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Property ads in newspaper are published when a person intends to purchase, rent, sell, or lease a property. Property ads in newspaper will often include a few key elements: the measurements and layout of the property, the seller’s contact information, and a description (with images, in some circumstances) of the same. Because newspapers have long been seen as reliable sources of information, issuing property advertisements has been favored for many years.

There are few points that one needs to consider before placing an ad in newspaper

Minimum & Maximum Ad Size

The minimum size – is 8 cm width x 6 cm height and the maximum size is a whole page length i.e. 33 cm width x 52 cm height.

Different Page Sizes

  • Full Page Size – 33 Cm X 52 Cm 
  • Half Page – 33 Cm X 25 Cm 
  • Quarter Page – 16 Cm X 25 Cm

Types of Property Advertisement in Newspaper

There are basically three types of property advertisement in newspaper-

  • Classified Text Ad – A classified text advertisement in a newspaper is priced according to the number of words, lines, and characters. Background colors, screen borders, and ticks can all impact the overall rate of classified advertising.

    A small advertisement that you put in a newspaper or a magazine, usually text-based because you want to sell or buy something or to find or offer a job

Classified advertisements are those used by individuals to market their personal products or services. As a result, classified advertising is usually for a specific purpose.

Let’s take an example: Sam wants to sell his property since he is moving abroad, so he chooses to place a sale and purchase an ad in the newspaper. Sam’s motivation for putting this advertising is personal: he wants to sell his house.

Property Ads In Newspaper
  • Classified Display Ad- Classified Display ads are charged per square cm and are slightly more expensive than standard classified ads. Because marketers may utilize their company logos and have a border to make their advertising aesthetically appealing, these ads have a greater exposure and response rate. These advertisements are often small in size and are excellent for obituary and recruiting advertisements.Ms3Toyfaz4Dkv0C Hcgadtleky2 Qy Dvzma5Kgnvmipizwnnmwdts6Sb2Ngbwfpfirsx2Uqoazosknhlrfqr310A5Nfckhdadhik Cpqr1Ydv20Apck Je2N2Dvduxdwkrs7Q2Mhztlixu79Sm4Lideisml 5Yti1Fr8Xgk2Of8Ancyrnroujebcoy Rw
  • Display Ad   – Display ads garner a lot of attention which is why they are costlier than classified ads and classified display ads. These ads do not have size restrictions and can also occupy a full page. These ads are ideal for branding, promoting business, recruitment campaigns, real estate projects, promoting retail chains, and education ads.              
Display Ads In Newspaper

Steps for Property Sale Advertisement in Newspaper

The execution details for the property sale advertisement in newspaper.

Step 1 : Select the following variables

  • Ad SizeAd
  • Position
  • Newspaper Issue Dates

Step 2 : Creative Production

The advertisement has to be made via the client’s creative agency. Once the creative and the variables above are selected, the advertisement is printed in the Newspaper.

Copies of the Newspaper are sent to the client once published.

Step 3 : Measurement 

You can measure the success of your campaign via tracking parameters such as web traffic, call volumes, sales trends, and discount codes.

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FAQs Related to Property Advertisement in Newspaper

How do I put an ad in the newspaper for the sale of property?

  • Go to our website The Media Ant
  • Then go to the newspaper section
  • In the Header Section select category
  • Select Real Estate in the Category Option
  • Now you can Choose from the Newspapers in which you’re willing to advertise

How do you write an advertisement for a property?

Property listings are generally placed in local and regional newspapers and syndicated to the most prominent real estate websites like Zillow and Their format is standardized, making it easy to create and distribute property information widely. Here are the three core components of a real estate listing:

1. Information regarding the property

Simple property information, such as the street location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, and asking price.

2. Visuals

When it comes to visuals you should be very careful with the same, as they play a very important role in attracting property buyers. In terms of picture quality, you can take the photos yourself or have your listing agent take them. Still, experienced freelancers that specialize in real estate photography produce the greatest results. Property images, in any case, should be high-resolution and clear.

3. Property Description

Property descriptions start with an opening statement followed by a paragraph or two about the home that’s up for sale. All copies should be terse, highlighting the home’s features and benefits. 

For example, a pool is a feature. Entertaining friends, exercising, or cooling off on a hot summer day are benefits. Carefully chosen adjectives convey an extra meaning which creates value in the mind of the reader.

For example, windows are merely features. But large windows that let in plenty of natural light take on a whole new meaning, wouldn’t you agree?

Look at the image below for the example

Property Advertisement In Newspaper

(Source: Rubyhome)

How do I book a property ad in a newspaper at a lower cost?   

The Media Ant is one of the best ad agencies that allows you to book the most cost-effective property ad in newspaper. Fill out the form below to know about the rates to place your property ad in newspaper.

How much does it cost to advertise property ads in newspaper?

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