Top 10 Interesting Indian Ads on YouTube in 2016


Marketing campaigns are now being created with a lot of thought and creativity. The Indian Advertising Industry has come up with quite a few pearls in the past few years. Ad films are getting more progressive and creative. They are funny, emotional and some of them really tug at your heart strings. Here are a few highlights of the campaigns from 2016:


1. Surf Excel – Ready for Life 8.6 M views

The Surf excel ‘ready for life’ ad captures the new trend of thinking with middle class parents. Many parents are now trying to move away from “Is his shirt whiter than mine!” Instead, they want to encourage more values like sharing, doing your best and having a positive attitude. The Surf excel ‘ready for life’ captures this sentiment in this beautiful video of a mom who believes she is buying football shoes for her son only to realise that her son has been giving his shoes to a lesser privileged child to play soccer in. With 8.6 million views and still increasing, this ad surely is a hot favourite.

2. Ariel – Share the Load 2.6M views


The Ariel, share the load campaign went viral with its videos that were a call to action. It portrayed that even though women had made tremendous progress in the outside world, at home, they still were burdened with the household chores with nobody pitching it to help. A brilliantly executed idea, it is not hard to see why this campaign went viral.


3. British Airways: fuelled by love 2.3 M views


This ad is based on the real-life experiences of British Airways personnel. It is about how the airhostess bonds with a passenger on the flight. Highly appealing emotionally, this short film was promoted on all digital media, social media, print, outdoor media and it is featured in their in-flight promotional videos as well.


4. Myntra’s Anouk – Bold is Beautiful 1 M views


 Myntra’s ethnic brand label Anouk with its ‘Bold is beautiful’ campaign continues the feminist conversation with some brilliant videography, stories and dialogues. Captivating, fascinating and engaging, this campaign with its bold approach is certainly a favourite with a million hits.


5. Tanishq: Niloufer collection 1 M views

With over a million views on YouTube, the TanishqNiloufer collection ad harnesses two popular trends i.e. Women’s empowerment and Entrepreneurship in a beautiful ad that captures a woman’s success.


6. Brooke Bond Red Label – Taste of Togetherness 9.7 lakh views

As the media debates, everyday about growing intolerance, Brooke Bond Red label in its latest tea ad, deals with Breaking prejudices. With the tag line “Sometimes common ground is just a cup away”, they boldly explore the nuances of human interactions. This one has garnered 9 lakh views on YouTube.

7. Maggi: “Nothing like Maggi”  8.8Lakh views

Maggi’s strategy of staying on top of the customer’s mind with their “We miss you too” campaigns in 2015 was followed up with the “Nothing like Maggi” campaign in 2016, which is a series of ‘going back in time’ stories. A well-made series to tap into the nostalgia of their loyal customer base has helped Maggi regain their position as market leader. Move over Patanjali noodles, Maggi is not quite done yet.


8. Titan Raga -Break the bias: 6.2Lakh views


Continuing with their strategy of breaking stereotypes and forging new meaningful rules for life, the latest ad from Titan Raaga is about breaking the stereotype of how a woman’s success in the workplace is misinterpreted. This ad has 6.2L views


9. Mahindra E20: Driven by Goodness 40k views

This ad which combines the best of humour and sentiment, while showcasing the features of the electric Car, The Mahindra E 20, went viral in 2016. The video features the Bollywood actor Sanjay Mishra and TV actor Naveen Kasturia and has an interesting twist in it.

10. Not for Sale  37k views


Even though it didn’t particularly go viral, the was different in its approach. The, anti-dowry digital campaign was showcased in the “Not for sale” ad campaign. It is a direct appeal to every man to not accept dowry. A simple and well executed ad with a good message.


Credit: Navina Anand

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