star ads come to your mind? We’re sure it did, that’s what funny creative ads do to you. The simple yet subtle funny ads with the tagline 5 Star ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’ are unintentionally funny. In fact, the chocolate brand introduced a series of these ads; ‘Uncle Ji ki Kursi’, ‘Bank Robbery’ being the most popular ones with millions of views on YouTube. Ramesh & Suresh are so famous that YouTube is filled with their compilations.

From the iconic Fevicol ads to Center Fresh and Happydent who have been indulging in humorous ads making it their identity. However, in this article we will be discussing the impact of funny ads and how different brand categories have been using humour to sell their products. 

Are Advertisements a Joke to You? Well, it Should Be.

Comedy draws our attention, which is why branding and advertising frequently use it. And the brands that outperform others have brand personalities that captivate you with humour and charm. If you ask somebody what their favourite advertisement is, they’ll probably reply to one that made them chuckle. It’s not shocking. Everyone enjoys a good laugh. And if your brand voice is humorous, you’ll stand out no matter what your product or service is.

Customers have positive associations with brands that use humour. It’s amazing that corporations don’t seem to have gotten the memo at a time when people are looking for jokes to tell. According to Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) and Gretchen Rubin- The Happiness Report., company executives deliberately avoid employing humour when interacting with customers.

Several popular brands like Fevicol, Pepsi, Vodafone, especially brands in the FMCG sector have used humour in every way possible. The reason behind this being that when your brand deals with low-interest products or products that consumers don’t give too much thought before purchasing. For these products it becomes very challenging and important to hold the consumer’s attention and using humour can be a great way to grab their eyeballs. 

A lot also depends on the category one is advertising for. Some brands and categories allow their ads to tickle your funny bone. Products like candies, chocolates, tourism, soaps, gels, general insurance can afford to infuse humour in their advertisements.

Experts are of the opinion that impulse products, low value products that have thick competition, humour works perfectly for them to attract consumers. However, high pay products or luxury brands must carefully curate their creative ads, as a customer has to carefully consider options and pay a high price. Customers would not like to purchase a luxury car that is funny, they want the product to be serious and classy. 

Can Funny Ads Help Increase Recall Value?

While a whopping 93% of Indians want brands to make them smile and laugh, 83% of brands and ad makers fear using humour in their interactions with customers according to the new research report from Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) and Gretchen Rubin- The Happiness Report. The highlight of the report is that advertisers and marketers need to embrace humour and change the way they approach audiences at various touchpoints. 

Source: Oracle

As per the report, people in India are looking for happiness in newer ways and are willing to pay a premium for it too. The respondents believe that brands can do more in order to deliver happiness and laughter to their customers and they prefer brands to be humorous. 

Humour can pay off well:

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Source: Oracle

Experts are of the opinion that using humour in advertisements can enhance the customer experience and they believe that brands can and should do more to make their customers smile or laugh. 

Advertising, marketing and sales interactions need to change:

Source: Oracle

Brands need to get humour right:

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Source: Oracle

Despite this, company leaders said they lack the data insights or tools necessary to communicate humour effectively. According to the study, corporate leaders say that having better customer visibility and access to cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence will make them feel more comfortable employing humour when interacting with customers.  

Funny Indian TV Ads: Brand Sectors That Are Getting Off on The Right Foot

Making creative funny ads is not something new, brands have been including elements of humour since a long time. In fact, brands like Fevicol, Greenply, Vodafone (Zoozoos), have remained in our memory because of their humorous ads. However, here are a few industry sectors that have aced in the funny ads category;


Fast Moving Consumer Goods as an industry is highly competitive, it includes impulse products as well as products that a customer does not think too much before purchasing. Since the products belonging to the FMCG category are more or less the same, the only way to differentiate them is through ads. Adding a funny touch to the ads can help the brand and product stand out. 


Crypto as a product deals with finance which means it deals with serious stuff, but CRED was a game changer in this category. The unconventional ads by CRED using subtle humour and associating with celebrities gave them massive popularity. Slowly other Fintech companies too started employing humour in their ads.


Insurance is hardly a fun and exciting industry, but it has produced some of the most humorous advertisements in recent memory. Humorous marketing approaches might sound irreverent to insurance, but the strategy has proven to be highly effective – so much so, that almost every major insurer is jumping on to the funny bandwagon with their own memorable ads.

Top 10 Creative Funny Ads in India – The OGs

Talking about creative funny ads, here are some ads that will make you go down the memory lane and will definitely bring a smile on your face. 




Center Fruit

Ambuja Cement


Wild Stone

Center Fresh

Maggi Sauce

7 Up

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