What is your Ant-EQ-uity?

What Is Your Ant Eq Uity

Death Of The Self Dancing AntsDid you know?
1. Ants are the best weightlifters in their category. They can carry objects up to 50 times their bodyweight.

2. Ants can literally feel the vibes. They don't have ears but listen to vibrations on the surface through their feet.

3. One ant super-colony found in Argentina in 2000 was as wide as length of 7200 Burj Khalifas.

Cool, right?

Ants are superheroes despite their weight and size. What makes them one of the most-studied species? It's something beyond the muscles and might. This quiz tests you on those qualities.

So, take this quiz with 100% honesty and we will tell you your Ant-EQ-uity. Not only this, we would also tell you what kind of ant are you.

The bad news is that all the 12000 species of ants discovered till now are insects.

The good news is that the 12001th ant species called The Media Ant is turning 10 this month and you can become a part of this celebration by playing this quiz and getting certified as an ANT!

Do share your quiz results on Facebook and Twitter to wish The Media Ant a very happy 10th Anniversary! 

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