Top 10 Marketing Ideas for College Admissions

Top 10 Marketing Ideas For College Admissions

Do you want to know about the marketing ideas for colleges during admission?

Some questions must be coming to your head.

  1. What are the best marketing ideas for college admissions?
  2. How to increase admissions for your institute?
  3. What should be your marketing budget for this admission season?
  4. Which media works the best for an educational institute?

If any of these questions are bothering you, this blog will be of help. The blog is a compilation of top 10 performing media for educational institutes. We are not only sharing the top advertising options for institutes but also a minimum budget for each of these media.

These advertising options are being suggested keeping in mind institutes ranging from schools to Engineering colleges to MBA institutes. In case you need a specific plan for your institute, do reach out to us.

Top 10 advertising options for an Education Institute are:

  1. Emailer

By far, email marketing works the best to generate leads for any educational institute. Ranging from admission to schools, Engineering colleges, and MBA colleges, a right emailer campaign gets the best result. Quality of email list and the content are the two most important factors that determine the success of your campaign. Other technical factors like subject line quality, senders reputation etc.  are important. Engage with an expert.

A starting budget of Rs 1 Lakh is good enough to gauge initial result.

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Tip: Don’t compare pricing of email list at per-contact cost, but should look at cost of each mail that was read

Marketing Ideas For College Admissions

  1. Social Media

Not to be confused with digital advertising, I am talking here about the usage of Social Media. Engage your users with content on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Opinions are being formed here. Regular content updates and sharing information which is relevant for students and parents is the key. Don’t try to sell here. Use it to create likeability for your content and hence the brand. Few popular content routes are sharing exam papers, tips on how to prepare for exams and others. This does not require marketing budget but manpower budget who can create content for you. Outsourcing this job can cost you starting Rs 50,000 per month

Tip: Invest in a good video that can be used on YouTube and shared on Whatsapp. Length of the video does not matter as these are free

  1. Digital Advertising

This medium needs no explanation. Whether you want to reach out to students or the parents, irrespective of your location, Digital advertising should be an important pillar. Lead by Facebook and Google, digital advertising can be very well supported by student popular sites like Bookmyshow, Cricinfo, and News in Shorts.

A starting budget of Rs 50,000 is recommended for Digital advertising.

Tip: Invest in a good landing page for your website. Will help you in conversion as well as reduce the cost of digital advertising.

 Marketing Ideas For College Admissions

  1. Inflight Ads

If you are trying to promote residential schools or trying to reach out to a premium segment, inflight magazines work well. With almost 1 crore passengers flying every month, placing an ad in in-flight magazine is the cheapest and most efficient way to reach out to high-income population.

A starting budget of Rs 1 Lakh per month is recommended

Tip: Placing an ad every month for 3 consecutive months has proven to give the best result

 Magazine Ads For College Admissions

  1. Outdoor

Wanting to reach out to parents with 4-5 km catchment area and increase admissions to your school, daycare or primary care location? Hoardings work the best when you want to reach out to a small geography within the city.

A starting budget of Rs 5 Lakh per month is recommended

Tip: Book your billboard only for 15 days. Shift to a new location after that.

 Marketing Ideas For College Admissions

  1. Newspaper

Popular among educational institutes wanting to reach out to students in large Tier 2 cities. Newspaper ads bring credibility to the brands.

A starting budget of Rs 10 Lakh per Tier 2 city is recommended

Tip: Keep your first ad large and then reduce the size. Do minimum 3 inserts

 Marketing Ideas For College Admissions

  1. Television

TV advertising is perfect for marketing of education institutes with national aspirations. It provides the lowest cost per reach, adds credibility and reaches out to parents and students at the same time.

A national campaign would start at Rs 1 Crore for a month

Tip: While selecting the right TV channels, don’t look at national reach but reach in the market of your interest


  1. Radio

Radio works well when a school typically has chain across a single city. Day Care chains and schools with multiple locations find   great value in Radio advertising. Radio also works well when a college has students coming from all parts of a city.

A starting budget of Rs 2 Lakh per month is recommended

Tip: Pick your time when you want to play your ad.


  1. Magazine

Institutes with specialized courses and niche audience find great value in magazine.  An example would be a training institute for Computer Graphic courses. In these cases any mass media would result in high wastage.

Magazine advertising also works when a coaching institute wants to reach out to students preparing for certain exams like UPSC, other Civil Services, Banks etc.

A starting budget of Rs 1 Lakh per month is recommended

Magazine Ad Admission

  1. Delhi Metro and Buses

Specific to metro cities, advertising in Metro trains, metro pillars, BEST buses and cabs, can work quite well for educational institutes. For e.g Delhi Metro ad for admissions can be run on routes that is used by students going to North campus.

A starting budget of Rs 2 Lakh per month is recommended

Tip: Route and area targeting is a must for best result

Delhi Metro College Admission Ad

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