What are Radio Jingles and How To Make It Stick?

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Being here since the evolution of Radio, Jingles have been proved as one of the most effective and catchy media options for brand awareness campaigns. 

The very crucial purpose that Jingle serves is to attract customers by sticking to a listener’s memory in a very clever and memorable manner. 

What is Radio Jingle?

Radio Jingles are a short and crisp audio formatted advertising media option that creates a lasting impact on your listeners. It promotes the brand by indicating it’s key points by using advertising slogans.  

The ideal length of Jingle should vary between 10-30 seconds to create an impact on listeners’ minds. 

Benefits of Radio Jingles as an advertising option for Businesses

  1. Cost-Effective
  2. Easy to remember 
  3. Highly engaging. 

The ideal factors to make your jingles stay on your listener’s mind 

A Radio Jingle can go in many different ways, but the main objective of jingles is to be recognizable and memorable so that it sticks. 

Following are the few ideal factors which a Jingle should have:

  1. Catchiness- A Radio jingle should be catchy enough to leave a mark on the listener’s head in a sort of way that they can’t get it out of their head. 
  2. Easy to remember– “Simplicity is the key”, your jingle should be easy to comprehend then only your listeners will be able to remember your brand. 
  3. Short and Crisp– A Radio Jingle should be able to convey your message in 10-30 secs. 
  4. Strong and clear message– A Radio jingle should be clear and succinct enough to convey your purpose.   

We have compiled a list of jingles based on the purpose/objective of the campaign which will give a better understanding of Jingles and how brands have made it stick according to their campaign purposes. 

  1. Product/Service launch– When you are launching your product/ services, your jingle should communicate your unique selling points and establish a need for your product in the market. 
  • Offer- If you want to showcase your offer to your listeners, your jingle should arouse the excitement and urgency of it to make it stick
  • Events- When you are promoting an event, there should be a hook so that listeners will be interested in attending your event. Tell the USPs of your events, mention the details about the events like venue, date, and time. 
  • Brand Recall– For brand recall campaigns, your Jingle should tell why your brand is the solution to their problems. If your jingle can hit the pain point of your listener’s and give them a solution, then only you can win them. Frequent repetition of your brand will also help your brand name stick to your listener’s mind.  

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