Lead Generation Campaign for Oben Electric through Performance Marketing 

Case Study 1

About the Brand

As a groundbreaking company in the automobile industry, Oben Electric specializes in electrical vehicles, commonly known as EVs. This startup wants to reinvent urban transportation by manufacturing electric two-wheeler vehicles that at once offer an eco-friendly technology and a dashing design. 

Target Audience

The primary audience for Oben Electric is made up of males aged 24 to 45 and partly falls in mid to high-income groups. The campaign was particularly directed at the residents of Bangalore, which was suitable because the brand had sales and delivery operations concentrated on that metro city as the starting point.

Campaign Goals

The major aim of the campaign was to ensure brand awareness among the targeted audience. Allocating a budget of 1.3 million INR spanned over 5 months, the campaign focussed upon producing a considerable amount of leads  for sales by means of crafted content merging with engaging ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Being new to the EV two-wheeler market posed several challenges for Oben Electric: 

  • High CPL cost in the segment of the specific market. 
  • The audience is quite limited as only a small group of people aware of or interested in EVs are in the Keg Companies. 
  • Leads comprising over half of the total outstation, contradicting the place of Bangalore as an identified target. 


To overcome these challenges, Oben Electric implemented several strategic measures:To overcome these challenges, Oben Electric implemented several strategic measures: 

  • Aimed to reach new audiences from engineering, finance, and television backgrounds aside as the Interest was primarily limited to EVs sci-fi lovers. 
  • Apply the practical methods of online marketing to maximize CPL reduction, and lead generation on a local scale. 
  • Enhanced the logic of the lead form by integrating conditional questions in it. The leads that came about were of the relevant category which helped to bring the leads closer to the conversion factor.


We can say that the campaign had been run successfully resulting in generating additional 7,200 leads with each leads costing Rs 182. While others were the cost effectiveness of these 1400, which were identified as high potential applicants costing Rs 945 per QL. This demonstrated the successful use of the potential targeting and the optimization of the campaign, and it helped to enhance the sales effectiveness and expenses efficiency.


This marks a new achievement for Oben Electric as it is for the first time having the EV two-wheeler market in Bangalore through a blend of intelligent audience expansion with superior campaign optimization. Moreover, the consumers became aware of the brand not only by a greater audience but also the brand got strong footing for further growth on the market. To finish with, Oben Electric is going to turn the possible chance of more searches for environment-friendly transport options into progress for the brand and consumer loyalty.

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