Swiggy Instamart Seizing the Cricket Fever with Moment Marketing during CWC 2023!

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Swiggy Instamart rolled out an Out of Home Ad campaign during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, spotlighting its commitment to delivering munchies swiftly within 10 minutes. Introducing the novel concept of ‘Game Adaptive Technology,’ the brand unveiled a dynamic billboard that adjusted its messaging in real-time based on live match data. 

Collaborating with Sportskeeda, a live sports broadcasting platform, Swiggy Instamart leveraged their application programming interface (API) to extract live match data points. Subsequently, a web application was developed to translate these data points into contextual communication, breathing life into the unique game adaptive billboard. 

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The strategically placed hoarding in Mumbai not only showcased live match moments but also triggered contextual ads for Instamart, emphasizing the rapid delivery of relevant party essentials. Bharath Vaidyanathan, AVP of Marketing at Swiggy, emphasized their success in leveraging moment marketing and pushing boundaries with the innovative billboard, transforming how they connect with their audience. 

Saurabh Jain, President, South at Havas Media India, hailed the campaign as a groundbreaking fusion of instant deliveries and live cricket fervor, foreseeing its impact on the future of OOH advertising in India. Manika Malik, Vice President at Tribes, expressed pride in partnering with Swiggy Instamart for the innovative live billboard, adding a touch of fun and innovation to the ICC Cricket World Cup experience and exemplifying their commitment.

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