Patanjali’s Marketing Strategy


During my last visit to my hometown, i saw a huge board of Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali retail store right in front of my house. It proclaimed, “Healthy India, Prosperous India” it’s quite surprising how a Yoga Guru has captured a significant share of the FMCG industry and is growing multi folds in such a short span of time. Patanjali  was not in the competition of the big foreign players couple of years back. Today due to, innovative marketing campaigns and interesting ads Patanjali has not only created a strong presence but is also sweeping away everything in its path. From local stores to E-Chains,  Patanjali’s products are everywhere.

Despite a lot of acquisitions from Multinational brands, Patanjali has paved it’s way to reach the households through its innovative content marketing campaign. Patanjali attracted its customers by creating an environment where it focused on highlighting general factors which influence the buying habits of an Indian household viz. Baba Ramdev through his mass speeches and advertisements educated us about the evils of MNCs, purity of Patanjali’s products, employment generation and curbing outflow of country’s wealth. In this era when all the other brands are pushing hard to prove their superiority over it’s competitors, Patanjali made its mark by adopting a subtle yet innovative marketing strategy. Patanjali has righteously targeted the Indian customer through their interesting ads which captures most of the brand communication mediums.

Patanjali enjoys an edge over its competitors due to its Branded House marketing strategy. Unlike foreign players Patanjali promotes all of it’s product under one single Brand House which has helped them to infuse a sense of trust and loyalty in the customers. Patanjali is able to create a brand perception of health and wellness among the Indian masses, primarily because of Baba Ramdev’s association with the brand who is considered to be a veteran of yoga. Hence, more people are getting attracted to Patanjali’s products and are re-buying products more frequently.

Patanjali has made a dent in the FMCG sector with its innovative marketing campaign. It has disrupted the whole FMCG sector and brought a revolution in the industry in a very short span of time. A point to note is that many people are buying Patanjali products due to the hedonic value attached to the products. Hence, Patanjali (unlike its competitors) is attracting brand loyal customers and not price sensitive customers.

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