Dissecting Popeyes World Cup 2023 Campaign with Disney+Hotstar

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Popeyes is a globally recognized fast-food chain known for its delicious and flavorful fried chicken. The brand has established itself as a leader in the fast-food industry, offering a diverse menu that includes signature items such as crispy chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, biscuits, and sides like mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Popeyes is renowned for its unique blend of spices and seasonings that give its chicken a distinctive taste, appealing to customers looking for a satisfying and indulgent dining experience. 


Popeyes aimed to increase brand visibility, engagement, and interest among potential customers during the World Cup 2023 matches on Hotstar. The campaign targeted a nationwide audience, aligning with the cricket fever and leveraging the platform’s extensive reach to drive brand awareness and consideration.

Target Audience

The campaign targeted cricket enthusiasts across Karnataka, tapping into the regional viewership of the World Cup matches on Hotstar. 


Popeyes strategically targeted both male and female viewers in Karnataka through the Kannada feed during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar. 

What Strategies Did Popeyes Use to Identify & Engage Their Target Audience?

Leveraging Cricket’s Popularity: Popeyes recognized the popularity of cricket and strategically aligned their marketing efforts with the World Cup matches on Hotstar to reach a broad audience interested in sports.

Custom Midroll Ads: Utilized custom midroll ads during live matches to capture viewers’ attention and promote brand offerings effectively.

Geo-Targeting: Focused on the Kannada feed and targeted viewers in Karnataka to resonate with the local audience and enhance engagement.

How Did Popeyes Increase Brand Visibility Through the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar?

Popeyes strategically increased its brand visibility during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar by leveraging midroll ads strategically placed during live matches to capture viewers’ attention at crucial moments of high engagement. Targeting the Kannada feed and viewers in Karnataka allowed Popeyes to enhance brand relevance and resonate with the local audience, boosting brand visibility among residents. The use of engaging and culturally relevant ad content in Kannada further strengthened the brand’s connection with viewers during the cricket frenzy. Collaborating with Hotstar provided Popeyes with a platform to reach a wide audience of cricket enthusiasts, maximizing brand visibility and recall. Continuous monitoring and optimization of ad placements and metrics ensured the campaign’s effectiveness in increasing Popeyes’ brand visibility during the World Cup campaign on Hotstar.

Can Association of Popeyes with World Cup 2023 Lead to Interest among Customers?

The association of Popeyes with the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar indeed led to increased interest among customers in Karnataka. The strategic deployment of custom midroll ads resulted in an impressive impact, with 6,242,024 impressions generated and good visibility across Kannada feed users. This heightened visibility and engagement during the cricket matches not only increased brand recall but also generated interest among potential customers for Popeyes’ offerings. The campaign’s success in targeting both male and female viewers in Karnataka showcased the effectiveness of leveraging popular sporting events to drive customer interest and engagement in food and beverage products.

Ad options identified by Popeyes to engage with their ideal audience. 

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The use of Mid roll ads

Midroll ads were chosen as Popeyes’ strategic advertising option during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar due to their optimal timing and placement. These ads are strategically positioned during breaks or pauses in live content, such as cricket matches, when viewers are highly engaged and less likely to skip or ignore ads. This ensures that Popeyes’ brand messages and offerings receive maximum attention and are remembered by the audience. Additionally, midroll ads allow for targeted audience segmentation, enabling Popeyes to reach specific demographics, such as cricket enthusiasts in Karnataka, watching the matches on Hotstar. This targeted approach enhances the relevance of the ad content and increases the likelihood of generating interest and engagement among viewers. Overall, midroll ads offer excellent visibility, engagement potential, and effective measurement metrics, making them an ideal choice for Popeyes to enhance brand visibility and drive customer interest during the World Cup campaign.


Popeyes achieved significant success in increasing brand visibility during the World Cup 2023 on Hotstar, with a total of 6,242,024 impressions generated across the Kannada feed. The strategic placement of midroll ads and engaging content effectively captured viewers’ attention and resulted in good visibility and high engagement among Kannada feed users. This increased brand recall and interest among the audience, particularly in Karnataka, where the campaign targeted viewers. The geo-targeted approach led to enhanced brand relevance and resonance, translating into tangible business impact such as a noticeable increase in footfall and sales at Popeyes outlets in the region. Overall, Popeyes’ efforts during the World Cup campaign on Hotstar successfully boosted brand visibility, engagement, and business outcomes, contributing to strengthened brand presence and customer interest in Karnataka.

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