Top 10 Radio Platforms To Advertise In 2024

Top 10 Radio Platforms To Advertise In 2022

According to UNESCO, Radio continues to be one of the most used and trusted mediums in the world. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has largely affected and eroded people’s trust in media, which was fueled by spreading misinformation-especially on social media.

However, studies have shown that people still have greater trust on radio in comparison to any other media.

This powerful medium can be uniquely used by brands and advertisers to reach out to the widest audience possible. The simplicity and low cost of the medium attracts a substantial audience as it is accessible to everyone.

Radio as an advertising medium is perfect for brands who seek to target regional or local audiences. In rural areas where electricity or connectivity is still not available, radio remains their mode of entertainment and news.

So if you have already planned to advertise to diverse audiences and communities through radio advertising, let us make your work even easier. Hence, here’s us telling you the top 10 radio platforms to advertise in 2024 that got the most traffic on The Media Ant website.

So that the next time you want to advertise, you make a data driven decision.

Radio Mirchi


Radio Mirchi, owned by Entertainment Network India Ltd, is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations. It is one of the subsidiaries of The Times Group, and its tagline is “Mirchi Sunne Wale Always Khush”.

The FM channel is really popular amongst young and urban audiences because of the variety of programmes they offer and the RJs. 

The company offers concerts, talk shows, online radio, TV impact properties, story sessions, videos, international markets and third-party events too. The multimedia solutions of Radio Mirchi combine radio with digital, onground and other media. 

Red Fm Logo


Red FM which is an Indian FM radio network is owned by the Chennai-based Sun Group with its headquarters in Chennai.Though based in Chennai, the FM channel broadcasts content in various Indian languages such as Bengali, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu. 

Bigfm New Logo 2019 1


Big FM is one of the largest radio networks in India that primarily broadcasts at 92.7 MHz. The network is a part of the Reliance Broadcast Ltd., and has 58 stations which reaches out to 1.9k towns and covers 1.2 lakh villages in India.

The FM channel is accessible to more than 34 Cr Indians and it plays mainly from regional language films along with western music occasionally. 

Big FM can be a great advertising medium for your brand if you are looking to advertise on radio in particular regions. Since most of the listeners of Big Fm are regular listeners, advertising in Big FM will allow your brand to have the advantage of repeated exposure, resulting in better recall. 

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Suryan FM is a radio channel owned by the Indian media conglomerate Sun Group and is a Tamil Language FM channel.

The FM channel has a total of 10 broadcasting stations in Tamil Nadu. In the other states, this FM service of Sun Group is known as Magic FM 106.4 and mostly as Red FM 93.5.

The listeners of Suryan FM are regular and loyal listeners, and mostly belong to regional areas. Local brands or regional advertisers can advertise in Suryan FM to reach out to their target audience.

Radio City


Radio City which was started on July 3, 2001 is India’s first private FM radio station owned by Rupert Murdoch’s Star TV Network. The channel broadcasts on 91.1 Megahertz from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Lucknow.

It plays English, Hindi and regional songs. The audience of Radio City have their ears open to talks, podcasts, music, etc.

The FM channel has a strong sense of individual and self identity which makes them distinct and discerning in the industry, this is fairly visible in their choice of content. 

Advertise On Radio One


94.3 Radio One is an Indian commercial radio network which was launched on September 18 2007 with radio stations in the seven cities Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Kolkata.

Radio One attracts evolved  and intelligent listeners – which the brand calls “International Indians”. The international Indians are an audience who geographically live in India, but on psychographics, they are at par with their global counterparts – in terms of  sensibilities, awareness and motivations.

The listeners of the radio channel enjoy uniqueness and prefer international music, which shows that the listeners are educated urban audiences.

My Fm Advertising


My FM, the Indian online radio station is from Ahmedabad, which was opened in the year 2006. 94.3 My FM is the largest radio station in India in over 17 tier 2 and tier 3 cities.

The station has a leadership position, which is evident in its listenership as well as its retail advertising market.

The FM channel has a deep and local understanding of its audience which is visible in their content that reaches India’s heartland.

My FM even emerges as the No.1 radio station amongst affluent class in terms of car radio listenership. 



Vividh Bharati radio channel was launched on October 3, 1967, which is amongst one of the oldest radio stations in India.

The station provides programmes for almost 15 to 17 hours a day, and presents a mix of skits, film music, short plays as well as interactive programmes.

Some of the most popular programmes that Vividh Bharati aired were ‘Bhule Bisre Geet’, ‘Jaimala’, ‘Sangeet Sarita’ etc. With changing times new content was introduced like, ‘Hello Farmaish’, ‘Sehatnama’, ‘Sargam ke Sitare’. 

Vividh Bharati has a regular listenership in rural India and is quite popular amongst the rural masses.

Regional shows, agricultural programmes are widely popular in village areas where radio is still a popular mode of communication.

Radio Mango Advertising


Radio Mango is the Indian FM Radio network channel which has its headquarters in Kochi, Kerala. Radio Mango was launched on November 29, 2007 and had started broadcasting from Kozhikode and was Kerala’s first Malayalam private FM station.

It was established as the venture of the entertainment network Malayala Manorama group, and its programming majorly includes news, entertainment, and music. 



Hello FM is one of the private radio stations which operates from various locations in Tamil Nadu. The radio station is owned by Malar publications, Chennai.

The station has been licensed to use the FM band frequency 106.4 MHz. It started broadcasting in 2006 from Chennai and Coimbatore. 

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